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I bring up numerous recent examples of how we'll never win the war if the enemy is not called out.  We have no reasons to be fearful in the face of endless lies.  I also bring up numerous recent school moves that are destined to contribute to their continued downfall.

The illegal invasion continues and I describe laws that must be being broken from twin to allow this to occur.  I discuss current Brockton, Massachusetts school district updates; and I discuss how old jab truths are returning and coming home to roost.

Rife Machine:

MB Protocol:

I revisit a few stories from the past, then I get into what is arguably the worst school district in the nation...Brockton, Massachusetts.  You have to hear this.  They want the National Guard to come in because of the student and staff chaos.  I finish with a jab-related story involving two brothers and the regret on both sides that came from it.
Robert Sepher Occult Forces:

I discuss the falsehoods that the "COVID gatekeepers" keep perpetuating and you hear it straight from them; I also discuss and play audio of Michigan's attempt to acquire lists of homeschooling parents and their children, in order to pay them a warrantless visit; and I cover some of the laws of "mass-shootings" and the one variable that is lacking.

I bring up numerous past and current education examples of the lies that the jewish lobby tells, and how they instill fear while gaslighting the masses into believing that positive change is coming to "conservatives." Newsflash: No one is coming to save us.

I discuss the death of an African CEO of a banking company and it's specifics nature; I bring up the past and current application of VR headsets in society and education; I discuss Dr. Malone's shady financier; I also discuss the company Truehold and their potential connection to Blackrock; and perhaps we have found the silver-bullet to endless ailments and the covid jab inured: Methylene Blue Therapy.
Methylene Blue:

I discuss the current geopolitical atmosphere, current timing and positive moves that are being made to wake people up, and the potential for future election interference based on what we've yet to see and what chaos has not occurred yet.  I also discuss the presence of feds and three-letter agencies in American education, including a horrific story from Michigan that never made the news last week; I also discuss a jab story that brought on dementia quickly and is leading to endless medical bills and a money pit of costs.  
Uvalde Doc:

In this episode, I discuss many current government, school and legal events that lead to a collective miscarriage of justice on the innocent by the guilty, in an attempt to silence the innocent while the culpable think they've won.

Registered Nurse, Kim Carter, joins us again to discuss her leaving Select Medical, becoming a home health/care nurse and what she is seeing firsthand.  She discusses toxicity and therapeutics, and we discuss the ongoing war on civil discourse in the era of matrix-level brainwashing.  

It's election year and the political games are being played by everyone on all sides.  The gaslighting is in full force.  Zuckerberg and O'keefe are discussed along with congress and their bullshit show moves.  I discuss Crumbley case updates; I discuss the current moves that schools are currently making as a result of everyone being jabbed and the consequences that are evident; and HHS and the FDA have made more moves that prove there is a lockdown and/or protocols coming.

I cover the revelations from day three and four of the Jennifer Crumbley trial; I read recent jab-related peer reviewed articles and their obvious conclusions; and I discuss how HHS is setting he tone, again, for what is coming next.

The border gaslighting and psy-ops are never ending and exhausting, which is why an unprecedented action is the only solution to never-ending corruption.  I discuss the Crumbley trial and updates, a NC school that is taking in illegals, and a DHS document that adds Ebola and Marburg to their list of reasons to lock us down.


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