Check out my new 30 second TV ad.

I don’t even know if they’ll even air it because talking about election fraud in Nevada on TV is apparently forbidden.

They kinda have to play it though, so if Biden hasn’t completely wrecked your finances please consider donating so we can see how many RINOs and communists we can trigger every time this 30 second plays on TV. The era of corrupt lifetime politicians needs to end, We the People will be taking back our country now. 🇺🇸

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Our government is beyond corrupt, our elections are rigged, the Democrats are out of their damn minds, and the spineless GOP is letting them get away with it all because hey, they’re making money ripping us off too. When corruption cements itself in this deeply, it becomes VERY hard to break free from. The primaries here in Nevada saw suspicious “wins” from hated, establishment RINOs (like the guy that covered up the Las Vegas shooting I mention in the video) over popular grassroot candidates like Joey Gilbert that were filling rooms and leading rallies. We were ready for it though…we were able to collect an insane amount of undeniable evidence of election fraud this time, and the lawsuits are commencing as we speak. As a Libertarian candidate, I escaped having to make it though the rigged primaries, but this corrupt system will NEVER allow an anti-establishment, anti-corruption candidate like me to make it through…even if I am up against two complete political do-nothings that only seem to care about politics when it’s time to ask money for their campaign. I don’t even have it in my heart to fundraise with people suffering and the economy the way it is, so I came up with this idea where people can buy a $5 sticker to show their support for me instead. My opponent might have the dark money funds to buy a giant billboard…but you can’t “buy” the support of the people. You can’t make them put a sticker on their car to support you. The only hope we have to save my community now, is to have the most obvious win southern Las Vegas has ever seen. Even if they still cheat me, it’ll only raise suspicions and demands for a forensic audit that we KNOW will reveal some level of fraud.

I’m an imperfect candidate, I’m not going to try to be something I’m not just to get votes…but I’ve ALWAYS been a fighter for the people in my state.

I’m not trying to be funny with this video either, it’s just kind of how I am…especially when I try to explain things. I guarantee you though, that you will be hard pressed to find a campaign video ANYWHERE, that’s more brutally honest about the corrupt system we’re living in than this.

Please support my campaign (and the local business making them) by buying a sticker and putting my face on your car, or laptop, or business window…or whichever. Even if you don’t live here, maybe it’ll still raise enough money so I can put out fliers and reach even more people here. A majority of Americans are done with this corruption, and it’s about time we showed them how many of us there are. 🇺🇸



You can find me on GAB @AmericanAFMindy because I’m censored everywhere else for destroying these false narratives.

Email: [email protected]

Bots are nothing new on Twitter, but what are they actually doing other than just padding accounts? I dug deep and it appears Twitter is more than aware of how many users it has that are fake…but what are they doing? What till you see what I found out.

Can someone explain to me why super weird things keep happening with Biden, and no one thinks we deserve a believable explanation? Check out the first episode in a new series by Mindy Robinson and Studio 17.

We knew they were going to cheat, and we knew they were going to shamelessly try to cover it up and ignore us…but this time, we were ready for them.

I’ve condensed down the most pivotal parts from over 2 and a half hours of testimony by voters and poll watchers. After proving Clark County was holding a completely illegitimate election with undeniably questionable results…the county commissioners voted to certify the election anyway and without discussion (and subsequently for their own seats as well, as even the most hated of them managed to magically “win” their race) the audience erupting in anger…and then the Commissioners took to laughing at them. Needless to say, the public rebuttal section that came after got even more colorful. Enjoy!

Explain to me how a RINO so hated he couldn’t show up without getting booed because he’s also the same guy that covered up the Las Vegas shooting, beat a guy who was leading rallies and filling rooms?

The scumbag Sheriff that covered up the Las Vegas shooting for the FBI is trying to run for Governor as the corrupt establishment pick, problem is that everyone hates him and he gets booed on stage as people chant his opponent Joey Gilbert’s name who’s been fighting for our rights this entire time. Please check out “Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up” to understand how corrupt and hated this guy is, he rarely makes public appearances because of it but it seems establishment RINOS are getting behind him for Governor

Please check out “Route 91: Uncovering the Cover Up” to understand how corrupt and hated this guy is, he rarely makes public appearances because of it but it seems establishment RINOS are getting behind him for Governor

“If you look at who the government is persecuting right now, they’re not going after pedophiles, or illegals coming across the border, or vetting these refugees that are showing up, they’re going after political dissenters….because that’s what’s threatening to them. For four years BLM burned down Targets, looted shoes, all this other stuff…shot at cops…not a problem. But the minute us peasants walked into their hollowed halls that *we* pay for…we were the enemy. And that’s a problem, I think it speaks to what they’re doing…and God I hope people see it, I really do.”

I made a highlight reel of the best and worst answers from the Nevada Gubernatorial Debate. By the end of it they were talking about hookers and eating crack cocaine.

Conservatives in Nevada fought back against corrupt GOP shenanigans…and won. After Trump endorsed the spineless and hated Sheriff Joe Lombardo (who infamously covered up the Las Vegas shooting and lied about it) the crooked head of the state GOP Micheal McDonald tried pushing him through by making him the only name on the ballot people could vote for. Well the crowd wasn’t having it, they demanded the people’s choice Joey Gilbert be placed on the list and ended up overwhelmingly voting for and thus officially endorsing him by the state GOP. We the People are over this insane corruption here in Nevada, NO MORE RINOS AND FAKE PAID-FOR ENDORSEMENTS. Eat that Micheal McDonald 👌🏻

I watched it, so you don’t have to. Spoiler alert Doug Mastriano destroys everyone…but it’s so worth watching.

Does Elon Musk know what he’s getting himself into? Even after years of complaints, child porn and sexual predators remain a problem that Twitter simply refuses to deal with.

I still can’t believe the guy who helped cover up the Las Vegas shooting is running for Governor...with the casinos backing him of course. Almost makes you wonder if it was always part of the “deal.”

With dozens of fake news stories being pushed out by the Ukrainian government and Russian news being banned across most platforms, it begs the this war mongering just an attempt to cover up the crimes corrupt US government officials committed not only there in Ukraine but also here with covid?


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