andrewmarkmusic Riffvlog on Why The Return of Religion is Bullshit!
It's also worth mentioning that the return of religion has also failed to address the worldwide system of usury with its concomitant unsustainable fiat currency and fractional rteserve lending...No small coincidence.
Please note that as a non-Kabbalist Gnostic I argue for Secular Humanism as the societal template although I obviously part ways on materialist humanism. You'd Better Run

That's Rick @CosmicPig Studios on the bass and drums! The Incompatibility of Christianity and Capitalism How Insensitive A-Minor Sus Groove (Monsters)...

That’s Dr. E. Michael Jones at the beginning talking about monsters. He might consider having a chat with Jack Caputo:D I’ll link the vid. below and it’s well worth listening to. The thing with Jones is he’s either lying or deluded when it comes to Moses who clearly didn’t exist as a historical figure. Well, IMO., a big part of 911 was about those who control humanity via religion and they used that day to re-emerge on the scene so to speak. Michael Poole's Anarcho-Capitalism?

The most salient points begin @8:58

A clarification on entheogens: widespread low-level dozing would help harmonize the brains hemisphere's and create a base condition for an empathic civilization rather than the present predator economy. Blue Bossa (dimensional warping).

That's R Steiger in the background yakking about dimensional shifts. B-Flat Modal Interchange Practice

comping and improv demo using all positions and inversions More Blues in G (Jazzy)

That's the Europe Hotel. There were a lot of good shrooms to be had there back in the day.

This video is about More and more F Blues More F Blues

(tuned down a semi-tone) B flat 1-6-2-5-1 Gnostic Prodigy

The original video is here: Riffvlog on Abbey Martin's, Why America? Loopytunes 13

4:12 takes one to the final stage of this process. I'm just starting to get a handle on this machine. Lot's of refinement to come... Loopytunes 12 (looping demo). Riffvlog on Professional Liars

This video is about Riffvlog on Ecotheism Loopy Tunes 10 (shoegazing) L.A.W. (Love and War). Riffvlog on Mark Passio Riffvlog on We Are Not Gods...


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Hello BitChute.
I'm only here for the free speech! Something I consider to be the foundation of any advanced healthy society. I will fight with all my might to protect those whose opinions are at odds with mine; even those that have done me harm!
I'm an older lifelong musician who thinks the entertainment industry sucks and was used to manufacture your consent for an oligarchy and corporate plutocracy.
I've I a lifelong interest in philosophical inquiry and I've done this as an uneducated layperson. I invite all you Ph.D.'s to come on over and get embarrassed! lol
Anyway, my spiritual leanings are towards Christian Gnosticism although I identify as an Agnostic Gnostic.
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