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They have the entire house to play in, but they want to play in the bathroom. And in the litter box no less. Figures. That's okay... they are so adorable they can literally do whatever they want. LOL!

One of about five million intros (LOL) we created for the Ghost Girls project. The members changed on a regular basis so the intros had to change, too. More vintage Ghost Girls videos available for viewing.


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My name is Ana and this is my "kitchen sink" channel! Although I have many other independent project channels, this is where I will be sharing all of my daily life stuff. My diverse work background goes from E! Entertainment Television to classified DoD (Dept. of Defense) projects for the Air Force and Navy. I rode horses. I rode Harleys. I've worked in the Belly Dance industry for over a decade. I am a vegan / animal rights activist. I used to do paranormal investigations and participate in (and host) CE-5 (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind) events. I meditate. I pray. I am happily married to the most awesome man in the world and together we are exploring this incredible planet, while constantly trying to improve ourselves and understand some of the mysteries of life. I hope you find my videos entertaining, informative and/or inspirational because each of our journeys is all of our journeys. Where We Go One We Go All!