UFO and Allen's for Outer space
The new religion, Men From outer space, The Great Deception comes from the NWO 1 world Government Globalist in a attempt to decisive the masses and even the Body of Jesus Christ, into believing that there are Aliens from other universes.
This is what the Bibles calls The Great Deception Men from Mars.
Little green men what ever they are calling them these days. This is a new religion because it takes blind faith to believe in this spin from Satan.
Final Count Down YouTube channel.

Hi guys we made this video to show the world just how bad things are getting because we have turn our backs on Jesus.
Sin is running ramped on this earth and it is almost time for Jesus to come back!
Americanman1967 has open a new YouTube channel named Final Count [email protected] where you can see content all about the Biblical end times we are in. Link

the fundamental virtue required in our time. Courage to stand and speak the truth. Courage to withstand epithets. Courage to face the mob. Courage to shrug off the scorn of the elites. When enough of us overcome the fear that currently prevents so many from speaking out, the hold of critical race theory will begin to slip. And courage begets courage. It’s easy to stop a lone dissenter; it’s much harder to stop 10, 20, 100, 1,000, 1,000,000, or more who stand up together for the principles of America.

Truth and justice are on our side. If we can muster the courage, we will win.
Final Count [email protected]

The Magnetic vaccine arm test videos is all over the inter web, but they are fake! I and my wife made this video to proof this test is bunk!

Hi everyone this is a short video about a growing movement by a Stacey Abram who is pushing America into a communist State by asking Americans to vote for a bill that will allow illegals to vote!
Join me and help stop this movement by not getting involved.
Final Count Down YouTube channel!

Livestock industry leaders have urged Microsoft founder and billionaire philanthrophist Bill Gates to undertake more research into livestock production after he called for policies requiring people in rich countries to eat “100 percent synthetic beef”.

To view Mr Gates’ full interview with the MIT Techology Review click here

Mr Gates, who has invested in range of ‘synthetic meat’ startups including Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, Memphis Meats and Hampton Creek Foods, made the comments in an interview promoting his new book ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster’.

At What Point Do We Realize Bill Gates Is Dangerously Insane?

Falling sperm counts 'threaten human survival', expert warns


The technologically advanced guillotines, he said, are being manufactured in Beijing before being flown exclusively to US airbases. Then, the military distributes the guillotines to FEMA camps nationwide.
He said the smart guillotine project was commissioned in 2011, at the request of former president Barrack Hussein Obama, who had hoped during his term to declare martial law and use the deadly apparatus against patriots and freedom fighters that challenged his one-world government agenda. The guillotine, he added, is the ideal method of execution for instilling fear among the masses.

Final Count Down YouTube Channel.

A five year old girl schools a city government on why children should not wear mask!

Lawmakers react after CDC eases mask-wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people only the rest of us are second class Americans and deserve no such treatment.

In this video I show how you how The New World Order government has controlled and programed the masses with public and cable Yell-lie-vision
Using programs Like Candid Camera.

The Missouri Senate live debate in Jefferson City. The Time is not exact. It will happen when it happens. I will begin the stream when the bill comes up LIVE.
come and join me guys on this Live! @Truth money and freedom.
Fighting for your rights!
Truth Money and freedom Link

Well America if you will never take a stand against the controlling governments mandated vaccine because your all Brian wash this will never changed.

This is a ministers night out, to teach and learn how to and share the good news of Jesus Christ to the people.

Hi guys it looks like fire season is back in the state of California and thee Globalist are trying to burn us out!

Candace Owens asks former President Donald Trump if he plans to run for reelection in 2024 and AmericanMan telling you why this insanity needs to stop!

This is what happens when you ask Americanman1967 if he has a mask!

Los Angeles may be the next city to try to compel grocery stores to provide “hero pay” to their workers. The city wants to add an additional $5 an hour to essential workers’ paychecks.

Hi guys I made this video because I was trying to show a new/ old trend the government is using to move forward to enslaver us
With a long with covid1984 by laws.

two wedding rings and wedding invitation
Legal papers give only the barest picture of the would-be newlyweds, failing to identify their gender, ages, hometowns or the nature of their relationship.

Hi guys I made this video to ask if there are any of you who live in the Victorville valley area and if you would like to Team up with me and go and share the good news of Jesus to
the a lost and dying world.

CDC: About 5,800 Fully Vaccinated People Have Tested Positive For COVID-19
As they sit on there high Horses and lie to the people about how many are still contracting the covid1984 virus after the vaccine!

Just a quick video telling you guys about new videos coming up!
Kent Hovind web site
Kent Hovind YouTube page
Kent Hovind chart

The people of Israel are suing there own government in the world court for crimes against humanity!
Claiming the The Nuremberg Code
Law Petition links
The Nuremberg Code


How we can fight Joe Biden's vaccine passport agenda

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will provide financial assistance for funeral expenses if American family members agree the death incurred related to COVID-19. Beginning Monday, April 12, 2021, FEMA will begin to accept applications through a dedicated call center.

FEMA to Help Pay Funeral Costs for COVID-19 Related Deaths


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Two people are dead and another was injured in a shooting at a Texas A&M University-Commerce residence hall on Monday, according to authorities.

One person was taken to the hospital in unknown condition, the university police department said. School officials said the shooting took place at Pride Rock Residence Hall, which is three-stories tall and open to first-year students.

University police are stationed throughout the campus, and authorities have not yet indicated whether a suspect is in custody. All classes were canceled for the rest of the day, and the university instructed students and faculty to "take shelter" while an investigation into the incident is underway. The shelter-in-place has since been lifted, but no one is allowed to leave or enter the campus.

Counselors are available in the student center for anyone needing assistance.

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