I still think he is guilty for hitting the gas instead of reverse. He isn't guilty of killing Heather Heyer though, she was morbidly obese and had a heart attack.

Can't they find anything meaningful to protest? This is Jerry Falwell/ moral majority tier Christian Zionism.

The Dolt Right's Reaction to the George Floyd MURDER shows how Stupid, Shilly, and Ineffective they are. They couldn't capitalize when ZOG was at it's most weakest and chose instead to go for cheap shots against blacks.

Don't take it personally Davey...

Alex Jones is an ENEMY of the people and SANDY HOAX/flat earth believers have FEMININE way of "THINKING"

Or more accurately, of FEELING instead of thinking.

Those who base their belief that no children died at Sandy Hook on the brief smile of Robbie Parker are using womanly emotional logic, not evidence.

Similar to flat earthers, they believe that because something doesn't look right to their subjective perceptions, that there cannot be any explanation to what they see other than their narrative, and everything can be stuffed into this narrative , building what the hoaxer believes is an airtight case.

Why Flattards and Hoaxtards always come up with ZERO, despite their belief that they have a lot of evidence.

Flattard logic like, "water doesn't curve" and "it looks flat", is equivalent to Sandy hoaxtards saying that Robbie Parker is proof of a false flag. It doesn't matter how many fraudulent data points they have of nonsense. 0 is zero; 0+0 is still zero, and 0 X 100 is still zero.

Parker's smile, and the world subjectively looking flat from a ground based observer equal zero proof.

These people are incapable of thinking rationally, or separating evidence from emotional conjecture. All the 'evidence' of the Hoaxtards is a house of cards, with the shakey premise of Robbie Parker as it's foundation.

Anyone thinking themselves as a researcher and pushing this nonsense need to recalibrate their way of looking at the world.

Knowledge is acquired through a system of discernment, and one must seive out the truth using evidence not shakey conjecture and endless packs of playing cards: a rabbit hole that goes nowhere and gets you much deserved public derision. Giving the system a slam dunk win against this nonsense weakens the cause of things like truth about 9/11, JFK and other important real conspiracies.

And that of course is the purpose of the Sandy Hoaxtard movement. It is a government conspiracy and psyop allright: To make you look stupid by pushing emotional buttons, and using bullying and groupthink such that real researchers like Micheal Collins Piper(who none of the hoaxtards were even fit to shine his shoes) were kicked out of his job at RBN.

The Sandy Hoaxtard theory was the psyop all along, a cognitive infiltration of the truth movement designed to destroy it.

Lots of people who one would think should know better still buy into the Sandy Hoax psyop. Most of them still eat meat amoung other things that further reveal their lack perseverance and steadfastness, and weakness of moral outlook and character.

They still believe many big lies, thus it is no surprize that they come up short in their analysis of the world; they simply don't have the moral and intellectual fortitude required to really pursue truth.

Keep bullying these feminine brained bitches where ever you see them.

Government psychological warfare operations like the Sandy Hook "no children died" narratives were forced onto the truth community, making it a laughing stock.

The three techniques of Narrative Stuffing, Consensus Forcing, and Well Poisoning have destroyed the credibility of the truth community since Adam Lanza killed his mother, a teacher, and a score of children. Soon after, the "no children died" lie was spread.

Shills and morons have been using these three techniques ever since, to force a retarded narrative onto political discourse to derail discussions and destroy what is left of the truth movement.

1 Narrative Stuffing

Fabricate a lot of subjective non-evidence, then proclaim that there is so much evidence it is undeniable.

2 Consensus Forcing

Use words like "100% proof" and "smoking gun" to browbeat and try to bully others to accept the narrative, imply that those not going along with the narrative agenda are government shills.

3 Well Poisioning

Tell about 80% truth, but then smear utter crap to make the truth smell like shit by association. Use the forced consensus to poison the well of the truth community and make it a laughing stock, as happened with Sandy Hook.

I though Allsup did a good job but he couldn't control Jazzhand's boomer posting. Warren G is there to regulate.
Jazzhand's clout collapse:

The Allies were in fact evil.

I hate all authority including fascism(corporate/govt collusion/stalking horse for Zionist control) to hell, but Hitler was a great leader who led his Germany out of desperate poverty, to the envy of the world.

The bankers couldn't have that.

That's why they invented the holohoax, to cover up for the Allies atrocities after the war. Winners write the history books.

Like most of the dolt right, he has no ideas and his narratives have run out of steam. He stands at about 3 ' 11" tall and is always on a tall chair for his insipid streams.

1 open source code
2 search for "mp4"
3 copy the mp4 link and open in new page
4 save video as...

1 open source code
2 search for "mp4"
3 copy the mp4 link and open in new page
4 save video as...

Suscrive to TrueNiggiInception for more Niggi and Molly related content

Suscrive to TrueNiggiInception for more Niggi and Molly related content

Don't be afraid of anarchy, it is humanity's natural state. You have the right to kill any and all authoritarians imposing rules on your bodily autonomy.

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