American_Dogg's Guinea Pigs

Let's see how Waffles and Pancake are doing!

Bello and Wurzel being awesome!

Spotted deers during work!

Nobby waits to get his carrot after Wurzel.

My guinea pigs are happy to see me or maybe they just want food

Waiting for Wurzel to get his dinner ūüėč

Nobby finds Blueberries ūüėč

This little guy wants parsley!
Note: New video 8/14/23 in the evening est.

Pancake let me record him before he ran off!

Close up of the adorable Bello!

Pokie thirsty after I cleaned his home.

My grandpa built a house for my piggies!

Found this little guy at the zoo 2021

Zebras I recorded back summer of 2021

My Guinea pigs are hungry for carrots!

Wurzel wants food while Nobby want to crash his spot!

Pancake only eats when I'm away. ūüėÜ

Nobby waiting for breakfast

Pancake and Waffles waiting to return to home. Their cage is being cleaned.

Nobby drinking water.
NOTE: I will not upload anything for two weeks.

Pancake and Waffles are shy.

Pokie visiting the living room

I spotted a bunny at work.

Bello likes to pose in front of people ūüėĄ

I opened my shade in my hotel and a seagull was hanging out my window


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