Boxer is super aware.

The same people that called their opponents “Nazis” will be advocating for anti-vaxxers to be sent to quarantine camps before the end of the year.
This is what's coming down the line. Stop it before it's you. Resist Now.

Battlefield uk, where “Everyone’s Welcome ” to come and engage in weird tribal warfare in broad daylight.

You Have Sullied your uniforms.

I can relate to Range Rover dude so much right now.

NY firefighters break out in applause as President Trump makes surprise visit today.

Thank you U.K., beautifully done ~ - Just as they did twenty years ago to show solidarity with our US allies, the Band of the WelshGuards
played the US National Anthem at changing of the guard. 911Memorial NeverForget British Army

9/11.never forget what firemen said on the day, and what the Govt and Media have tried to erase….

Intense scene in Paris, France during the protest against the domestic vaccine pass and mandatory vaccinations.
Paris is filled with teargas.

20 years on. Very sad state of Affairs.

This Lady reveals the political spite and undervalued truckers.

Guess Who?

Who would hve thought thirty years ago we would be sitting here drinking chateau de Chassilier.

Surreal: Brazil v Argentina stopped inside 7 mins by Brazilian Federal Police walking on field to detain 4 Argentinian Premier League players who failed to disclose they are based in Britain, breaking COVID protocols upon entering Brazil. Chaos ensued

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute. Now I may be
packing the kind of tackle that you’d normally expect to find
swinging about between the hindlegs of a Grand National
winner, but I’m not totally stupid, and I’ve got the kind of
feeling you’d rather we hadn’t come.

Surrender-in-Chief: Joe Biden
lied to America & to the World when he told us "America is back
Instead he surrendered to the Taliban&left behind Americans to die in Afghanistan
Impeach Biden&Harris for incompetence in the Afghanistan withdrawal
You should know the truth

Blackadder and his friends join the Air Corps, wrongly believing it will be less dangerous than being in the trenches.

The world is watching. Go France

AUSTRALIA - Media blackout & a change of plans, all the truckers broke down 4 days later than expected.

Extraordinarily bad luck, they all broke down at once for miles and miles and miles.

We hear you truckers

Clip From the Episode General Hospital fro the BBC Serial Blackadder Goes Forth.

Eye Spy with my bored little eye. something beginning with come here and ends in Ow!

Insanely evil tactics blocking a packed staircase exit. These Pigs knew exactly what they were doing The undercover cops who put a line between their mates and the people nearly caused mass deaths this was pure evil. Well they started it. The Gloves are off.

Italy Red heartFlag of Italy protest against the mandatory vaccine and the Italian Health Pass

Man shot in the neck with a rubber bullet by police in Slovakia during anti covid freedom demonstrations

I'm unsure how the child became a passenger on a millitary aircraft.Being expertly protected by a safe pair of hands. I would say America too is in safe hands. These types of American soldiers won't let you down.


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