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OG video uploaded by BGM :

My apologize for missing first 15 seconds of the footage, the OBS failed on me for no reason and I had to restart it.

So here we are, with 5th redub of the MLP from PPP.

Parody of the song by classic Blue Oyster Cult - (Don’t Fear) The Reaper.


Made by first creating lyrics with ChatGPT, than converting them to singing voices with Synth V, than use audio clips of that on Talknet to have more naturally sounding voices than use those with the so-vits-svc.

Art made with the Stable Diffusion Pony Soup model (and a lot of img2img in-painting and ms paint correcting)

Introduction 00:00
Step 0a Gothic Sourcer 00:25
Step 0b Gothic VDFS 02:44
Step 0c Github Python files 04:11
Step 1 separate dialogue, audiofile names and rest of the code script 04:50
Step 1a Polish letters fix 05:23
Step 1b divide NPC and Player dialogue 05:44
remove _output text files 06:15
Marge player character lines 06:30
make temporary audio file lists 07:48
Step 7a move wav audios from speech folder 08:10
Step 7b remove the temporary audiofiles 08:39
rename the files 08:55

Download list:
Python files:

Gothic VDFS (this one should come automatically with Gothic2 installation tools folder):

NEW code update.

IF you are working with German or English version of the game, run the code below:
Run "_dialogue_1_seperator_005a" in the "Dialoge" folder, to generate "output_*.txt" files.

IF you are working with Polish version of the game, run this (ignore instructions regarding the "_dialogue_1b_letters_convert_POL", that code is outdated.):
Run "_dialogue_1_seperator_005b_POL"

IF you are working with Russian version of the game, run this:
Run "_dialogue_1_seperator_005b_RUS"

Start 00:00
Create conda env 00:18
Testing CUDA 17:28
Connecting Colab ipynb to GPU 18:23
Start of offline code 21:59
Inputting audio dataset 28:53
Final training cell run 33:26


File to place in GDrive:

Warning, this is NOT a proper tutorial, just merely my way of training offline models for So-Vits-SVC 4.0, so this method may work on your pc or may not, due to mysterious ways of google colab and python constant breaking compatibility of modules so I would be prepared to not be surprised if this code do not work on your machine.

00:00 - preparations
00:18 - Step 1 Gathering your audio data
01:41 - Step 2 Setting Up Your Colab Script
02:50 - Step 3 Training Your Model
17:32 - Step 4 Synthesizing Your Audio

PPP quick guide

PPP Main Guide

(So-Vits-SVC 4.0 training Colab code)

(So-Vits-SVC 4.0 synthesis github code (3.0 voice models will not be compatible))

(this is old v3.0 Colab that is presented in this video, I recommend using the above newer 4.0)

Video Transcript:


-So-Vits-SVC 4.0 synthesis github code (3.0 voice models will not be compatible)
-So-Vits-SVC 3.0 :

Colab so-vits-svc 4.0 (set up to use the Vul PPP models)
Colab so-vits-svc 4.0 (set up to use the custom zipped models)


-Models (3.0 and 4.0):

-hubert model:

-rubberband library:


cd (dir)

conda create --name so_svc2

conda activate so_svc2

pip install -r requirements.txt --extra-index-url

pip install setuptools==57.5.0

pip install praat-parselmouth librosa tensorboard torchvision==0.11.1 --extra-index-url

pip install PyQt5


--- Environment Variables


pip install pyrubberband

pip show pysoundfile
pip uninstall pysoundfile

pip install soundfile==0.10.3.post1 --force-reinstall

pip install requests



-- Get models voice model into 'models' folder

-- Get hubert model into 'hubert' folder




music used in video:
Seven Songs for Seventh Saga - III. Star
sawsquarenoise - fantasia de los pinos - 05_-_Rito_Oculto
Happy, Train, Generic background ~ FiM_s02e14-2

From the Viva Frei channel:
"Feb. 19 - Live from Ottawa - Viva on the Street"

LOTR GoT Woke | Hollywood vs Gina | MSM vs Joe Rogan - Friday Night Tights #183 w/ Nick Rekieta

Cover made using the Twilight Talknet model. I would like to thank Clipper for help with getting the reverb at correct pace.
Animation done in blender, you can see the whole process of making the video here:

Link to mp3 file:


Lyrics are from a 2015 thread were anons wrote the parody of the Hellfire from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Song was made using Talknet Fluttershy model with reference audio sang by yours truly.

To celebrate 100th thread of continued posting and advancement in the AI voice synthesis PPP Anons decided to re-dub the first episode of the MLP Friendship is Magic into one episode long YTP.
For anybody whom missed the episode, here is the recording of the 100th thread celebration abridged episode made by the PPP anons with with the rewatch chat, enjoy folks.

00:00:00 EP1
00:26:14 EP2
00:51:12 1-1 rejected clip
01:03:12 Unused Scenes

Source: "Reject Modernity. Embrace Pulp Heroism."

disclaimer: im not a doctor, just your average online meme maker that is just passing the information to the rest of the world.
What you do with this is none of my concern.

Original review document:
Archive back up:

music used:
00:00 Yakov_Golman_-_01_-_Air.mp3
02:22 Yakov_Golman_-_02_-_Breeze
04:32 Yakov_Golman_-_03_-_Hope.mp3
06:32 Yakov_Golman_-_03_-_Infinity
09:54 Yakov_Golman_-_05_-_Japan.mp3
12:35 Yakov_Golman_-_06_-_Peaceful.mp3
14:59 Yakov_Golman_-_07_-_Reflection.mp3

and if someone wants to hear an actual expert opinion, this man made a pretty good video on a different study related to this thing:
Dr. John Campbell, "Best ivermectin meta analysis"

Original story written by MythrilMoth:

If you wish to contact me or follow me on social media sites, links are here:

Using lattes AI tech to have computer generated voice of Twilight Sparkle singing the Adventure Time credit song.

source: NTD "LIVE: Senate holds 1st federal hearing on election 'irregularities' (Dec. 16) | NTD"

Another Video Removed by Youtube's 'Ministry of Truth'

Original story written by MrEnter:

If you wish to contact me or follow me on social media sites, links are here:

Music used:

00:00:00 Sea by Portrayal
00:03:56 Just Beginning by Ryan Sheeler
00:07:31 Check Them In by Ema Grace
00:11:20 Return (unknown artist)
00:12:08 Dufferin County by Drake Stafford
00:15:30 Suco de Abacaxi by Guifrog
00:18:48 Small Town by Drake Stafford
00:22:07 Humming for you by Ema Grace00:26:43 Find Out When We Get There by Derek Clegg
00:29:28 Young Lovers by Mise Darling
00:34:01 Pegasus by Mela In My RPG by Javolenus
00:40:24 Superoro Quin Conoce el Camino by Silva de Alegria

Blender 2.79b :

Gothic Blender Files "New World" and "Old World" :

"How do I extract textures out of the Gothic 2?"
All is explained in here :

BTW, this isn't tutorial on how to use and model in Blender.

I've saw this discussion in the morning and couldn't resist myself to make it into a video shitpost.

Original story written by Shrink Laureate:

If you wish to contact me or follow me on twitter/minds/gap here is link:


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