Many issues are best resolved close to their occurrence.

Justice is the proper ethical order and its implementation.

Discussing the principles of governance.

Just talking about religion.

Any coherent worldview is not so easily dismantled. Or is it?

Just talking about religion.

Some ideas regarding the enlightenment philosophies.

This does not solve the problems of partisan strategies that are oft complained over.


Are the grievances of the protesters sufficient to warrant their actions? I think not.

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Knock em down. Crunch em up.

A discussion of the interaction between the Imperial Ethic and nationalism

How do the Imperial Ethic and Realism interact with principles of populism, popular Sovereignty, and democracy from a perspective of political philosophy?


The Imperial Ethic: A Theory of Normative Ethics
Does Might Make Right?

Half a century ago Clark questioned the justifications made by Jefferson and the Liberal consensus for their Whiggish revolutionary activity.

It is a mark of maturity to be able to recognize that a system can have good, bad, and neutral components. Unfortunately, today's society has fallen into the superstition of unjustified guilt by association including in cases of symbols with no denotative detriment.


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