This is the two-year anniversary of this show!  I cover an FSU study on personality traits, a YouTube millennial podcast about "education and teaching" (so they think), and I tell a story about my own expectations in a social situation and how being vigilant matters, but politeness does too.

K12 sport seasons are ending early due to "illness and injury." The normalization of mental illness continues, when walking away is the fastest solution.  I also discuss three examples of jab consequences and the brainwashing that still exists to this day, along with a recent peer-reviewed article on the spread of spiked proteins throughout the entire body—due to the jabs.


I cover the walkouts in Virginia schools, a Walgreens commercial that advocates for murder, and a study that shows student athletes can't exert themselves anymore after the jabs.

Walgreens comercial:

Alternative media hypocrites are overstepping their bounds and it will have consequences for them.  I revisit a higher education hidden problem that higher-ed isn't learning from.  Jabbed blood and breastmilk is contaminated (not new to us, but new in the media), and I revisit an anonymous accurate definition of Operation Warp Speed.

As the allure of shopping malls in America was once at its peak, its decline was inevitable.  Just like brick-and-mortar education that censors, and implements degenerate policy and negative attention, it too will fall by the wayside just like the American shopping mall of the 1980's and 1990's.

The squeaky wheel of curricular degeneracy gets the attention as if it's a new thing. It isn't. It dates back to the beginning of time and Europe in the 1920's. I rant about and discuss this. Also, updates from previous stories, school uniforms are filled with chemical poisons and the virology lie summed up nicely. See attachment:

Fentanyl in school environments is a bio-weapon scenario that K12 schools and universities aren't prepared for.  I provide a background on Fentanyl and what may lie ahead.  Previous guest A.J. Gokcek provides an update from California regarding the jabs among those he knows and those he has encountered.  Finally, the media coverup regarding the jabs is very real, as employees continue to leave the business and tell the truth about the behind the scenes actions.

Listener emails highlight nefarious education circumstances in two states in America, AstraZeneca starts it's "Up Your Antibodies" PSA campaign to push the jabs and monoclonal antibodies for the "immune-compromised," and current examples of jab outcomes and frames of mind.
Canadian Generic Ivermectin:

I bring up current examples of how K12 departments of education are doubling down on their "alphabet soup gay agenda."  Examples are mentioned on how students are fighting back against sexual predator K12 employees, how parents can fight back with opt-out forms; and how this is the Transhumanist agenda on American children and families. 

The Illusory Truth Effect is ever-present on all sides of the political spectrum and I provide a few examples.  Oregon is graduating students without basic comprehension skills, I read emails from listeners, and a history lesson regarding the largest loss of life in a school in 1937.

I discuss current money laundering techniques within K12 schools and the states that are attempting to fix the unfixable.  More jab revelations are discussed, the virology lie, the poisoning to come and the unfortunate damage that has already been done.

When the mainstream media says, "#NEVERFORGET," what they mean is never forget their false narrative. What we mean, is never forget the lies. Teach American youth the truth about that day and who the enemy really is.


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