American_Dogg's Guinea Pigs

I accidentally had the camera on flash. Also Bello is in a basket because I was cleaning his home.

Nobby being Nobby :)
I took this right before I cleaned up his cage.

I had Pokie stayed at Nobby and Wurzel's home while I cleaning his place.

My family took Chester to Rio Guapo!

Nobby and Wurzel are hiding but I have to clean their home or else they'll get sick!

My grandparents' parakeet!

Decided to a film Nobby and Wurzel at a different angle.

Ants picking up leaves to their home. (I was at my grandma's abandoned home.)

Bello prefers celery over carrots!

Finding stray dogs in El Salvador or least where I was at is common.

Pokie returns home after i cleaned it up!

Parrot I spotted in a restaurant. I had to use an app to make the video brighter since I didn't want to disturb the parrot with the flash from my phone.

I was out of the country for a week. Guinea Pigs miss me. New series on Wednesday from my trip!

When I'm away from the piggies.
No video this Sunday

Before I cleaned their home, Nobby often stares at the haystack for long periods.

Wurzel has trouble leaving his castle.

Nobby eating the newspaper after cleaning his cage!

Bello didn't notice the blueberry that's in the bowl.

I checked up on my guinea pigs right after arriving from my vacation. They like to be noticed believe or not.

Wurzel relaxed like aways

Bello should be in action flicks!
ATTN: Next Guinea Pig video will be posted on Thursday not Sunday.

Bonus video!
I found this adorable creature at work!

The piggies need to eating something refreshing!

I thought Bello was going to eat his carrot outside like he always does but I was wrong! ūüėÜ

A video of all 4 piggies Bello, Pokie, Wurzel, and Nobby in that order


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