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A production to illustrate Where we are in the world to day with consciousness and technology in my perception. Theres so much footage and information i still haven't used. Hidden in plain sight.

Be well and be safe.


Mark Passio - Tesla & Humanity's Missing Paradigm Shift

Natural law seminar -

These evil cunts for lack of a more disgusting word, have already sent the 70 yr old lyn thyer to her death in france to europes worst prison and took Davids noaks ability to make the cure and treat patients and continue to try to destroy him.

MCMAF has next to zero health side effects yet chemo is practised daily.

some good old British humour returns for a new series. I used to watch way back. Couldn't stop smirking with ironic humour watching this episode. Im sharing this mainly for non british people who might not be aware of these master pieces.

A sickening display of group mentality brainwashing. Echo chambering psychopathic behaviours intill they think its normal moral behaviour convincing themselves there justified. I had sick in my mouth the entire time watching this. This is happening in all western cultures. Imagine if this was YOUR DAUGHTER!!!!!! JUST IMAGINE.

This is a montage of videos laying down the fact that Hollywood know for a fact they are destroying past fanbases and trying to convince the younger generation on their ideologies. In turn this leave massive fanbases being estranged and escapist artistry destroyed right in front of them. This in turn helps creating division and separation of the family unit creating weaker and more flimsy societies unable to defend and stick up for themselves,

An inspirational presentation i personally draw some drive from when my chips are down.Hollywood or not this speech has helped me tenfold in real life.

I live casted my problems with uploading. I am having new uploads randomly disappearing and the problem you will see in the video itself.

first youtube lowlife commentor.

Just having a bit of fun while waiting for my exam results.

2019 extradition protests in Hong Kong

I just screencasted my reading of reviews then edited the video . a 1 rating seriously drives down the score and theres a few of onetime reviewers and I found a few "to woke for a joke" people which is not in the video and found later. Apparently batman was their biggest film but gave a 100% to a proper chick flick...... hmmmmmm. suspicious.

Nothing is safe from disney and its woke culture of minions and bots.

I usually crop the screen so the windows watermark is removed. The reason for this is as soon as i get my new hdd i will transfer all edited file s and videos to back up then im going to try Linux distro zorin os

This guy knows, this guy has stood up for all of us. If anyone deserves a knighting its this guy for this act of absolute courage.When time is an issue, world issues are void and full attention should be pointed at the problem at hand which is THE EU!

We voted out if anyone remembers. This is a disgrace and must be stopped, please spread, share and make this go viral. Download, stream steel i don't care, please create awareness of this potential world war creating decision. DO YOU WANT UNELECTABLES DICTATING OUR MILITARY AFTER WE ALREADY VOTED OUT OVER 3 YEARS AGO!

my biggest issue is not 1 mention of GCMAF. other than that good info.

How is this not already on bitchute. my bad. corrected!

Thanks to a friend for pointing me to this software, please check his twitch out!

I've currently been busy and i have the next topic lined up and don't know if its going take or how long it may end up being. "controlled opposition" and any of you out their in the know. Yes i know their logo is the 666

one of his last scenes before his death in the film "one by one" before he was sadly taken away from us.

He had so much more to offer the world.

He has gave me and millions of people many moments of humour, inspiration and pleasure in his work and outside of it a switched on individual willing to speak his mind, one of the kindest people you could come across from accounts all over the net and videos posted online.

Rest in peace kindred soul

Inspirational men.
video -

I might do 1 every month i don't know yet. Any way this is an interview about the title itself. not necessarily MGTOW but MEN who i think live a inspirational life and have opinions that help better people. There to many idolised people with responsibility with horrible personal traits and habits. So id like to isolate interviews or inspirational quotes from MEN i believe live an inspirational life to date or have done in the past maybe... I don't know this is a new idea i'm testing out. As a musician hobbyist myself i think jonny is the perfect start.


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