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This boy has been around since his birth. Hope he stays for a very long time And knows he is safe here during hunting seasons

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The baby from my backyard last year has finally brought her twins for me to meet. They thought they wanted to run away until they saw mom walking towards me for her piece of wheat bread from my hand. Wish I had got that on video also. The video isn't to long because the grand kids are not use to me yet and do not know I am no threat to them. Enjoy

No hunting allowed here ever.

2017 - Mom brings her baby to my fenced backyard for me to babysit while she runs off for up to a day or 2. Things like this are what gives me a reason to wake up each morning.

Best part towards the end when she settles down for a nap. More to come, maybe

Big momma come and visits every year we butcher. Plan to try and get the black bears that come for the apple trees every year. - 2010


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I lost my youtube channel simply because I do not own a stupid cell phone and I refuse to give them my home phone. Luckily I left things like twitter and facebook well over 15+ years ago when I realized it was a waist of my valuable time learning the truth. Facts do not care about anyone’s feelings. Including mine.