How to I.D the military versions of the famous DC-10. These planes are used in both tanker and transport roles. Added small addition on difference between KC-10 and similar Lockheed L-1011 Tristar.

How to I.D the JMSDF Oyashio diesel electric submarine. Japan has a long history with submarines and her SSKs are some of the most capable attack submarines in the world today.

Yup let's all go off and learn how to I.D the Leopard 2 tank from Germany

Learn to recognize the An-72/74 Coaler.

Learn how to recognize the infamous S-300. The S-300 covers a series of different variants that began in the 70s. Here we look at the S-300 PS/PMU NATO designation is SA-10B Grumble.
Will do additional recognition videos on other variants in the very near term.

These fascinating ships are vital in modern warfare. Mine warfare ships are some of the most overlooked, yet important ships in a modern navy. They are specialized ships designed to remove mines that endanger friendly shipping. These ships perform a vital yet exceedingly dangerous job. Basically bomb disposal at sea. I have always found mine warfare at sea one of the more interesting facets of naval warfare. Hope you will too.

FROG stands for Free Rocket Over Ground. This missile, while no longer in use with Russia remains in widespread use around the globe. Only Russia had the nuclear tipped variant.

Introduction on how to recognize the A109 "Hirundo" made in Italy

How to recognize the Zubr NATO name Pomornik hovercraft. Yes, I wanted to add a couple of things that I left out earlier. Nothing significant but enough that I decided I needed to add them in.

Now we know what the populace means when they talk about the Panhard AML armored car.

Is Trump inadvertently about to start a new arms race with Russia and China by ending the INF treaty? He is starting to remind me of GW bush.
Slovakia orders new armored vehicles to show how NATO they are. Meanwhile Belgium looks like it may have chosen the F-35 over the Typhoon fighter aircraft. Taiwan says F.U to China and contracts with Lockheed Martin to modernize its F-16 fighters.

How to recognize an icon of the cold war that is still in service today, the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II fighter

How to I.D the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Jin SSBN

Okay then let us all gather round and learn how to I.D this Chinese dragon, the Type 99 MBT

How to i.d the world's largest and most powerful PRODUCTION helicopter and the second most powerful helicopter ever built. IMO one of the best looking aircraft flying at the moment.

Let's see how we can all identify the Royal Navy's latest carrier. Seriously, there is no excuse not to recognize this distinctive ship. There is nothing out there sailing with a split super structure like this carrier. The closest you will find is probably a Great Lakes freighter :)

Trump grumps that NATO is crappy ally. Japan thinks putting lithium ion batteries that can explode in a submarine is a good idea (it actually is), China adds graphene armor to helicopter as kevlar is to heavy. Russia whines about U.S missiles in Europe and says new S-400 SAM can shoot down anything but the moon. Brits decide to build a ship that cannot house a helicopter and carries no real gun. However it will be great for picking up loads of muslims and africans as they try to avoid drowning in the Mediterranean desperate to get into Europe so they can pay the pensions of European baby boomers.

First fielded during the 70s the Gepard Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Gun is still in active use across the globe. Here is how we can i.d it.

How to I.D and recognize your Italian side, the Alenia Aermacchi MB.339 trainer and light attack aircraft.

This little gem is causing quite a ruckus in Europe at the moment. So now maybe a good time to learn to identify the little blighter so we can at least recognize what is causing all the fuss with NATO.

How to i.d the Trafalgar SSN

How to recognize the Dutch Fokker F-27/50/60 and Fairchild Hiller F-227 series of aircraft as seen in military service.

So let's see what is happening around the world. NATO whines about Russia's shiny new missile. Or Russia chooses new weapons, while NATO chooses 3d world immigrants. Mattis and Trump admin do not agree on China. Mig 29K sucks for carrier ops says India. Military vehicles with own drones

How to identify the SU-17 series of aircraft. Not many nations use these planes now and several were shot down in combat. Still I do this plane rather interesting from a recognition point of view

Quick look at how we can I.D the Brazilian 6x6, Cascaval EE-9, armored car


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