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Have you heard of the 7-Step Recipe for Generating Interest In, And Demand For Flu (or any other) Vaccination? Back when journalists did some real work, HuffPo's Laurence Solomon wrote a fascinating expose on the CDC colluding with vaccine makers.
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The interwoven stories paint a picture. Mysterious Deaths in Ireland, Threats by an American Weasel & the strange thread of adoptions that run through suspicious characters. To Support My Work, please click here: THANK YOU!
BLOG POST FOLLOW UP with some of your comments & my corrections:,-deep-state-and-adoptions
Mentioned: SCOTUS Chief Justice Roberts, Hillary Clinton, Irish Soccer, Chuck Schumer, John Sullivan, Capitol Riot, Election
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Jacqueline McGovern 2020 (2019 screenshot is an error):

Psyop The Steal:

Student Falls over Railing:

Joan Huber:

Jane Sullivan Roberts:

Recent NYT article reveals how insane progressive thought has become. Critical Thinking is so yesterday. Let the fact-checkers teach you how ignorance is strength!!
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Digital Polarization Initiative:

NYT Don’t go Down the Rabbit Hole:

Slim, Clinton, Guistra:


Inventor of PCR test Kary Mullis:


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Podcast to counteract the general malaise out there. The future is bright but it requires a new prescription for you to see it! Niche opportunities abound if you dare to venture into the wild lands. Visit my website to support my work! Here: Thanks everyone for being here and being so very cool.
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They admit it! Why would they do that!? I think it's because we live in an Anarcho-Tyranny a.k.a The Managerial State. The 2020 Election was gamed out by Deep State as a sort of color-revolution and they're very proud of themselves. To support my work, send letters, etc please find info here:
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Revolver: Transition Integrity Project:

Revolver MAGA Blood Libel:

TIME: A Cabal Stole oops “Fortified” The Election:

Anarcho Tyranny (Chronicles):

Bureaucrats the new Aristocracy:

Are you a revolutionary or are you afraid of big bad mainstream media? Are you a revolutionary or are you actually pretty happy to complain while doing nothing? Are you a revolutionary or are you making excuses for yourself? Support my work here: THANK YOU!!
Are you a revolutionary or do you see traps in every direction? HUH? This video talks about Q. Deal with it! :)
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Why don't medical professionals try telling the truth instead?
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Is the Q plan dead? I don't think so. The Biden inauguration was gross, but don't let that ruin your day or your outlook. You know which people are having the time of their lives right now? Haters. HAHA they are such losers. To support my work or send me something through the regular mail you can find details here:

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Law of War:

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25,000+ National Guard stationed in DC. Checkpoints. Razor Wire. Rumors of armed goons ready to attack. Biden's Team scared out of their minds. An inauguration a mere 2 days away? A sitting President who has seemingly disappeared even though he vowed to fight to the end? Censorship rampant? China interfered in the election and the CIA covered it up!? What is happening? ..................... This is 4th Generation Warfare. Special Ops. The Storm is Upon us!
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Special Operations to come under DoD control:

Michael Ellis:

Ratcliffe Report re CIA covering up China Interference:

Pompeo Governors re China Influence operations:

Joe Hunter Biden China:

No Exit Strategy for National Guard:

VIDEO Polly – 4th Generation Warfare:

WAMU re National Guard deployment in DC:

Israel to CENTCOM:

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To Support My work: NOTE: sorry about the flashing. ALSO I screwed up the USSS/Castle Rock. I now think USSS is US Sigint Service & CASTLE ROCK is a nuclear communications command center in Colorado (inside a mountain. h/t to a commenter on my blog)

In the first part of the video I give an overall view of the situation (not exactly cheery). Then I talk about Nancy Pelosi going nuts trying to get rid of Trump even though there's only 9 days left in his administration (or so we think.) Then I use clips to show the difference between the Corporate Media's propaganda and the reality of what happened on January 6th at the Trump rally in DC. I then go over the fallout - deplatformings and witch hunts all over the place, including the swift un-personing the President of the United States! Finally I look at a Q post that has some similarities to what we are currently living through.


National Pulse Timeline of Events:

Jon Sullivan Intelligence Asset?:

I would link to Millie Weaver but right now I can't find her. We've all been scattered!

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A short one using speech from my previous video, overlayed with scenes from the January 6th Protest / Rally in Washington DC.
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Wild ride! Lin Wood is tweeting about it & people are very upset. He's not crazy and this video explains why. Viewer comments from my last video provide interesting clues! TO SUPPORT MY WORK please go to my website- NOTE: I can once again accept online contributions! OR you can get my PO Box Address to send something via regular mail. Thank you x1000 to all of you! We will win this thing!

Lin Wood tweets:

IPOT Nashville Evergreen:

Amazing Polly Video re pizzagate:

Amazing Polly Psy Ops Goes Mainstream:

Amazing Polly: How the CIA Broke America:

Amazing Polly NXIVM :

Flint offers money for dirt on Trump:

Hefner’s Blackmail tapes:

James Holmes 1:

Michael Barden Twitter:

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Some odd things I found when looking into the Nashville Bombing & Anthony Quinn. The last dig of 2020!
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'Tis the Season! Let's get rid of fear and make room for joy, courage & faith. Merry Christmas!!!
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Man in America Video:

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I start with Public Health officials making a startling admission, then I move to 4 more examples of persecution of people who are questioning the government's Big Pharma response to COVID, and then I go through who "they" are. Who is it behind the persecution, censorship & vaccine narrative??? (Click "MORE" bottom right of this section)...
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Ontario Officers Of Health HOT MIC VIDEO:

Prof Fourtillon / Life s News:

Gemma O’Doherty web site:

SGT Report VIDEO “Citizen Enforcers”:

Oregon Doc Paul Thomas License:

Seth Berkeley “spreads like disease”:

CEPI foundation:

Leaders Pledge 8 billion:

Pledge for research into c-virus:

WEF.UN partnership Pass Blue:

UN Emissions Gap Report:

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Thousands of experts are putting their careers, incomes, reputations & their very lives at risk to speak out against the COVID / Corona Hoax, especially against the experimental vaccine technology which is being rolled out worldwide. (CLiCK on "MORE" in the bottom right corner to see the rest of this message & get references.)
In this video I feature many of them (but by far not all) and I give my commentary as the video goes along. I hope this will help people wake up before it is too late.

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Drosten Review:

Great Barrington Declaration:

Michael Levitt:

500 German Doctors for Truth re COVID:

Primary Doctors Medical Journal:

Drosten PCR challenge:

Wodarg / Yeadon call for halt to vaccine / petition:

VIDEO: Dr. James Lyons-Weiler re COVID fallacies & vaccine dangers:

ASK THE EXPERTS / The Question on Everyone’s Mind: re vaccines & fake-pandemic:

Corona Committee Evidence: Reiner Fuelmich on phone with Dr. Hockertz:

Mix-n-Match Vax UK:

Fertility warnings not printed on leaflet for recipients:

Beate Bahner:

German Lawyers Initiate Class Action Lawsuit VIDEO Fuellmich:


Richie Allen Show:

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This felt so good I couldn't wait to tell you all about it!
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VIDEO: If you want a future for yourself or your children, stop wearing the masks. I go over the experiments they have run on us vis a vis social conformity and I try to show that even science has been corrupted by the force of "group consensus." You have to stand on your own two feet and not cave to the pressure of what everyone else is doing. It's too important.

Mask studies to get you started:

Asch Experiment:

First Follower:

Buzzer experiment:

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In the first half I prove that "Build Back Better" & The Great Reset is one fascist plan for total control of the world. I show you exactly where it comes from. Next, I get into why people who know about it are fighting against it. Finally I end with some hope!! We're going to beat these people, but first we have to cut through the media lies.
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World Economic Forum Build Back Better:

Pass Blue:

WEF 2016: I own nothing, have no privacy:

Internet of Nanothings slide show:

WEF / Event 201:

FIAN: UN + WEF agreement:

Open Letter re UN / WEF partnership:

Build Back Better Media edition:

Quantum dot tattoo:

WinterOak Great Fascist Reset:

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I have made a MAJOR discovery - this is not Dominion, Hammer Or Scorecard! US Department of Homeland Security Partnered with Deep State, Big Tech & Soros swamp via an NGO called VotingWorks and their software called ARLO. The audits are NOT SAFE! Please listen and share!

The Hill article on DHS partnership in 2019:
Archived Influence Watch investigation into VotingWorks:

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Here's a remixed short clip from my August video called "Fact Check TRUE! The Cabal is Panicking!"
Trump knew about this election rigging program called "The Hammer" and that that is likely why he pardoned Arpaio.
Lots of information coming out about this program in alternative media but once again it is being covered up and denied by the lying propagandists. Hammer was started YEARS ago and appears to have been implemented by Deep State operatives, former CIA chief John Brennan and odd little liar, former head of NSA James Clapper. For the full video I made mentioning the Hammer Hacking program (but which is more about the MSM covering up for Human Trafficking, please go here:

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What happens if an election is stolen but no media reports on it?
I talk about the no win situation, censorship, dangerous leftists & their plans to track & destroy Trump supporters, staffers, funders and just regular citizens who voted for him or cheered for him at rallies. PS if you're calling me a Debbie Downer I have some words for you, too! :) PS find me at
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I talk about the election, our place in the world, demons, tech, and I give updates on my own situation.
The Technocrats / Globalists have created a no-win situation. Their plans to contest any result with mass rioting & media lies are now part of the post election landscape and will serve to bring in the Great Reset (unless Trump unleashes the military via the Insurrection Act and I pray he does.)
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I end with some fun.. but first I have to go through the bad part. And that is this: The military is after us, the "journalists" are after us, "Big Tech" is after us, Deep State is after us. I show you exactly how the system is using every means at its disposal for political persecution... and it's not just online personalities they want to get to. It's every single one of us. I talk about the Biden laptop, NBC news doxxing queen, more deplatformings, Steve Bannon with Rudy Guiliani and more. Don't forget to go see the pitch to fund an Emergency Injuction against Google!! details and references below:

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Washington Post on Defeat Disinfo:

Website Doxxing Trump donors:



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