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Andrei Lefebvre -- #FreeInfoWars #IAmAlexJones – Citigroup and Bank of America punished for post-Parkland gun control policies in a Louisiana vote. We are calling both companies on a livestream to get a reaction – The Nazi Left has not succeeded in shutting Alex Jones completely. He analyzed the relentless attacks on him and other Libertarians, Conservatives, Christians. Alex has logically reasoned that the Democrat extremists are ready to stage an Oklahoma City style False Flag and blame it on the American Patriots – The black support for President Donald Trump has reached 36 percent. The Democrat racist propaganda has fallen flat and is exposed for what it is: GARBAGE -- -- #FreeInfoWars #IAmAlexJones – Aretha Franklin dies of cancer at age 76 – Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey thinks of Americans as little children and wants to put those he disagrees with into a “timeout.” As he suspends Alex Jones Dorsey awards a racist New York Times writer Sarah Jeoung with a Blue Check mark – Corporate media collude in running a coordinated campaign of editorials bashing President Donald Trump – A Muslim Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) is rocked by domestic violence allegations – As a former Muslim CIA Director John Brennan loses his security clearance, evidence emerge that his CIA spied on the US politicians – – An ISIS member applied for a refugee status has been arrested on murder charges in California – Feds take custody of a New Mexico Muslim cult leader after a Democrat judge orders the release of suspected Jihadi terrorists on bond – Marxist Liberation Theology advocate Pope Francis stays cilent about the horrific rape and other abuse of children by the Catholic Church higher ups -- #FreeInfoWars #IAmAlexJones – Alex Jones predicts a Deep State/Democrat false flag attacks against the corporate controlled media and Big Tech -- Mass exodus from Twitter by bitcoiners to due to extreme censorship and shadow banning – As a Democrat gubernatorial nominee, Vermont Democrats elected a man suffering from a mental illness called Gender Dysphoria. He calls himself Christine Hallquist and is under a delusion that he is a woman. Hallquist is a rabid hater of all things Christian while defending radical Islam – A Georgia woman is facing a prison sentence for mailing a secret US report to a news organization. The former National security contractor Reality Winner, 26, has pleaded guilty in June to a single count of transmitting national security information -- -- Democrat party corporate elite is in full pursuit of free speech suspension of Americans. It shows the direct linkage of today's Democrats with the National Socialist Party -- Democrat Party can trace its ideological origins to National Socialist Party. It is not supersizing that today's Democrats use Nazi tactics to shut American citizens up



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