You have to at least watch the Army veteran video to even get how i come to this realization.

PS : Don't expect me to be one of those cross bearers, Most things in the bibles are metaphor's meant for interpretation anyway. Its about how pure the spirit is to how clear you see the massage and not concentrating on the pain but the total opposite. Easier said than done .... I KNOW!

here are the links


Just going through ideas to find the glue that starts this process off. I think timing has a big part to play. How do we start trusting our neighbours again and can we?

I hope we can and i thank you if you watched the entire video

now you can f' off and do something productive

Post thoughts - Maybe he knows people will spend more time indoors in the future so this is laying the foundation for a future event?

Just an update. Hope you are all working towards being a good person even in times of wrong or right. I know im trying!

, 1 Sam 11:6, if it be translated "anger" might be a holy anger, or better, a "righteous indignation" or channelled anger whereby something good is accomplished, in contradistinction to "blind anger and rage" that besets we humans at times.

Source - Jim crenshaw -

I apologize for my lengthy absence of uploading if any of you are so effected. I will make a bitchute exclusive nothing major on a small update soon and hopefully i will have the headspace to get through my next project. Lucifarian Paradise. Oh and a PC upgrade as one of my ram sticks are defective putting me off editing.

I speak to you all soon. There is nothing new under the sun and there are so many good truthers out there i basically dont need to do anything its fantastic. Ive actually been an active watcher for the last few months.

If you want some pathetic cathartic truther shit, i do have activity on my youtube community page if you are desperate

Amanley Re-loaded on youtube.

thanks for your patience and hello newbies

I am having issues uploading, please be patient of check my youtube out as that seems the only stable platform for me.

Does it need to be any longer? if you cannot put 2 n 2 together not even god can save you in this moment

video at end :

This is my understanding from my perception of how masculinity has been warped by the fake red pill movement. This explains the reflection of history relating to todays behaviours especially post PUA movement not by itself but that produced the most vicious malpractice of masculinity, I am not suggesting weakness is a good think but Nikola tesla and Einstein was not exactly buff was they? in fact i wonder if there has been any muscle bound inventors that raised humanities standards? has to be far and few just to prove a point

I cannot stress enough, Self mastery and health should be peoples no.1 passion

Lifestyles seriously need to be changed and perceptions regained

Dont get sold on their charisma as you dive into escapism.

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The youtube approved Adrenachrome documentary -

Full youtube banned documentary -
I apologise for the darkness of the video, Yet again i forgot to turn off my blue light filter.
More hilarious psychosis and delusion from youtube staff members.

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I make no money and i do this purely for the power of the truth

Amanley Ova 'n' out

5G is the MAIN tool they will use to enslave us too. be vigilant

Treat how you want to be treated. Happy holidays

Clips im not using in lucifarian paradise series made into a music video for educational and entertainment non profit purpose's

Because none of you ca be trusted with basic courtesy and civility I will also request a referee/,mediator purely based upon You past behaviours and skills with discussions and facts

Proverbs 16:33
"We may throw the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall."

Dr Milton Mills speaking at the 1st Annual Vegan Spirituality Forum and Retreat at Unity Village on Oct 2nd.

Dr Mills is also featured in the documentary A Prayer for Compassion. See the film and find out more info here:

sentient beings are beings with consciousness, sentience, or in some contexts life itself. Sentient beings are composed of the five aggregates, or skandhas: matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness.

Time reveals all intentions

The Canaanites were known for their fall into animal sacrifice and cannibalism from the Egyptians.


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