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1. Cellular Democracy: consisting of local communities electing municipal governments which appoint magistrates to higher magisteria which parliamentarily elect leaders to appoint members of higher magisteria etc.
2. Freedom for municipalities to decide and be responsible for their own socio-economic policies.
3. Individual liberty to leave one's municipality and communal liberty to deny memberment into a municipality for any reason.
4. Central commissions of military, courts, information, currency, finances, budgets, and strategic infrastructure.
a. Military commission: operates the central military and coordinates with lower militaries.
b. Courts commission: operates the central courts of justice with the exception of the supreme magisterium and coordinates with lower courts.
c. Information commission: archives reports from all commissions and magisteria.
d. Currency commission: controls the money supply for state issued credit and coordinates exchange rates.
e. Finance commission: keeps the central treasury, sequesters taxes from the secondary magisteria, and spends in accordance with the budget.
f. Budgetary commission: coordinates with other commissions to synthesize spending requests and presents them to the supreme magisterium.
g. Strategic infrastructure commission: coordinates with other commissions to acquire and maintain infrastructure that is deemed important for government operation.
h. All commissions are composed of a leader who is elected by the supreme magisterium and other members each elected by the secondary magisteria.
5. The currency commission issues three types of credit: State Credit, Trade Credit, and Emergency Credit.
a. State Credit: the credit that is mandatorily used by the magisteria; municipalities may only pay taxes in this credit; this credit may not be used for international transactions; the supply is controlled in proportion to the population.
b. Trade Credit: the only credit that the state may..

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