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Any links that are mentioned will be here in the description, unless someone shares it already in the YouTube live chat.

Link to the article that will be read and discussed:

After reading that I can't help but think that it's crazy how people willingly turn a blind eye to the fact that coproaches are trigger happy thugs. They're also really irrational and fear-monger about private security.

Other links will be provided after tonight's stream!

There may or may not be links in the description here after the stream.

Here's the link to what I'll screen share, in case anyone wants to look at it more thoroughly at their own pace:

(Other links might be added in after tonight's stream!)

Here's the link to the news story of the main topic that will be covered!

Before getting into that subject, I do want to mention what I've read out of a few articles from here:

(Other links will be added in after the stream is over.)

Uber is a college student who created a really simple and unique space-themed MMO game that's text based, for Discord.

Hope to segway to the next topic smoothly.

That, and if anyone wants to discuss beforehand about 2018 as a whole, and predict what could happen in 2019 or whatever, it could happen!

Let's celebrate Christmas by sharing memories of past Christmases (whatever you want to share as long as it's nothing very graphic or too personal). Also, if you haven't thought of statist versions of Christmas Carols, then... You have all day to think of at least one, or you'll get a lump of coal! (I'm kidding; you don't have to sing one if you don't want to. lol)

Also, other topics for open discussion is ok.

Nightshift, I'M SO SORRY!! I forgot to mention you in my thank you's auuuuuugh! To make up for it, I'll link to your YT channel and Twitter!

Tonight, we'll be discussing better, alternative ways to educate the young, and Malum Nexus wants to play Devil's Advocate on a hypothetical: What if someone or a group of people started to form a state in Ancapistan?

There will be a new guest among us tonight; Nightshift10000! Check out his YT channel!
Nightshift's Twitter:

Edit: Nightshift didn't show up. BOOOOOOO! Fine then. =P

Links: first one Zachary left

PBS website:

Koi left a link or two on YT:

This article is very interesting for a topic of discussion.
The rest will just be open discussion. :)

That funny statist-like parody of "Baby, it's Cold Outside".

I decided to host a stream on this topic, because there's more than the same old statist arguments explained in more creative ways. :)

The video Zachary wanted me to link to:

On this stream, my friend Finntronaut, ancap metal musician YouTuber, will be coming on for interview and some open discussion.

Check out Finntronaut's channels! They're awesome!

Finntronaut on social media:

Larken Rose on Steemit:

We've managed to finish up the first part of this book in one more streaming session! Yay!

Starting towards the New Year is when we will start on the next part.

Hoping that we're more organized for this time, as we continue onward with more chapters of this good book! This has been a good launch pad so far for some good discussions. =D

There's this dystopian science fiction novel I've read in which is very good and mentions something I can imagine those working under government doing, under the false premise of an alien invasion.

Please excuse my friends going on tangents, and that brief time in my friend Golden Dash's mic was causing echoes. This is different than what we're used to doing, so we'll do better for next stream!

On this webisode (in which I FINALLY got around to finish on editing), Malum Nexus, Koimonster, Andrew Ryan, Golden Dash, Crow Magnus (aka Prim) and I talked about some awesome ladies who are ancaps. Then, we went over most of a list on the insane and absurd ways The State spends the taxes they take!

I'm moving this here and deleting it from BoooooTuuuuube so the livestream feature can come back (I hope).

In this old webisode, Koimonster and I were poking fun and correcting factual historical errors of an old children's cartoon show called Liberty's Kids. Before that, our friend Golden Dash talked about his YouTube channel, and plans for future videos! Here's the link to one of his latest videos:

I TRIED to get the last stream video and edit it to the part of the interview of AnEyeForCapitalism, but the file I downloaded was corrupted! BoooooTuuuube...

It's a good thing Ancap Eye is down for doing the interview over again. I can't stream again it seems, so I have to do these recordings. Sorry this one isn't all that entertaining as the others. :(

Maybe more live-streams could happen at Golden Dash's channel in the near future.

Songs (by order of appearance):

"Friends in Safe Spaces" by Chad Prather and Steve Mudflap McGrew, AKA Larry the Liberal

"I Think My Dog's a Democrat" by Bryan Lewis

"The Sheeple Herder's Song" by Ignored Political Reality

"Liberal Douche" by Felix and Hugoville

"Night on Bald Mountain", by composers Modest Mussorgsky and Bob James

I have no idea why the audio of the Ancapistani Lounge webisode wasn't there. It wasn't even on the original video file. Although I didn't want this all to be a total waste, so I put this together! x'D

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Esoteric Entity went to a March For Our Lives rally in Washington recently. What he has discovered is really serious, and should be addressed. This "love army" is a sign that USA Inc. is about to become even more Orwellian.

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Meant to upload this earlier. Sorry, I've been really busy lately. ^^;

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