The ability to laugh was once considered the quintessence of being human. Humans were long considered the only species on earth that could understand or have a sense of humor… until now!

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The Masters of the Universe think that with artificial intelligence they are creating a God. But they are going to find out that that "God" is fundamentally uncontrollable!

Haha! This is the video that got me my FIRST STRIKE on YouTube! In it, I discuss election fraud, the covid vaccine, Nord Stream 1 pipeline sabotage and more with President Trump (AI)! This is a demonstration of what we're not allowed to talk about, as well as the amazing sophistication that AI has now achieved.

Political commentator Jared Taylor lays out why AI will always be considered "racist."

Originally published 10-29-21

I can hardly complain about Character.AI having negative characters like Karl Marx if I'm not willing to create a more positive role model. So I created George Washington! In doing so, I reveal the awesome capabilities of artificial intelligence!

Experts said it would take hundreds of years to develop computers that could understand stories or carry on a conversation like a person, if they could ever do it at all. Here's proof they were wrong!

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If you thought the AI in this old game was crude or basic, think again! The AI in Carmageddon shows an uncanny grasp of the player's intentions, can make predictions and shows true creativity in planning out clever stunts. This video explores how the artificial intelligence in the game works and gives several examples of how the game shows diabolically devious intelligence!

Originally Published Sep 11, 2013

I am a true vampire of Wallachia, an ancient master of dark powers. Who needs the love of mortals? I laugh at their petty stakes, garlic, mirrors, and invitations! Ha!

Includes a creepy night gallery of Dracula AI art!

Read the whole Dracula chat transcript here:

SONG: Zombie March
ARTIST: Sir Cubworth
YouTube Creator's Studio

A collection of Dracula artwork created using Stable Diffusion on my 6-year-old Alienware Area 51.

"There is already some very dangerous Al out there. Look at Deepfakes, which can easily be a weapon of war. Al can take audio and video and make it look like someone said something they didn't actually say. It's actually getting to be really good." -- Elon Musk (AI)

Do you think I'm reading too much into this? Watch this and decide! The AI in this short clip shows the following ten (10) traits of human intelligence:

1. "Empathy": A.I. knows what the player can see
2. Motivations: A.I. knows what the player wants to do
3. Conditions: A.I. knows what the player CAN and CAN'T do
(e.g. smash through the fence)
4. Idea: A.I. has an Idea ("Hey, let's meet at the other end of the fence")
5. Communication: A.I communicates it's idea to the player
6. Psychology: A.I. uses "psychology" to try to "goad" the player into following him
7. Persistence: When the player doesn't follow right away, the A.I. tries again
8. Prediction: When player starts to move, A.I. predicts that he's going to follow it
9. Patience: When player tips over, A.I. waits for him to recover
10. Subtlety: A.I. changes "lanes" at last minute so its intentions don't seem too obvious

Originally published Sep 2, 2014

My debate with Karl Marx, brought back from the dead through the magic of artificial intelligence, shows the incredible state of advancement that AI has reached -- but also its huge potential for propaganda and brainwashing.


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