The Adam and Eve Story: The History of Cataclysms is a controversial book by Chan Thomas that explores the theory of lost ancient human civilizations and cataclysms that caused them to disappear from the earth. This declassified and sanitized document provides a glimpse into the author's intriguing insights into ancient mysteries such as the pyramids of Giza, Easter Island, Tiahuanaco, Baalbek, and the lost city of Atlantis.

Thomas discusses the possibility that our ancient past is shrouded in mystery due to cataclysms that occurred on earth thousands of years ago, and were responsible for the vanishing of these civilizations without any logical explanation. He argues that these cataclysms were caused by natural disasters and global climate change, which left a profound impact on human history. The book delves into scientific evidence and geological research to support Thomas's theory and provide a comprehensive understanding of these ancient enigmas.

Many readers find The Adam and Eve Story to be an intriguing and thought-provoking read, as it challenges conventional beliefs about human history and offers an alternative perspective.


Link to the Non redacted pdf.

An extraordinary journey through time, to the edge of the origins of our civilization.
A scientific and technical investigation on the traces of an ancient civilization?
Part Two.

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If you wonder what the link between ancient archaeological sites and the future of humankind may have in store. BAM will take you on a journey that sets out to explain the great achievements of our ancestors and the sheer beauty of the world they built. It will be an unforgettable experience that you will cherish forever. The most famous sites of Easter Island, Peru (Cuzco, Sacsayhuaman, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu, Naupa Iglesia, Caral Supe, Nazca), Bolivia (Tiahuanaco, Puma Punku), Egypt (Luxor, Serapéum , Giza), Turkey (Gobekli Tepe), Greece (Antikythera Mechanism), Cambodia (Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom, Bayon) and India (Barabar, Mahabalipuram). Presented in a way that you have never seen before. Interviews with scientists and experts such as Érik Gonthier, prehistorian, semiologist, ethno-mineralogist and geologist at the Musée de l'Homme, Graham Hancock, journalist and researcher, Christopher Dunn, engineer and researcher, Mallku Aribalo, Historian of the Incas and Shaman. Yanis Bitsakis physicist, member of THE ANTIKHYTERA MECHANISM RESEARCH, Mathias Buttet engineer director of research and development of the Swiss company Hublot, Jean-Louis Boistel, Companion, medievalist and stonemason, Pascal Waringo Companion and specialist in medieval studies, Bleuette Diot, historian and researcher, Quentin Leplat, teacher and researcher, who will take you on an extraordinary journey through time, to the edge of the origins of our civilization.
Part One.

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"It must be ceremonial" is an overused cop-out when historians and archaeologists don't know the purpose of something, but in the case of the crystal dagger I think it's probably the right explanation. Crystal is hard to knap and not very suitable for tools or weapons because it fractures too easily. A crystal dagger would be an excellent article to display wealth and status because it would take a master to make it and a rich person to afford it.
No matter who or where you are on Earth, beautifull things like the crystal dagger is always going to be sought out and kept.

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A Conversation between Clif and Dick.
WHO RUNS THE WORLD? A discussion of power structures and how they ultimately culminate into eight controlling families.
Eight individuals claim to own half of all monetary resources on planet; Whoever runs the planet is within the Rothschild family structure.
How did humans come to be on earth? Fake history; At least 6 previous civilizations.
Tower of Babel; Manipulated paradigm
Cognitive changes result in not reading books; Negative effects of using small screens
100th monkey.
This video has now generally disappeared from the web
NOV 28, 2018.

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Piecing together the forgotten and purposefully hidden past is made possible by researchers like Mr Sheridan. It can only do our consciousness good to consider this evidence as a high possibility.I often wondered too about the Chagosian archipelago and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean in relation to the giant stories about Tory Island. A fantastic film, well done

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Clif and Dick Allgire.
Channeling Immanel Velikovsky and the Thunderbolts Project.
When Venus was a Comet.

October 2020

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Atlantis: An Empire Lost and Found - Full Documentary.
Thomas Sheridan and Neil McDonald have many years experience visiting and studying megalithic sites around Europe. Thomas is an expert in Irish Folklore and related subjects and Neil in the Western Mysteries, the Cathars and has run 'Megalithic Tours', for two decades.
The Goal of this film is to provide a new look into the subject of Atlantis and the megalithic sites of Britain and Ireland and to provide fresh ideas to stimulate thought and to move the subject forward.
I was reflecting on the idea that "Atlantis is trying to find us" and/or how many folks in the last several years (including myself....bigtime) have really taken a larger interest in ancient history and searching for its lost ancient wisdom as our society becomes more and more technocratic/robotic and less human.

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Beyond Room 313

Hitler makes a last minute escape to South America where he lives a quiet and peaceful life until his death in 1962. Based on the 2011 book by Simon Dunstan and Gerrard Williams.

I never understood why “ Hitler” would just give up and kill himself... or that his staff would permit such an act... knowing how relatively easy it would have been for him to have escaped by air, or submarine. In college I did a great deal of personal research and discovered that the Russians never really proved that Hitler had committed suicide... I also knew that Stalin did not believe Hitler was dead, that J. Edgar Hoover never believed Hitler was dead... in fact to this point, Hoover who personally ran the most powerful investigative agency on the planet, kept FBI agents actively investigating Hitler for at least ten years after he was supposedly dead ... Eisenhower did not believe he was dead... And I know that the bone fragments in Russia supposedly of Hitler’s skull have been proven to be that of a female...

High-definition television was launched shortly before World War II, and the BBC was the first network to provide the service. However, its splendor was eclipsed by the upcoming war against the Nazis. On September 1, 1939, the transmission was shut down following Disney’s ‘Mickey’s Gala Premiere.’ It would be the last broadcast for years.

While radio was well adopted by the general population, only 20,000 households owned a television set. The new technology was regarded as a luxury, and for many families in London and the home counties it was simply not affordable. In addition, creating a TV show was highly expensive, and resources from the entertainment industry were needed elsewhere during wartime.

The primary purpose behind launching the TV service was that the government was interested in developing cathode-ray tube technology, which was crucial for effective radar defenses. In fact, several engineers were recruited to work with the radars during the war.

The BBC broadcast was also interrupted because it was believed that the strong signals coming from the transmitter in Alexandra Palace could potentially provide the enemy with navigational aid.

However, this was eventually used as an advantage, and television played an intriguing role as a defense strategy. The remaining engineers at the transmission station used the broadcast signals to confuse the enemy’s navigation systems, a technique used in the “battle of the beams.”

During the postwar, the BBC had to convince skeptical audiences that television was a worthy alternative to radio, and its broadcast returned on June 7, 1946, with a repeat of the same cartoon with which it had left off.

In the aftermath of World War II, the United States used several substances to create a lethal arsenal of biochemical weapons.
The infamous Edgewood Arsenal of Chesapeake Bay became the household of American scientists who firmly believed that using chemicals during conflicts was more humane than using bullets and artillery.
Throughout the Cold War, military doctors tested the effects of various chemicals on more than 5,000 soldiers to study the impact on their brains, bodies, and conduct...

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5 secret gatherings of the world's most powerful people – bankers, government officials, US presidents, politicians and wealthy businessmen – including Davos, Bilderberg, the Committee of 300, the Trilateral Commission and Bohemian Grove.

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Dr Robert Hodkinson.
"Unimaginable Carnage SO FAR"
20 Million Dead post jab
2 Billion Serious Adverse Reactions

The most unsatisfying I told you so in history. It’s not about being right, it’s about digging your heels in and refusing to listen to those who tried to warn you. I hope people will be ok. These are massive numbers.

Welcome to a FB classic, as it was recorded years ago + touches the "greatest hits" of our topics, from Antarctica bases to exile Nazis. Some questions raised: Why mount a polar expedition? How was it crushed? Are the hot springs real? What happened to the German bases? Did they find a Polar opening? Is the Spear of Destiny there? Why so hard to access the poles? What befell Jarle Andhøy's boat? How late did uboats emerge in Tierra del Fuego? What did Kammler & Müller do in NASA after WW2? Where did Dönitz build an "impregnable fortress"? Is Die Spinne & O.D.E.S.S.A. still around? + Why do world leaders keep visiting Llao Hotel in Bariloche?

NB! Some of the weird pictures mentioned in the show are displayed towards the end.

Welcome to a FB classic, as it was recorded years ago + touches the "greatest hits" of our topics, from Antarctica bases to exile Nazis. Some questions raised: Why mount a polar expedition? How was it crushed? Are the hot springs real? What happened to the German bases? Did they find a Polar opening? Is the Spear of Destiny there? Why so hard to access the poles? What befell Jarle Andhøy's boat? How late did uboats emerge in Tierra del Fuego? What did Kammler & Müller do in NASA after WW2? Where did Dönitz build an "impregnable fortress"? Is Die Spinne & O.D.E.S.S.A. still around? + Why do world leaders keep visiting Llao Hotel in Bariloche?

NB! Some of the weird pictures mentioned in the show are displayed towards the end.of part 2.

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Jordan Warnings of The enormous problems that are unavoidable. Rising energy prices, mass migration, and a severe food shortage
A powerful message. The most worrying thing is that the thoughts contained within this presentation are either not being heard are are just being disregarded.

21st July 2022.

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Jordan Bernt Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, YouTube personality, author, and University of Toronto professor emeritus. In the late 2010s, he gained widespread attention as a public intellectual due to his conservative views on cultural and political issues.

Looks like there was an assassination attempted on Alexander Dugin tonight, that killed his daughter,

It's fair to say things will escalate a lot from here!

Killing someones daughter, will turn out worse than if it was him.

US officials have just revealed new details about what happened to the Georgia Guidstones. Today, we take a look at what happened to the Georgia Guidstones.
28th July 2022.

Back on July 6th, 2022, US officials announced that the Georgia Guidestones had been heavily damaged. The stones, which can be found along highway 77 in Elbert county, revealed that an explosive device was set off around 4 a.m., destroying a large portion of the structure. The stones themselves have a strange history, it's not known who created them and why they were placed there, although several messages suggest that the stones are there to help humanity in the event that something bad happens....

Been through the cctv second by second. The instant before the destruction that frame is blank.If it had been a conventional explosive the CCTV camera would have shook like a leaf in a hurricane. As it remained steady it means NO shockwave, you would also see on the ground theshockwave traveling towards the camera for an instant.People know what a bomb exploding looks like theses days because of the news and internet.What ever it was it was faster than one frame.As i am no expert in ballistics, i did note to the left of the stones was granite dust, and to the right was chuncks of stone. Whatever it was it passed through the slab.

Where is the missing frame?
Just the fact that the blast went off at the 33 second mark speaks for itself.

The only thing more bizarre than a 16ft, or nearly 5-meter tall statue, depicting a 5 legged human headed Bull with Wings, (which btw, was carved out of one massive piece of stone, and weighing some 40 Imperial tons, or 80 THOUSAND POUNDS). – Yes, the only thing stranger than this statue and the few others like it, is how and where they found them…Buried and consumed in earth, almost as if they were devoured by some sort of Cataclysmic mud-flood like event. These spectacular, yet ominous Winged-Bull sculptures are known as the Lamassu, and are among the remnants of the Assyrian Empire which made up the heart of Ancient Mesopotamia, or commonly referred to as, the Fertile Crescent. And I have to say that, the only thing more bizarre than the statues themselves, or how and where they found them, - is the deliberate, continued, and systematic destruction of Ancient Iraq. Which let’s not forget, just so happens to be the very land that has long been referenced as the so-called, ‘The Cradle of Civilization’, the very place where the Sumerians emerged.
30th July 2022

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My good friend and collaborator on the G.E.B.B. comic strip, KMO joined me to do an interview with the brilliant, enigmatic, and always interesting, Clif High who sat with us for an interview that took on the form of a grand exploration that led us down many a rabbit hole in search of an appropriate topic. As a result, the title of this interview is simply "All Things Woo Woo." After watching it, I am sure you will agree that we covered a lot of ground and this was an amazing 90 minutes.
4th November 2018.

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There is WAYYY more to this story. Why was it cleaned up so fast. Where’s the full forensic investigation? WHO originally financed these stones? And WHAT is in the time-capsule??
The destroyed Georgia Guidestones and the explosion that damaged them is the smallest part of the story...

Jimmy Corsetti, also known by his YouTube channel name as Bright Insight, is an American YouTuber, independent researcher, former theft/fraud investigator, and army/Iraq war veteran who makes videos related to ancient mysteries, conspiracies, and the cosmos, all while using his life experinece in this currently residing in the United States.

He has an MBA with a focus on marketing, a bachelor of communication & sociology, a minor in religious studies, and he invested thousands of hours of research in subjects such as, lost ancient civilizations, philosophy, spirituality and the cosmos.

July 9th 2022.
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From Sean Morgan, he and Paul Furber interview Clif High about his linguistics based software forecasting and Clif’s insight into the coming showdown between the White Hats (That he calls the SOC, Self Organizing Collective) and the Deep State. Its all about awakening the consciousness of humanity to their sovereignty and overcoming sociopathic mind control techniques. Clif covers it all in this episode from industrialized pedophilia, torture, and organ harvesting to the specific groups that encompass the deep state and the good news that their days are numbered. Clif believes the great awakening is already unfolding and will hit a crescendo in the coming months but could take years to fully happen.

First Published 09/09/2021.

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Sometimes referred to as an "American Stonehenge", the Georgia Guidestones are an astronomically aligned granite monument erected in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States. There seems to have been a powerful explosive set off last night at 4:00am damaging part of the controversial structure.

THIS is how you know it's happening. Mark my words - this is imminent, no matter how much we don’t want it to be. And this is how you should immediately prepare, because you absolutely want to get ahead of this before the masses do.

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The Truth About UFOs, Fake Space Whistleblowers, & Earth's Pole Shift
Clif Joins Jordan Sather as he peers past the illusions of our world with logic and reason on the Conspiracy Analytica podcast.

First Published January 11th. 2022.

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