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The fake sun reveals the structure of the simulator. Where the simulator structure end the Halo begins. The fake sunlight is exactly in the middle of the simulator structure.
I believe Graphene nano particles being sprayed in our skies is able to act as a “cloak” blocking our view. The structure can also emit light in varying colours. It can also vary in size.

I say sun Simulator because I don’t know what else I can describe it as. It is able to emit different colour light, and appear as differing colours and sizes. What stays the same is the “structure” itself.
I have created a Time lapse over two videos showing how the clouds behave and form the sun simulator structure. I add negative images for a clearer picture or what the naked eye cannot see.
I believe the smart clouds are sprayed with Graphene and Nano dust, and by adjusting voltage it can be activated and deactivated. So it can form relatively quickly and disperse just as quickly.
I have been watching live cams for a long time. I had noticed the Graphene on clouds. If you Google Graphene sheets you can see the the same pattern found in my videos. But it took me a while longer to notice and join the dots on the other stuff. I’m a compete novice. I don’t claim to be anything more. I just find this exciting and scary at the same time. If anybody has any ideas what it could be besides my idea I would greatly appreciate your feedback.
Also it should be noted that the videos I capture are in different countries around the world. So the cloud temperature differs greatly, yet all show this. Different cameras. These structures are also visible to the naked eye, I have seen them multiple times here in the UK and captured it.

Sun Simulator is created by the Graphene and Nano particles being sprayed into our clouds. Adjusting the volume turns it on/off. They are also able to emit light in varying colours. The simulator can be one huge circle with inner circles or multiple smaller circles connected together.

The are images of what I believe is a sun simulator and “cloak” to obscure our view of the sky. I also believe this is being archived with the use of Graphene and Nano Particles. Graphene is almost entirely transparent. That’s why we don’t see them, it’s only when we look harder we see it. The Sun Simulator is made up of lots of circles connected together, causing cloud walls to appear to obscure our view. But the clouds are what also gives it away because Graphene is almost transparent, but not entirely. The simulator also produces light sources (Graphene is capable of that). The light is the fake sun light we all see, bright white tinge of blue. That isn’t the only colour we have blue, yellow, white, purple and orange. So it’s used to block the skies, amd controllec by adjusting the voltage. It can then be “switched off” and the clouds disperse.

I recorded this yesterday off a live cam. It’s clearly a sun simulator, there is nothing else that could explain this. So if they are using a sun simulator, why?


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