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Marianne Ancapikitty

On this stream, my friend Finntronaut, ancap metal musician YouTuber, will be coming on for interview and some open discussion.

Check out Finntronaut's channels! They're awesome!

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We've managed to finish up the first part of this book in one more streaming session! Yay!

Starting towards the New Year is when we will start on the next part.

Hoping that we're more organized for this time, as we continue onward with more chapters of this good book! This has been a good launch pad so far for some good discussions. =D

There's this dystopian science fiction novel I've read in which is very good and mentions something I can imagine those working under government doing, under the false premise of an alien invasion.

Please excuse my friends going on tangents, and that brief time in my friend Golden Dash's mic was causing echoes. This is different than what we're used to doing, so we'll do better for next stream!

On this webisode (in which I FINALLY got around to finish on editing), Malum Nexus, Koimonster, Andrew Ryan, Golden Dash, Crow Magnus (aka Prim) and I talked about some awesome ladies who are ancaps. Then, we went over most of a list on the insane and absurd ways The State spends the taxes they take!

I'm moving this here and deleting it from BoooooTuuuuube so the livestream feature can come back (I hope).

In this old webisode, Koimonster and I were poking fun and correcting factual historical errors of an old children's cartoon show called Liberty's Kids. Before that, our friend Golden Dash talked about his YouTube channel, and plans for future videos! Here's the link to one of his latest videos:

I TRIED to get the last stream video and edit it to the part of the interview of AnEyeForCapitalism, but the file I downloaded was corrupted! BoooooTuuuube...

It's a good thing Ancap Eye is down for doing the interview over again. I can't stream again it seems, so I have to do these recordings. Sorry this one isn't all that entertaining as the others. :(

Maybe more live-streams could happen at Golden Dash's channel in the near future.

Songs (by order of appearance):

"Friends in Safe Spaces" by Chad Prather and Steve Mudflap McGrew, AKA Larry the Liberal

"I Think My Dog's a Democrat" by Bryan Lewis

"The Sheeple Herder's Song" by Ignored Political Reality

"Liberal Douche" by Felix and Hugoville

"Night on Bald Mountain", by composers Modest Mussorgsky and Bob James

I have no idea why the audio of the Ancapistani Lounge webisode wasn't there. It wasn't even on the original video file. Although I didn't want this all to be a total waste, so I put this together! x'D

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Esoteric Entity went to a March For Our Lives rally in Washington recently. What he has discovered is really serious, and should be addressed. This "love army" is a sign that USA Inc. is about to become even more Orwellian.

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Meant to upload this earlier. Sorry, I've been really busy lately. ^^;

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Got a recording of chill "stream", featuring That Jerk Online, coming soon!

When you get ANY community strike from Booooootuuuuuube, you can't do Google Hangouts streaming for 90 days!

I realised Eso wouldn't be able to do that on his new channel for 90 days, because the communists and communist sympathizers on Screwgle and Booootuuuube gave him a community strike.

[sarcasm]Gee, thanks a lot! Being censored and restricted is awesome![/sarcasm]

So, for the next 90 days, the next Ancapistani Lounge webisodes are going to be through OBS recording. I decided to host a "stream" on my Discord server last night.

I've had to edit out some of the recording because if I get another strike, then I won't be able to upload any content at all for a long while.

Even if I DO get another community strike, then there's still my channel on BitChute, as I've mentioned in my previous video.

Because fuck YouTube. To ANYONE who sees this video and cares: save a copy of it and MIRROR IT! Spread it around! Upload it to various video sharing sites!

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The rest of tonight's stream is for anyone else who wants to discuss any topics.

I'm going to ask King's Jack for his okay to post his permanent link to the server here in the description box. As soon as I get a message back from him, I will edit this.

There's going to be another stream this Thursday, at 9pm. My friend Anarchist Pineapple has been wanting to join in a stream for quite some time. Holiday break for him in Germany will start then.

My birthday is this week, so, I wanted to have a stream to have some good fun with y'all. Maybe play some games... Cards Against Humanity and/or Board Game Online. ^_^

As soon as this stream ends, there will be a Movie Night event! Will be showing The Dark Knight Rises. =D

YAAAAY! Who's excited about this, other than me?

I've decided to upload another of my earlier video versions of previous podcasts I've done. This one was originally uploaded onto my YouTube channel on February 22nd, 2016.

Description: In this episode, I expose quite a bit about the U.S. government and their hired online monitor guys, and mess with them. I reveal quite a bit about those crooks!

Overlords are what I mostly call Obama and the feds because they really are, who CONSTANTLY abuse their power. They mistreat children a GREAT DEAL and alienate their parents!! I talk about the abomination of this education curriculum that is called Common Core, and why I am so strongly against it.

One of my earlier video versions of podcasts that I've done, about a variety of topics, a mix of interesting science and political information. This was first uploaded onto my YouTube account on February 22nd, 2016.

Description: Read this first!! My blog entry will help you understand better on what this debut podcast is about. It's packed with facts about things that at least some of you aren't aware of.

Here's some additional misc. info that you may be wondering about as you listen.

In case you DIDN'T read the blog entry, it's not just about the people in the USA that's suffering so much. It's gotten really, REALLY bad!

The "friend" of mine my dad refers to is Anita Hoge; lecturer, educational researcher, and parent. The mother from Pennsylvania I mentioned from my blog entry. (Would you like to read one of her articles, concerning the educational system?

More information about her and what she had witnessed will be coming soon, on another blog entry in the near future! THIS WOMAN IS A HERO! More people should know about her! She is incredibly brave in sharing and warning people about things THEY don't want you to know!

Brianna, friend of my family, is the name of a young woman my dad had home-schooled for a while.

Claudia is another family friend. My dad first got to know her at the college he went to.

My dad has been sober for over 14 years. He's been helping people through the A.A. program for a really long time.

My dad is one of the smartest people I know. He's been aware of what's been happening for many years, way before I broke away from the propaganda cocoon, as I've started to call it.

Last but not least; the clicks. I'm sorry if it's annoying. I was able to edit out the worst of it, I think... I'm not sure why there are clicking sounds exactly.

There's one more thing, something kinda eerie that I noticed while playing back the recording. There' s a low, ominous sound in the background somewhere in the middle. Did that really come from the TV in the background...? I'm not so sure myself.

In future podcasts, I will remind my dad that the microphone I use is able to pick up everything. The TV will be turned off next time. :)

I hope you've learned something! Now is the time to start looking stuff up! Educate yourself! Share these things with people you care about - while we still have time to act on our own.

We MUST do this! We MUST prepare ourselves! This isn't just about mass manipulation dangers, invasion of our privacies, and violation of our rights. But don't lose hope!! There's much more of US than there are of THEM!

This is one of my earliest videos I've done that was political. Originally uploaded onto my YouTube channel on February 17th, 2016

Here's the description I wrote: "Obviously, this is all Hillary Clinton is good at. Lying. Stealing. Cheating. Flip-flopping...

She can bark, chase her tail, and bark some more - all the way to her bitter end. XD She's not any better than her husband at all...

Just wait and see, people! If the votes favor anyone else and she WINS, then you'll know the election's RIGGED! Read this blog entry of mine, whenever you get the chance. You'll understand why I say this:

Songs used: "Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac, and "Who Let the Dogs Out" by Ba-ha Men"

I felt inspired to do another very short and to the point video. The playlist for those with short attention spans should be updated at least every once in a while.

I talked about this article, about the coproaches in Georgia during my latest livestream. Here's the article again, in case you can't be bothered to listen up to 30 minutes some of my friends and I talk about it:

You're welcome to share parts 1 and 2 of what I've discussed on ethics to any ignorant person who says the same things the Kenyesian Dolt had messaged me!

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I'd like for my next stream to be something a little more awesome, just for you guys and gals! Comment or message me on social media if you have any good ideas and suggestions.

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