I prove it is the same guy in the mugshot.

*I try unsuccessfully to get suspended from Dlive
*El Paso shooter photoshopped?
*Hoaxashian was wrong!
*trainwreck technical issues
Mr Bond, Shady Kike:

Please also watch:

The Ottawa Protocols was signed in 2010 with 50 other countries. One of the planks of the document was that ritual jewish murder of children was an anti semitic canard with no validity. I am reuploading this video with the recent heightened awareness around jewish sexual predators, to highlight that where there is smoke there is fire.

I made this a few months ago but didn't upload because I got fooled by a parody account doing a fellow white people schtick. So ignore that part.

Dr Peterson saw that I did a number of videos about him, and was curious to watch more videos. He was so impressed that he made this video endorsing my channel!

Trying to find a date for my friend Fascisthomo/Faustulus.

Was Epstein extracted? A 4chan post from someone apparently working at the jail Epstein was imprisoned in suggests so. Cameras that were recording near the building would have spotted this vehicle at near the reported hour of the extraction.

A silly shoe troll, probably a foot fetish pervert shows up in my comments.

2nd rendition of this stream since I still had the video overlaid on the screen when I was doing browser based exposition.

This little unscrupulous cretin, Eliot Rodgers in a wig, AKA fascisthomo- thought he could flout the rules and cheat his way out of a music competition, that was being held between us as a gentlemanly duel since Bitchute is not big enough for the both of us. Result is shame unto his family and the entire happa race. Go to his channel and let him know what a disreputable clown he is:

This is why I don't respect moonhoaxtards or flat earthers. There are quite easy explanations for their most popular 'proofs', yet they come around with the same questions all the time. Or even come with outright falsehoods, as the question put to McAfee was riddled with.

He is currently living in a San Francisco polyamourous commune with his gay lover.

Vanquishing quadroon hermaphrodite weebomination trolls and dumb moon hoaxtards.

I expose the conceited troll Homojewus Infectus hiding under the sockpuppet account named homofascist on Bitchute. He has disappeared for a while but now is back and making my life hell. Go and downvote all his videos twice.
Subscribe to him here(to downvote all his videos twice!)

From today's NEETStream
Normie brainlet fails to bring up any actual points, cites mass consensus

Edit from today's NEETstream removing the embarrassing part where I denied that 27 is a multiple of 3.

As predicted in the article "TOP TEN REASONS: JIM FETZER AND FRIENDS ARE SUNSTEIN SHILLS" by the British Poseidon of , the shill will gradually degrade into stupidity after establishing a following and gaining trust.

It appears that Handsome Truth has gone up to 5 or 6 out of 10 overnight, via his association with and spreading the numerology nonsense of JEWrassic Liars .
[If the Sunstein shills were all obvious fruitcakes, it would be easy to identify them. Sunstein would love truth-tellers to think that Fetzer, Shayler, Reynolds, Lear & Co are part of their group ~ genuine, honest patriots who just happen to be crazy, rather than actors posing as crazy, honest patriots by lying and peddling bizarre claims.
In general, the various shills or disinformation agents will initially present themselves as relatively sane, genuine "truth-tellers", before deteriorating into lunatics. Sunstein's strategy goes rather like this:

Each shill is assigned a Starting Stupidity Number (SSN), with 10/10 being maximum on the stupidity scale. Over the months or years, the shill will progress along the stupidity scale, in effect, regressing or degenerating. At any given time, there are plenty of "sleepers", ready to degenerate when the time is right.
For example, Jim Fetzer started at 8/10, based on how he would "accidentally" plump for the craziest WTC demolition scenarios such as nukes or space beam weapons, when other, far more reasonable scenarios were being advanced.
People with limited common sense and an aversion to science might have been fooled into thinking that maybe the government had developed a new, special type of small nuclear device, capable of reliable, timely, controlled detonation whilst leaving no radioactive signature. ]
*Handsome jewth/Ashkenazi math tricks
*non arguments against holocaust denial

1:18 PM, August 6:
User 'Hyde Rogriguez' uploads a
bizarre and rambling video
manifesto to 8chan's /MLP/
board claiming responsibility
for both shootings while taunting
law enforcement

Precisely one minute later,
8chan disappears from the internet.

"The Germans" street gang have made it back to Coney Island after fighting the world as result of being framed by "the Kikes" street gang, but BLM shows up demanding reparations.

This is satire and humour.

I tried playing CWC Adult Chronicles but the game crashed after Chris had sex with his blow up doll.

Even though their heritage consists of a much higher percentage of slave owners, they are constantly brow-beating whites over their so called racism. There is a name for this behaviour

LOXISM -- Noun. Pronounced (lok' sizm).

(1) The belief that Jews are superior in human character or ability to non-Jews.

(2) Discrimination, prejudice, and hate expressed by Jews against non-Jews.

Synonyms: racism anti-American
Antonyms: jewcist anti-Semitism
Professor Katz goes on and on and on about so-called institutional racism, but in private conversation he demonstrates his own rigid loxism by expressing contempt for "crazy suicidal Arabs," "loony Christian fundamentalists," "simple-minded inbred hicks in flyover country.".

It's the laughable drivel that you'd expect.

Deplatformed, AHAHAHAHAH!!


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