Trump grumps that NATO is crappy ally. Japan thinks putting lithium ion batteries that can explode in a submarine is a good idea (it actually is), China adds graphene armor to helicopter as kevlar is to heavy. Russia whines about U.S missiles in Europe and says new S-400 SAM can shoot down anything but the moon. Brits decide to build a ship that cannot house a helicopter and carries no real gun. However it will be great for picking up loads of muslims and africans as they try to avoid drowning in the Mediterranean desperate to get into Europe so they can pay the pensions of European baby boomers.

First fielded during the 70s the Gepard Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Gun is still in active use across the globe. Here is how we can i.d it.

How to I.D and recognize your Italian side, the Alenia Aermacchi MB.339 trainer and light attack aircraft.

This little gem is causing quite a ruckus in Europe at the moment. So now maybe a good time to learn to identify the little blighter so we can at least recognize what is causing all the fuss with NATO.

How to i.d the Trafalgar SSN

How to recognize the Dutch Fokker F-27/50/60 and Fairchild Hiller F-227 series of aircraft as seen in military service.

So let's see what is happening around the world. NATO whines about Russia's shiny new missile. Or Russia chooses new weapons, while NATO chooses 3d world immigrants. Mattis and Trump admin do not agree on China. Mig 29K sucks for carrier ops says India. Military vehicles with own drones

How to identify the SU-17 series of aircraft. Not many nations use these planes now and several were shot down in combat. Still I do this plane rather interesting from a recognition point of view

Quick look at how we can I.D the Brazilian 6x6, Cascaval EE-9, armored car

Straight from France it is the French La Fayette class frigate. Let's learn to recognize it!

The highly successful Boeing 737 has enjoyed immense popularity in the civilian world. However, it is also a popular aircraft to base a number of military platforms upon such as the P-8 Poseidon and the E-7 Wedgetail among others.

How to I.D the famous Russian fighter the Mig 29 Fuclrum
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This second generation jet fighter is still in service around the world. This is how it can be identified.

One of the finest tanks in existence. A shame that less than 450 ever entered service. Anyway, here is how we can recognize this modern monster.

Airbus conducts testing with drone swarm, U.S Navy orders 6 new destroyers sweeeet! Bahrain gets shiny new guided rockets, Uk says white helmets are just peachy, China accuses China of interfering in U.S elections. Is anybody not interfering in American elections?? Pentagon rep to silicon valley says China is a real issue and the tech tyrants need to wake up! He is right of course. Oh Chinese navy chase a U.S destroyer in the international waters of the South China Sea.

How to I.D the Russian AN-24 Coke transport aircraft. This episode touches on the AN-24 and its derivatives the AN-26 Curl, AN-30 Clank and the AN-32 Cline

Let us go now one and all and I.D the ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA system

A variant of the Mig 23 the Mig 27 is primarily a ground attack and strike aircraft. No longer used with Russia, it remains in service with India, Sri Lanka and the Republic of Kazakhstan. Let's learn to I.D this beast.

How to identify the maritime patrol and ASW aircraft the American P-3 Orion.

Boeing aircraft wins USAF trainer aircraft and utility helicopter competitions. Lockheed wins order for arty rockets to unknown foreign customer. U.K believes Russians are all but in London now so need a 2000 cyber security force to counter them. No of course British people these 2000 computer professionals will not be turned on you. Of course not! Poland and USA contemplate a Fort Trump in Poland.

Yes, and now WE are going to learn how to I.D a U.S Navy cruiser of the Ticonderoga variety

how we can quickly i.d the F/A 18 Hornet fighter aircraft

How to I.D the American F-15 Eagle. This fighter first entered service with the USAF in 1976 is has since gone on to serve with several additional air forces around the globe.

How to I.D the Chinese Shenyang J8ll interceptor. This aircraft is a further develeopment from the J-8l. It is a strikingly different aircraft in both looks and capabilities than its forebear.

How to recognize the Italian Puma 6x6 armored vehicle.


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