American_Dogg's Guinea Pigs

Setting up the old Christmas trees for the piggies!

Happy Thanksgiving from Wurzel, Nobby, Pokie and Bello!

Nobby exploring!
Bonus video this coming THURSDAY!

Gave guinea pigs breakfast before I had to clean their cage

Wurzel can stand up at command.

I had to give medication to Nobby which can be difficult to do at times.

Pokie is always hungry.

Bello likes to pose in front of the camera.

My Guinea pigs being awesome.

Wurzel and Nobby killing time time while their home is being cleaned.

My attempt of getting piggies to be more active. The background chatter are my parents. This was a video from last year...

Bello is the only guinea pig that let me pet him.

Old video of when I had Gizmo and Wurzel early on. I was cleaning there cage at the time of the recording.

Wurzel in a basket while his home is being cleaned.

Wurzel pushes Nobby out of the house!

Found this adorable creature at the zoo. New Guinea Pig video tomorrow!

Wurzel goes through a tunnel after receiving a carrot

Order goes from left to right. Bello, Pokie, Nobby, and Wurzel.

Nobby and Wurzel eating from their hayball.

I thought this was a statue when I was at work.

2nd post this week to compensate for the poor quality of the 1st post. Pokie looks confused after his cage was cleaned.

This is only video left that I have of Baby Bear. Sorry for the quality. He appeared in my top two videos "guinea pig standing still" and "guinea pig playing piano"

The piggies wants some food while the meantime biting on the bars. I fed them of course

Nobby drinking water and scratches himself.

Bello relaxing comfortably in his little house.


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