Like and comment. Let me know what you think these lights my family saw were?
This video was recorded by my dad in April 2020 in the Arizona desert. My mom was walking outside one night and called us all out to see the lights. They have seen them before, but every time they tried to film them they would disappear. We don't know what they are and my brother believes it was just the air force testing experimental aircraft. I'm still not sure what they were. The night was completely calm and there wasn't a plane in the sky like there usually tend to be in this area. They definitely weren't flares since I've seen military planes drop flares around there before. Prior to filming one light was following right above the horizon making 90 degree vertical turns and continuing on horizontally to where we ended up filming these lights. Whatever they are it was cool to see them and I hope all that watch enjoy the video.

Apologies for the garbage camera quality.

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You're not alone. Overcoming these issues takes a willingness to accept you won't be fine overnight. It's a process that once complete you will come out the other end much more stable and grounded. It is never an all or nothing situation.
My advice for anyone dealing with these issues is to:
1. Stop tracking calories and or macros. Along with this, don't attach value to foods and equate this to yourself. In other words, don't allow yourself to think you ate something "bad" or something that will "derail your progress". If you are find yourself in the dark situation I was once in you must first divorce yourself from any meaning eating food has other than to nourish you.
2. Don't look at yourself in the mirror or look at yourself less often. Likewise, stop checking your scale weight(scale weights don't accurately show progress in terms of body composition) You must feel comfortable in your body
3. Accept progress takes time and completely changing yourself in one day isn't going to happen. First work to change your mindset about yourself and food.
4. For gods sake don't go on another crash diet. Eat well and allow yourself room to eat things you enjoy. Don't restrict yourself to a point where its all or nothing.
5. In the end remember to lift heavy shit and do badass shit in general.

Day by day I get more and more dummy thicc. Suffering from success. #Powerlifting #Bodybuilding #Fitness

I turn myself from a 5'8" 12yo jellybean to a 6' 19yo pile of rocks in a matter of seven years.
How: Squats/Bench/Deadlift + I stop eating garbage.

Just a few more clips of me squatting

This is advice I wish I would have been given when I first started lifting. It would have saved me so much headache if someone had told me this when I first started lifting.

Thicc ass teen warms up with 225lbs before turning his legs to dust.

My name is Andrew Lane Gordon. I aspire to one day become an IFBB pro bodybuilder in classic physique. This video is clunky and unpolished, but just like my fitness journey, I had to start somewhere.


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My name is Andrew Lane Gordon and I aspire to one day become an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder in classic physique. This channel will more or less be a documentation of my experiences along the way. I'll Get there one day.