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Andrei Lefebvre – The American Middle Class has scored a huge victory in November. The Americans were able to stop the Democrat power grab. Since the Left has lost the confidence of the American citizens, the Democrats can only win by a voting fraud as was evidenced in Nevada and Arizona. Many observers believe that if not for the Democrat Party “voting” illegal invaders, the senate seats in these states would have gone Republican. The Internet has changed the information flow to the detriment of the Left. The Leftie Professorial Class, who appointed themselves as the unelected rulers of our culture, has been taking many hits. It is time we rethink the role of the government controlled and financed education in the United States. The question which all American citizens should start asking is, “Why should the Middle Class continue paying for the totally useless Leftie Professorial Class?” – As Democrats manufacture fraudulent ballots in Florida and other parts of the United States, much bigger cultural issues are at stake. The corrupt election process has been a staple of the American politics since its inception. The Democrat Party and the Left has always invented new ways to thwart the will of the voters. They are the best at fixing elections. What has changed, recently, is that the Left has become universally despised by the American Middle Class. The Left is no longer perceived as a moral authority. No longer the majority of Americans are willing to close our eyes to the blatant totalitarian direction the Democrat Party wants to take us. In order to win and maintain power, the Left has to replace the American Middle Class with the illegal invaders from the Third World. They also believe that censoring the Libertarians and Conservatives off the internet will stop the ideas of personal freedom. The opposite is happening in our culture. More and more people have rejected the cultural and political Marxism and are fighting back. Many alternative social platforms are emerging and growing as the Big Tech continues to de-platform and shadow band those of us who refuse to tow the Leftist party line. Many popular bloggers and independent journalists have lost their PayPal and Visa accounts. In response, the emerging crypto currencies are an obvious choice. The Leftie banking ruling class is losing power and they are in a state of global hissie fit – Democrat operatives are working overtime to falsify election results in Florida and Arizona where the Republican candidates won. The Florida’s Broward County, notorious for the election corruption by the Democrats, the election officials are busy manufacturing ballots for the Democrat candidates. Their goal is to manufacture enough to the election can go into recount which will allow them to falsify the results and nullify the actual vote. The Arizona Democrat operatives are using the same boiler plate methods of manufacturing democrat ballots. Since the 2018 Elections the American citizens clearly rejected the Democrat ideas, the sore Progressive losers have refused to abide by rules. For the Democrat Party power is more important than the rule of law. In a conniption fit of anger over the results, the Left has escalated Nazi Brown Shirt tactics. The democrat operatives, mascaraing as a corporate-controlled news reporters, have disrupted the White House presser (Jim Acosta of CNN had assaulted a White House intern). ANTIFA mob attempted to break into Tucker Carlson’s home and threatened him and his family – Huge win for the Trump Train! The Democrat autocratic machine tried and failed to gain power. In a seismic collision between the forces if individualism and the collectivist, Marxist ideology, the American citizens kept the power in the hands of President Donald Trump. While the RINO Republicans resigned from congress in groves, the Democrat Party could master only a razor thin (projected) majority in the US House of Representatives. In the US Senate, the American voters decided to increase the pro-Trump contingent by (projected) four senators. For the next two year, the MAGA fight will take place in the executive and the judicial branches of our government. Now the MAGA movement is better equipped to deal with the immigration, Big Tech censorship, voter fraud, and many other issues of personal freedom in the courts and the law enforcement agencies – The Democrat Party has declared a war on white people. Apparently, the power mad Progressives are convinced that they lost the vote of the working middle class and are going full bore inciting racial hate. The cable talking heads are not shy about an open Nazi-like campaign to demonize the 80 percent of the American citizens. The Left has taken the position that the genetic make up of the majority of Americans makes them sub-human. It is a crude attempt to hold on to the slipping power. The strategy is simple: the Democrat Party wants to replace the white people with the non-white Third World migrants. Their hope is to import a culture, into the United States, which will allow a small hereditary Western banking elite (all white incidentally) to remain in power. The American middle class, presumed by the Left to be all white, is in the way of the Democrat power grab. It appears that that strategy is backfiring. Non-white citizens continue to join the MAGA movement and leave the Democrats with a constituency which consists of illegals, welfare recipients, and upper-class trust fund kids. The Left has lost the support of the American citizens – In a frantic attempt to gain unearned power, the Democrat Corporate Left, has resorted to staging black flag operations and straight up internet silencing of the competitors. Most independent observers attribute the Saturday’s 11-person massacre in a Pittsburgh Synagogue and fake pipe bomb scare to a desperate attempt by the Democrat Party to win sympathy vote next week. The radical “power at costs” strategy manifested itself when the Silicone Valley Big Tech Giants attempted to deplatform a Libertarian free speech competitor GAB. – Another mass shooting tragedy hits the United States. At least 10 people shot dead in a Pittsburg Synagogue, according to the local reports. Robert Bowers, 46, has reportedly shouted “all Jews must die!” as he opened fire with the handguns and AR-15. reports that the murderer is a “a Trump-hating anti-Semite who regularly complained on social media about the president and the ‘infestation of Jew.’” – This tragedy comes on the heels of a fake bomb hoax staged by a registered Democrat Cesar Sayoc, 56, who has been arrested for sending pipe bomb shaped devices to the prominent Democrats. The corporate controlled media has been unsuccessfully attempting to lump Sayoc with the MAGA movement. Most impartial observers, however, believe that Sayoc is a Democrat operative perpetrating a Black Flag mission to help Democrats win in the upcoming election – In September, the authorities have shut down the New Mexico-based Sun Spot Observatory citing criminal investigation which posed danger to the civilians. Since the original press release from AURA has been vague on facts, the speculations about the “real” reason ranged from UFO activities to Chinese spying on a near by White Sands Proving Grounds. Since then, FBI has released a search warrant which detailed a pornography investigation. In it, the FBI states that decision to evacuate was made by the observatory management and not by law enforcement. According to the search warrant the person identified as Valen Schnader, AURA’s Vice President for Operations/Chief of Staff, made the evacuation decision – The Democrat Party has woken up to the fact that they have a public relations problem. Most Americans believe that the Democrat politicians use violent mobs to enforce their ideas. Just like the Brown Shirts of Hitler’s Nazis, ANTIFA with Black Lives Matters and other lefty enforcers, attack anyone who does not tow the progressive party line. Washington Post has decided to blame the Democrat violence on the Patriots and opened a disinformation campaign to whitewash the Nazi tactics of the Democrat enforcers. Their targets are American men, especially white men. The Progressive ruling class has invented the “White Male Privilege” and the “Rape Culture” to justify an unlimited violent aggression against white men. In 1930’s, the German Nazis used exactly the same arguments against the Jewish men. Just substitute everything Democrat academicians and politicians say about the white men for Jewish men and the Nazi propaganda comes back into focus -- – The murder suspect in the Canyon Springs High School shooting death is scheduled to be arraigned today. Audrey Locke of the Nevada’s Clark County DA office would not give any more information than that. This should shooing did not receive the national attention. Unlike Stoneman Douglass High School shooting and Santa Fe High School massacre, this tragedy did not fit the anti-Second Amendment agenda of the corporate controlled media. Officer Eric Levitt of North Las Vegas PD says that Kakai Kyin French, the 16-year-old suspect, has allegedly killed 18-year-old Dalvin Brown in the Canyon Springs High School property. He further said that the suspect and the victim were known to each other and that the victim was “targeted” – The Sunspot Observatory mysterious closure for 10 days in September has not been adequately explained by the US government. The AURA statement has made a reference to a criminal investigation at a nearby Sacramento Peak. Neither the FBI nor the New Mexico State Police have been forthcoming about this incident – The Senate voted to end the debate on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination 51-49. The confirmation vote is scheduled for tomorrow Saturday Oct. 6. Two RINO Republicans have broken ranks. Sen. Lisa Murkowski R-AK voted with the Democrat Senators to stop the vote. Sen. Steve Daines R-MT had voted for the cloture but will not take part in the final vote. His excuse is that he would rather attend his daughter’s wedding. is calling both RINOs on a live stream for answers. Cristine of Sen. Daines’ office told that the Senator will come back to Washington D.C. if his vote is needed. Sen. Murkawski’s office would not answer the repeated phone calls -- – The Brett Kavanaugh congressional hearings have woken up the American Patriots. Any notion of a November Blue Wave is just a delusional wish by the Democrats afflicted with the Trump Derangement Syndrome. The RINO Republican Senators and The Democrat Senators from the Red states are running for cover. The new polling shows that the Republicans are ascending. Experts predict that Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed by the Senate over the weekend. The damage to the Democrat candidates has been done, however. The Deplorables have stopped caring about the Leftie feelings and are mocking them with relish -- – The relentless corporate controlled media investigation into Brett Kavanaugh has unveiled an important danger not identified before. The New York Times had discovered that frozen water, ice cubes, is a dangerous assault weapon used by Judge Kavanaugh during his college years. On a live stream, is calling the Democrat Senators to find our if they are going to sponsor a bill to regulate frozen water as an assault weapon -- – The Judge Kavanaugh hearings have backfired on the Democrat machine in a devastating way. The cynical immoral lies of the political operatives posing as “victims” have created a true martyr for the cause of Liberty. Judge Kavanaugh has become a Conservative star, a flag bearer for the army of descent law abiding Americans at war with the Democrat Nazi push for a collectivist dictatorship. It is a war. It is a bloodless civil war mostly. It is reminiscent of another Progressive civil war circa early 1930’s Germany. The American Democrats use the same immoral tactics. The German Nazis used Brown Shirts; the American Democrat Nazis use black clad ANTIFA. The German Nazis made up false accounts of Jewish men raping Arian women; the American Democrat Nazis make up false accounts of white men raping American women --

The good news is that the Democrat Machine is paying a devastating political price for their lies. Since the Democrat propaganda megaphone, corporate controlled press, has been neutered by the hundreds of thousands of independent Internet journalists, for no sane person believes the Democrat smears. As Tucker Carlson noted, Judge Kavnaugh has more constituents now than all Republican Senators put together

Sen. Jeff Flake D-AZ sided with the Democrat activists, after being confronted by a screeching out of control Soros operatives, and forced an FBI investigation into Dr. Ford’s lies. The Democrat hope is to cause a delay after delay so the full Senate cannot hold a confirmation vote. This tactic may strengthen the Republican chances of winning in November by mobilizing outraged Patriots

On this live stream, we will look at and expose the Democrat lies about Judge Kavenaugh and will call the Sen. Jeff Flake’s R-AZ office to show indignation at his soy boy behavior – The Senate Judiciary Committee just voted to advance Brett Kavanaugh to the full Senate vote. He has changed the American culture yesterday. He kicked the Democrat Nazis where it hurts the most – he removed them from the moral high ground. They didn’t blink, he beat them into a mental KO. He gave all Patriots a blue print of how to deal with the self-righteous lefties. He didn’t give in, didn’t play their retarded game, and made them look like little conniving cowards -- – Man who grew up with Julie Swetnick, the latest Democrat operative who lied about Brett Kavanaugh, calls her a “delusional whack job” on The Kuhner Report podcast. Michael Avenatti, the shadowy porn lawyer who trotted Swetnick out from the bowels of the Democrat smear creating dirty trick department, was pranked by 4Chan trolls more than likely with Swetnick -- – A group of privileged lefties accosted Sen. Ted Cruz R-TX and his wife while they were having dinner in Fioa restaurant in Washington DC. The well-dressed trust fund kids chanted mindlessly “we believe survivors.” The restaurant management ashered Cruz and his wife to a private dining area which offered them security to finish their meal in peace. The Privileged Left took a page from the Hitler’s Brown Shirts to use political violence against opposition. Sheriff David Clarke has reacted in a forceful tirade. is calling the Washington DC Democrat lawmakers for a comment -- – New Yale University study puts the number of illegals, living in the US, between 16 and 30 million – Thursday, Sep. 17, is a day for the real life DC Swamp reality show double feature. Rod Rosenstein, the Swamp creature and the current Assistant Attorney General, has been called to appear before his boss President Donald Trumps and answer for his alleged treason: planning a coup d’état via the 25th Amendment. The second feature is a wonderful spectacle of a Democrat operative Christine Blasey Ford trying pushing her false attempt rape allegations, against Brett Kavanaugh, before the US Senate. Dr. Ford, has been doing research for an abortion pill maker Concept Therapeutics. This is a blatant conflict of interest – Deborah Ramirez, another Democrat operative who made up a story about Judge Kavenaugh exposing himself to her more than 30 years ago, may have ties to George Soros -- – President Donald Trump is at his best in the chaotic environments. Like all creative entrepreneurs, President Trump can navigate chaos and make order out of it. The DC swamp can only exist with set of rigid rules and traditions. The Rod Rosenstein’s scandal has created such a chaos for President Trump. It has shown that the swamp creatures are fighting among themselves and diminished their power. In the swamp, the perception of power is power. The less power the swamp creatures have the more power the President Trump gains. He is now in a great position. He really does not have to do anything, not even fire Rosenstein. All he has to do is watch the Deep Staters eat their own -- – Rod Rosenstein, Deputy US Attorney General, apparently committed treason by planning to covertly record his privileged conversation with President Donald Trump for the purpose of illicitly using such a recording for a Coup d’état via the 25th Amendment. The apparent motive was to manufacture fraudulent evidence of President Trump’s insanity and unsuitability for the office he was elected. Even though Rosenstein has called his plotting the overthrow of the elected President a joke, most observers believe that he was dead serious. It is unclear where the plot of this non-fiction House of Cards in the real life DC swamp will lead -- – Democrats have launched a sophisticated political operation to keep a conservative Judge Brett Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court. Christine Blasey Ford, a Democrat operative, has publicly claimed that some 30 years ago, Judge Kavanaugh attempted to rape her. Her claim appears to be a lie. It has all telltale signs of a black flag operation by the Democrat party to force President Trump to withdraw Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. The investigative reporting has uncovered Dr. Fords sorted past while in high school. Her high school yearbooks allegedly show her to be a ring leader in sex parties, excessive drinking, and picking up adult men for sex while she was a teenager -- – Last year, Senator Chuck Schumer has been credibly accused of statutory rape. The credible allegation is that he had forced a 16-year-old high school girl into an affair with him. Apparently, he impregnated the victim twice and forced her to have two abortions. Evidence exist, according to a story posted on Steemit, that Senator Schumer’s wife had paid for the abortions. Subsequently, the victim, who is identified as Rebecca, was found dead. Her passing was ruled a suicide. Subsequently to that, credible allegations show that Senator Schumer has made “hush” payment to the victim’s mother -- – The murder of a student on the campus of Canyon Springs High School in North Las Vegas has no named suspects. Wild interviewed Officer Patty of NLVPD on the progress of the investigation -- – Sunspot Solar Observatory mystery is nowhere closer to being solved. The speculations range from Chinese spy infiltration to the impeding doomsday solar flare event, to the UFO activity, and to a death of hiker 30 miles away. In the vacuum of information, the unifying theme of the conjectures is government conspiracy. had contacted the FBI and New Mexico State Police. Lt. Elizabeth Armijo of the state police would not discuss the subject on the phone. Frank Fisher, media contact at the FBI Albuquerque Field Office, did respond in a text. The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) has issued a statement which cited “…investigation of criminal activity that occurred at Sacramento Peak.” Shari Lifson, AURA Corporate Communication Director, has not returned phone call – – The murder of a student on the campus of Canyon Springs High School in North Las Vegas has no named suspects. Wild interviewed Officer Patty of NLVPD on the progress of the investigation --


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