A patriot destroys a city council with the facts about the jab. Critical thinking in motion!

In this episode, I have a discussion with a patriotic educator of nine years in New Mexico.  The K12 battlefield is in every state and corruption and abuse exist everywhere.  You will hear her perspective on what has occurred, her knowledge of the educational landscape, and her words of advice on what lies ahead.

Patrick Meade, a Talawanda School Board Member, disrespects a woman at her first school board meeting.
As she approaches to speak for the first time, he is caught saying; "Oh, No, Jesus Christ."
His disgust in with this citizen, the people of Oxford, and the parents and students of Talawanda, is beyond evident. It's long past time to vote him out, and vote out ALL of them, and then fire their Superintendent. Start the recall process NOW!

A small example of the layers of brainwashing and virtue signaling on Instagram, K12 students push back against mask mandates as schools press harder, the BINAX fraudulent COVID test and the K12 policies that follow based on this fraudulent test, and a word of warning from Dr. Bhakdi.

Australian K12 jab pressure, Nelson County Kentucky "contact tracing" and "quarantine policy," Louisville, Ky schools continue to crumble, the National Guard is driving students to school, and blood donations are occurring for the jabbed.

A comprehensive look at what the jabs to to you. Narrated by Dr. Charles Hoffe.

Also: A jab warning from a college athleate, I discuss the animal-trial timeline for infection as it relates to humans, potentially, and I read from the book The One Minute Cure by Maddison Cavanaugh.

A comprehensive look at what really happened on 9/11/01 and why.

We discuss the ESSER funds mismanagement and Raptor Technologies, the current differences between public and private schools, and the current Nelson County, KY media exposure of their school district and superintendent.
Type "ESSER Funding" into the search bar on the Raptor Technologies site:
ESSER State Funds:

Canadian patriots Stacy and Damian of join the podcast to provide their in-depth perspective on the war, information about their mission and website, predictions of things to come, and the steps moving forward.


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