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Living an American Nightmare: Where Did We Go Wrong?

The House was very excited to impeach Mayorkas yesterday but that probably doesn’t mean what most Americans think it means. America is still dying as a result of the endless flow of violent invaders.

Chicago mayor Brandon Johnson says he is allocating $17 million for “18 black and brown small businesses.” Joe Biden just released an ad where he is clearly pandering to Blacks. This is the system we must all abide by!

The senate just advanced a $95 billion aid package and Mayorkas just admitted that he’s proud of his work destroying our sovereignty. They hate us, and the worst part is that they’re making money off of that hatred.

The White House appears to be running damage control for a recent report that indicates Biden is not mentally fit to run a country (not that he was ever doing that). The question is, will Democrats continue to ignore his obvious mental decline, or back a new candidate?

Trump praises SCOTUS for their very strong arguments in the Colorado ballot case. Meanwhile, America First files a lawsuit against Maricopa County over its failure “to administer elections lawfully and fairly” in the last two elections. Could this mean there’s still hope for 2024?

Republicans are always failing and appointing corrupt leadership. This is why we can’t have nice things and why the uniparty continues to successfully destroy our sovereignty.

They’re Not Just Scared of Trump, They’re Scared of MORE Trumps

Illegals have zero respect for our country, as evidenced by the crimes they commit once they invade our country. And why would they? After all, they don’t face any consequences for their actions. America practically encourages hatred of self-hatred. If we don’t start mass deportations ASAP, America will never be great again.

What Will the 2024 Election Really Look Like? Will Dems Still Back Joe?

Trans Children Are a Means to an End: The State’s Plan To Own Your Family. COMPLY OR ELSE?

Was It Israel All Along? There’s More to the Middle East War Narrative!

Trump’s Clown World Legal Issues Prove the Need for Presidential Immunity

The pedo satanists that destroyed morality in the West did it because they hate humanity, particularly children. From forcing child sex changes, to allowing drug addicts to harm children, it would be hard to argue that there is no intention to harm society’s most vulnerable: our children.

Chuck Schumer wants the government to crack down on the nicotine product Zyn. Why? Because it’s “unhealthy” for young people. But since when has anyone in government cared about what’s healthy for young people? And what exactly is going on here?

Texas kicked out the federal government and it’s doing better than ever. The Lone Star state is leading the way in border security, but for how long? And is this an indication of what border security will look like going forward?

For some reason, Elon Musk just visited Auschwitz with Ben Shapiro and spoke at the European Jewish Association conference. Meanwhile, the US and UK are already at war with the Houthis. Anything to keep Israel happy!

Klaus Schwab just suggested that AI will replace elections in the future. This news comes as Donald Trump begins to successfully fight back against the election interference in his campaign. But is he really fighting back successfully? Or does the deep state have one last trick up their sleeve that could destroy elections forever?!

The West Cracks Down on ‘Hate Crimes’ While Encouraging REAL Crime?

The Truth About the Jews: It’s Deeper Than Underground Tunnels!

Trump’s opponents show their true colors as they slyly use the Iowa caucus to set the stage for a 2024 election … without him.

They’re Not Telling You the Truth for a Reason. We Are Under Attack!


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