How to identify the Serbian/Romanian attack aircraft. Soko J22 Orao

The U.S Predator and Reaper drones are now famous/infamous around the world. The lesser known, similar, but increasingly popular Chinese CH-4 series are finding homes with militaries across the glove.

My opinion on why New Zealand gun regulations would not work in the United States despite U.S left wing politicians and anti gun groups implying otherwise.

There are 2 Fort Class ships. Both served with the British in the Falklands War in 1982.

Around 30 of these ships are expected to enter service with navy of China (PLAN.) These ships are heavily armed and highly capable of bloodying the nose of most would be opponents.

These ships share a common hull, however there are noticeable differences that make identification possible.

16 Kaiser class ships were completed replacing the earlier Cimarron class oilers. These ships are operated my Military Sealift Command (MSC) supporting U.S Navy ships throughout the world.

This plane first flew in the mid 1970s. Designed by Yugoslavia and Romania. It is no longer in service with Romania but continues to soldier on with the Serbian military.

More than 700 Mirage F1 aircraft rolled off the assebly lines by the time production of this aircraft ended in 1992.
The F1 would up in the militaries of more than a dozen countries around the globe. Today it continues to soldier on and will likely do so for another 20 years.

This infantry fighting vehicle entered service with the South Korean army in 2009. More than 1,000 expected to roll off the production lines.

The merchant vessel (MV) Bernard F. Fisher is one of approximately 50 strategic sea lift ships in the U.S military's prepositioning program. These ships are fwd based in places such as Guam and make up one of 2 squadrons.
Each squadron of ships is capable of keeping a land based battle group supplied for an estimated 30 days of combat operations.
The ships in the prepositioning program fall under the responsibility of Military Sealift Command.

The TOS multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) fires thermobaric rockets that can obliterate anything within 40,000 cubic meters if all are fired.. The firing on targets can be singly or in pairs of rockets . In the case of the former the whole weapons load is released in 12 seconds, in the second case, in 6 seconds. With the TOS 1 the time is 15 seconds as it carries 30 rockets as opposed to the TOS 1A's 24.

The Type 96 entered service with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) towards the end of the 1990s. It is the most common tank in the PLA today. However, the tanks effectiveness improves with each successive upgrade.

This multipurpose 2 ship class of destroyer entered service with the PLAN in the 1990s. They were considered the first of the modern Chinese ships.

These ships arrived on the scene during the 1970s as a counter to an increasing Soviet presence in the Black Sea and Mediterranean.
These ships went on to serve in not only the Italian navy, but also the navies of Peru and Venezuela.

Entering service in 1977 more than 700 of these close air support (CAS) rolled off Fairchild Republic's production lines. This aircraft continues to soldier on despite regular rumors of the USAF wanting to delete this plane from their books. It is loved by ground pounders in the U.S Army for its long loiter time over the battlefield, its large weapons load, and ability to fly low and slow down in the weeds where soldiers live.

Mig 21 Fishbed recognition and identification.

Entering service in 1988 more than a 1,000 of these vehicles rolled off the production lines. A modified version of the FV 510 called the Desert Warrior entered service with the armed forces of Kuwait.

More than 2,000 of these useful vehicles have rolled off the production lines. Currently BMP-3s can be found from Asia to Africa and places in between. So it is worth getting to know.

How to i.d the joint Brazilian and Italian fighter aircraft, the AMX International.
This light ground attack aircraft first flew in 1984 and entered service 5 years later. More than 200 were completed

The United States Coast Guard ordered 13 of these medium endurance class cutters. The first entering service in 1983.

Original video clip of USCG seneca:

The Falcon 20 first flew in the early 1960s. More than 500 were built. A later aircraft the Falcon 200, which is loosely based on the Falcon 20 entered service later.
The US Coast Guard flew the aircraft with the designation HU-25 Guardian


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