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Speech from the Reichsbunker.
Andkon honors the anniversary of Dresden

Available to view May 14th

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Well. 2021 has been entertaining so far

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A Speech from Oswald Mosley the leader of the British Union Of Fascists

Happy 2021!!

Adolf Hitler - September 4th 1940

Is It Pagan? - Joseph Goebbels

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The part where he claims jews built the world is absolutely hilarious.

this video is criticizing and condemning the terrorist organization known as AWD. I don't support such an organization for i don't believe they are real National Socialists. I condemn all terrorist acts inflicted on our own people and such people who believe harm should come to our own Folk without a proper presentation of the evidence or fair trial. I condemn Stasserists, National Bolshiveks, Stasserists, Communists, Radical NeoPagans (Not All Pagans) The Jewish Occupational Government of the United States and Germany.

I am for a fanatical transition of the state by the formation of a political organization/party. Any revolutionary actions committed by so called "National Socialists" are condemned.



James Mason Child Pornagraphy:

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Revelation Station and Jesusisthelord1602

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Mr Bond - I Mean It

Fly the Hook Cross.


I am none of these. You know that.
But these accusations still depress me.
God has decided to test me. To make me stronger. I have truly done something right because I'm hated by some. The mission will continue though. I stand with you. They want to attack YOU. I won't let that happen.

T h e E r a o f S e p t i m u s

Welcome to a new era of the channel. The colossus has come to an end and with it comes the birth of the Septimus era. In this era, i will shift the direction of my channel away from Hitler videos and third reich propaganda and create a spiritual water fountain of propaganda which discusses ancient history, distorted folktales, mythology and spirituality.

My latest video: The SS And The Teutonic Knights is probably regarded as one of my best videos i have ever done as the context for a lot of historical and spiritual distortions were provided in that video. My goal is to continue down that path. I plan to discuss a variety of topics such as The Book Of Enoch, The Olympian Gods, Atlantis, Agartha, The Fallen Angels and an educational view on Ancient Christianity.

My friends it is time to temporarily step away from third reich propaganda and focus more on our ancient past and our ancient heritage. Therefore my icon of this era will be in origin to Roman Symbolism.

An Andkon's Reich Production

The SS as an Anti Bolshivek Fighting Organization PDF:

Positive Christianity In The Third Reich PDF:

God's Law (The Law Of God) PDF:

Immorality Of The Talmud PDF:

The Sun Korps Newspaper Article PDF:

Unfortunately. I don't have a free pdf of the Seventh Volume of SS Culture There are audio books of the volumes until the seventh part where there are audio books. It seems as if that person does not want to publish a book which is in opposition to his beliefs. But the books is available on Amazon or others stores if you don't want to buy it from there.

Also. There is a church on the grounds of Wewelsburg Castle which i cover in this video as well. It's at the entrance. It was built as apart of the castle.


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My name is Andkon, welcome to my Reich, this channel is for the purpose of enlightenment of non fascist people and refreshment of politics within National Socialism or Fascism. I am a ethno nationalist, I am a white Saxxon American. If you are non white (no heritage towards the Scythians or Europe) you may view my channel, understand this channel is not directed at non whites, if you have a disagreement with my views then please contact me if you wish on social media platforms I use, you can find them at the end of each video.