Epiphone Wildkat Guitar- Please turn sound up because I forgot to point the vocal mic. I used a Reverend Soft Touch Trem Spring for trem. I cut pieces for the pickup adjustment from a Dodge Coil Pack leftover spring for levelers'

Big swarm of Blackbirds Bushnell, FL 11-24-2019
Cinematographer Charles Peck

Gretsch G534TG Electromatic Pro Jet Met. Red, White sides neck and back.

Gretsch Electromatic Pro Jet, 5E3 DD7, Tube Amp Studio, M-Audio FastTrack Pro into usb of PC.

Sensitivity was a little high but not too bad with lower volume. Les Paul Studio by Gibson.

Gretsch G5420T Guitar, 5E3 Hand Built Amp. Produced with Tube Amp Studio into amp, guitar DD7 delay into amp. Amp mic-ed into M-Audio Fasttrack Pro into usb on PC. Logitech C615 Camera to usb on PC.


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