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I'm in the process of remixing Four Songs About God in E-Flat Minor. I'm going to hide the initial mixes at the end of this next batch of videos. Final Stand is @ 21:09

In this video: 

-proof or disproving God? 

-religions are not accurate. 

-religious culture?

-idealism versus materialism. 

-Logos as Messiah?

-the irrationality of The Chosen People.

-eternal damnation is irrational. 

-the Untouchable culture of the Hindu's is irrational. 

-Buddhism and science. 

-Santos Bonacci and the Sacred Secret? 

-Logos and Dr. EMJ.

-Gnosticism, reason, and logic. 

-on the demiurge. Riffvlog On Natural Theocracy?

I'm in the process of remixing Four Songs About God in E-Flat Minor. I'm going to hide the initial mixes at the end of this next batch of videos. This mix of Catch 22 @around 17:08 is getting closer although there is still some vocal issues to be worked out. Hopefully, it's all finished up by spring and although the side is meant to be listened to as a whole I'll post these unfinished mixes at the end of these videos.

In this video:
-secular spiritualism?
-the natural theological pantheism of the God KA$H.
--what would be sufficient reasons to live under a theocracy?
-fairness in game playing.
-some thoughts on Wilber.
-Social Media as a disinformation platform for the oligarchs of the god KA$H.
-the Cabal. Is There A 'Natural Law?' G-1-6-2-5 Practice

Tuned down a semi-tone. I move through all the positions here pulling mainly from the flat 9 on the six and five dominants and flat 5's on the two chords. It's not jazz yet but it's a necessary step in that direction. Gnosticism in Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 Crossroads

A Gnostic take on an ole classic.

Thanks to Rick @Cosmic Pig Studios for the production and mixing. Riffvlog on Fighting Evil with Hatred... The Golden Rule Winter Solstice Series Part 12
In casino algorithms the vast majority of players lose; many break even, a small group gets lucky and wins, and an even smaller group wins big; such is our condition under 20/21 Century normalized mafia casino economics that has taken over the earth. Most of us will never win under this corrupt system-- nor can we. This post will look at 3-primary groups of winners in the past 100 years for the expressed purpose of exploring those who have the most to lose in the coming century(this is, admittedly, a truncated group).

The Jewish people have made huge gains in the past century and they surely have much to lose if this casino model crashes. I'm not going to explore this group further here but will include them because of its relevance to this entire series. My Christian Gnostic view on this group is that they are no more evil in and of themselves than any other group, but were used by the demiurge as a means to an end: the demiurge controls the flow of history within The Matrix it created.

Women have the most to lose if this century ends up looking like a bell curve compared to the gains of the last century. The casino model definitely has been good to them because it isn't predicated on might. I'll add here that one arm of the Unholy Trinity has been quite good for women and that is the bureaucracy of the State: it has employed millions of women! The speculation on real-estate has also empowered women as the gains there don't depend on might either( it's also turned them into rent-seekers). The Wall St casino, too, and all powered by The Rockefeller legacy of fossil fuels which have enabled these gains and we'd all best hope these fuels don't run out--or, that a replacement to scale is found--something that is by no means a given.

The Gay community and I'll use this truncated form to briefly touch on the gains made here. The casino model has definitely helped this community free itself from ..

This video is about The Golden Rule Winter Solstice Series Part 11 The Golden Rule Winter Solstice Series Part 10
I preface this by talking about the last 600-years of history and then speculate on an alternate Gnostic cosmology...
'Tis the time in this series to talk about E.T.! Well, yes, it does seem like modernities preferred explanation for everything strange and unknown. I've never seen a UFO and I wandered the boonies all night long for near 7-years...Notta! And I saw many incredible things in the night sky but everything I saw was natural; I've never seen E. T. either. I have had many spiritual experiences, though, but I've been able to distance myself from them and try to analyze them from a non-biased objective position ( as much as this is possible).

For me, it's the ancient megalithic architecture that offers clues to some other intelligence involved on earth because Iron/stone age humans didn't build these things all over the earth. So whatever E.T. is it was somehow involved in the creation of these structures which all seem to date back to around 12,000 years ago (so much for Biblical historicity). Of course, there is endless anecdotal evidence but I view that as not much different from religious anecdote: it doesn't amount to proof of anything; and moreover, the anecdotes couldn't be more diverse, confusing and contradictory. I've quipped in the past that if all this was the work of angels then they are the most confused beings in the universe--E.T. theory doesn't fare any better.

If it ends up being true it would mean to me that the universe we are in is extraordinarily convoluted; that God doesn't exist in any conventional sense, and that from humanities perspective it's best to view God as an alien extraterrestrial of some sort--the Starseed theory. There are a few theories I like more than others: the one where an E.T. race got stranded on earth and they were also responsible for human DNA manipulation; this race of E.T's has one general goal: to get their technology back so they can .. The Golden Rule Winter Solstice Series Part 9
In this one, I preface it with some thoughts on the IDW (intellectual dishonest web)...I think my weather sickness may have made me miss a paragraph. That's the way the snow falls!
The three options facing humanity today: annihilation, imprisonment, or a truly sustainable economic model. My New Earth Commons model premised on a proper understanding of The Golden Rule-- which was always relevant to economics and based on the notions of non-coercion and unnecessary exploitation--with a foundation of ending coercion and exploitation of humanities basic needs which I call The Four Pillars--housing, food/water, education, and healthcare. This is a sane practical way forward as an alternative to annihilation or imprisonment options!

I'll cover imprisonment first as it seems the likeliest at the moment given all the trajectories. We'll assume that a sane idea like mine will be dismissed so we go from there. The imprisonment option is what Alex Jones has ranted about for decades and he's quite right. We're already seeing unprecedented prison for profit systems by the Cabal and this will only get worse as conditions deteriorate over the coming century. Many soon will be unable to pay their debts and will be imprisoned also--this is how the Cabal rolls--they're evil! At best we may get hi-tech mega cities under technocratic fascist control--this is already happening in major cities around the world--it will only get bigger and worse--the totalitarian control.

Most of the world's religions predicted disaster for humanity: this is consistent with a 'demiurge oversoul' and its archons knowing the future as they control destiny here. Most scientists today are predicting various collapse scenarios so we have a rare convergence of science and religion which isn't too surprising from a Christian Gnostic perspective as the archons control everything. It also explains why a sane option like my New Earth Commons.. The Golden Rule Winter Solstice Series Part 8
In the intro, I suggest right-wing economic theory is dissociated from the body and earth--immersed in the noosphere...While Marxist theory just wants to rage against oligarchs just to put in new oligarchs!
Pimps and Whores!  Yup, this is what the Cabal has done to humanity. We are, for the most part, either one or the other now. Oh, sure, a few are not--The Amish, Indigenous people still living on their own terms; the rare monied few that only own one property and haven't succumbed to rent-seeking and unnecessarily exploiting and coercing others for their rent, food, education or healthcare ( please read this series in its entirety to understand why this is).

The rest of us are either pimping everything and everyone big time or having to whore ourselves out just to survive. Now, of course, the point I'm making in this series of posts is the  modus operandi which took over the earth about 250 years ago is no longer sustainable--maybe it was in 1850 even if the ethics were and are dubious; nonetheless, this mode of doing things isn't going to end well. I've made the point that there would still be a chance for civilization if we altered course on these issues but I hold little hope as I've pointed out that what's happening here in these times isn't a democracy.

Let's look at the bull-shit the Cabal has been spewing for millennia: that humanity is a lump of clay on a fallen rock and doesn't deserve better than either being a pimp or a whore (yes, this is basically western theism/the slave cult of Saturnalia); that humanity did something in another life which caused them either to be a pimp or a whore; that humanity is a food source for financial predators and especially financial systems of coercion and exploitation (thank-you economic Darwinism). All of these are false from the Christian Gnostic perspective. From this point of view, you've simply been duped by these lying archons.

I n.. The Golden Rule Winter Solstice series (Part 7)...
How easy has it been for The Cabal to control humanity? Well, pretty damn easy! But before I get into that I'll mention that I've given due consideration to the materialist atheist worldview in this series and find it wanting especially in relation to the behavior of The Cabal--which I've asserted is toxic and Machiavellian. Certainly, what's a fact is that the Cabal exists and operates regardless of humanities ontological and metaphysical condition--and the denial of this fact by the secular community is a cowardice betrayal of the human condition, IMO...And so we move on to other speculations...

Our memory was wiped at birth! That's correct...someone or something has wiped memory from our incarnations here at birth (not necessarily an endorsement of reincarnation), add to this that humans are born helpless for almost one-third of their life ; that most humans are non-violent in their relations to other humans ( it's how we actually survived as a species), and the conditions are now ripe for a small group of deviant psychopaths to seize control of the life and economic systems on this planet--and this appears to be exactly what's happened. They've set up mass systemic apparatuses of religious and financial control all enforced by violent coercion and unnecessary exploitation.

The house always wins! This is a fact of economics when economics is controlled by a Cabal--and it's not random that the economic model for the earth is now patterned on the casino: With a few notable exceptions, the house always wins - in the long run - because of the mathematical advantage the casino enjoys over the player. That is what Mario Puzo was referring to in his famous novel Fools Die when his fictional casino boss character, Gronevelt, commented: "Percentages never lie. We built all these hotels on percentages. We stay rich on the percentage. You can lose faith in everything, religion and God, women and .. The Golden Rule Winter Solstice Part 6 (sidestepping)
Hi, I did this series in 2017 and will refine it every year until I kick off this hellhole earth:). (Run by psychopaths)... Anyone interested in the jazz demo only can skip to about 2:35
Part 6 introduces the Cabal (Kaballah): The Golden Rule Winter Solstice Part 6 (sidestepping)
Hi, I did this series in 2017 and will refine it every year until I kick off this hellhole earth:) Anyone interested in the jazz demo only can skip to about 2:35
Part 6 introduces the Cabal (Kaballah): The Golden Rule Winter Solstice Series Part 5
By now you could be sensing a problem: if higher dimensions of existence are real, or; at the very least, if more advanced evolutionary beings exist in this 4-D universe and they exist via voluntary associations then why are we practicing and normalizing things like unnecessary exploitation and coercion which go against our long-term best interests? This conditioning has effectively made us prisoners! We'll get into who the wardens are as we move along in this series.

A note here for all the materialists: even if you end up being correct and humans end up being an inconsequential cosmic fluke I would still argue that The Golden Rule, as understood in these posts, is still relevant and humanities best way forward as far as survival of the species and survival of life in general on this planet. The rest of this series will explore what a Golden Rule economy would look like.

In my last post, I touched on the desert mid-east northern hemisphere solar origins of Judaism and I'll briefly touch on the Solar aspect of Christianity here. I should mention first, though, that the literal historicity of these myths is dubious at best and non-existent at worst. What's a fact though is that the warring tribes within Judaism by the first century A.D. had every reason to replace a physical temple with a symbolic one. And this appears to be exactly what happened: the Judaic solar tradition simply got renewed in the form of Christendom--as did Islam which would succeed in formalizing a totalizing theocratic method of control which had its roots in Babylon, and we'll touch on that in the next post. The main point is that the State control of religious experience which began in Babylon continued within the Roman Empire and the Solar (and lunar) aspects of these religions are unmistakable.

The rest of this series will explore the reasons why having an economic system premised on unnecessary exploitation and coer.. The Winter Solstice Golden Rule Part 4
The last day of 3-days of darkness in the northern hemisphere as the sun sits in the constellation Capricorn and will soon begin its journey back across the sky on December 25th to the Spring Equinox at Easter.

The Sun God Ra! Ra-bbi's...The hot desert priests who naturally incorporated nature into their traditions. Interesting enough, the yarmulke also symbolizes something: the magical wonders of certain plants which alter human consciousness--usually opening perception to types of 'God-consciousness'--via, Entheogens. We might add, also, that the desert tribes followed the moon cycles and this was personified as Isis...IS-RA...If we go back to Egypt we'll see a hint of the first monotheism wherein Isis is also Ra! This might be a good time to ask why Is-Ra-El is named after Egyptian God's and Goddess's and why the Antinomian Gnostic Kaballist's (LAWLESSNESS)put Egyptian symbolism in all their power centers on earth.

This is all perfectly natural to merge nature into religious tradition: the sun and the moon and the stars...Good and Evil/Day and Night/Male and Female. And then came Babylon--the turning of natural 'shamanic' religion into social/political institutions of power and control. Please study the Babylonian Woe, by David Astle, linked here.

CH_I_ _!     The natural life energy of earth symbolized in the Yin and Yang symbol of the east. This is also the Kristos and Sofia of Gnostic Christianity.

What does all of this have to do with The Golden Rule? Nature always strives for equilibrium and balance and in thinking beings like wo/man this would naturally and intelligently play itself out in the social sphere as care of the other! Allow me a moment of personal metaphysical speculation: on higher planes of existence coercion and exploitation are non-existent! It's because of this that the unnecessary coercion and exploitation of humanity--especially by religion, but now by the new religion of..

This video is about The Golden Rule Winter Solstice series Part 3
I should that it's important to understand that I reject kabbalistic views on Gnosticism. I am distinct and separate from that strain of Gnostic thought.
The Most Important Man in Christendom Today is Dr. E. Michael Jones
Links to two of his most important books: Night and Day

A chord melody followed by some inprov. Riffvlog on Why The Return of Religion is Bullshit!
It's also worth mentioning that the return of religion has also failed to address the worldwide system of usury with its concomitant unsustainable fiat currency and fractional rteserve lending...No small coincidence.
Please note that as a non-Kabbalist Gnostic I argue for Secular Humanism as the societal template although I obviously part ways on materialist humanism. You'd Better Run

That's Rick @CosmicPig Studios on the bass and drums! The Incompatibility of Christianity and Capitalism How Insensitive


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