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I decided to build a planeterium this week, I always loved astronomy. This was an old race from 2 years ago, when I opened it up last weekend to have a look, most of the pictures had gone offline, the planetarium was not bad at all for a first attempt but I decided to rebuild it and redo the lighting from scratch.Lighting has to be built in layers and slowly, lighting is hard to get right.It took me forever to download all the foto's, then the game would not run without stuttering because there are so many pictures displayed on 3 dimensuional cubes in one area, the game and my computer are absolutly on max capacity before they just give up and die.There is also another race circuit on the roof with pictures on cubes too,that was a big problem causing the game to stutter, until I deleted them and redownloaded them onto flat 2 dimensional pictures only, then the stuttering almost stopped.I have made 3 races from this map, Race To The Stars, that is finished, I have the video ready too, I will upload that after this, it is a 2 lap race around the planetarium.Chasing Comets is on the roof, I still have to make that so a day or 2 maybe it id finished.

Jetboating in the snow.Yay !

A 20km road race around a Ramones city.

Recommended race music ,Ramones It''s Alive .I started it at 16 min 57 seconds just has Pinhead starts when I started driving to make the video.

What is different in this version to the last ?

Extended Ramones museum with new part and some new creepy pictures and lighting.

A lot Less clutter on the map, a lot of things have been deleted.2 Less airships.Less airship foto''s,there were just too many.Less supporting poles holding roads up and blocking the view, some of the roads are now suported by the extended museum building.Less cactusses, christmas trees, and unused road junctions making the map look too full and untidy.

One extra Nancy Spungen picture in the Sid Vicious part of the race circuit.[Worth watching just for that]

At last after over 3 years of trying, I managed to fix the descent tunnels down to ground level.Although I had to destroy half of the museum to get to them.[All rebuilt].I am really happy how this turned out, but it was a right pain to fix, there is always one space too little I had to be creative.I added suport poles and lighting too in the tunnels.

Almost every part of the race course has been worked on.

If you playTrackmania 2 Stadium you can download this race from my page at the track exchange website.[Link Below][Updated Today]

This is what I see when making the race in the TM map editor.

A bit of rally on a dirt track before breakfast...Oh yeah !

A nice relaxing drive to the jungle.

The view of the map in the Trackmania track editor.

I made this using the track editor in Trackmania.

You can see a reverse race around the other way here.

A new race from my, Canyon Mayhem map.It took a lot off attemps to get the race clean without a catastrophic accident, two happened right at the end less than 10 seconds from the finish....Typical ! Tricky race this is !

I made everthing myself in the Trackmania map editor.Even since I made the Canyon Mayhem race last week the map has changed a lot, I added so much that it will not save with all the mods, I had to delete some.The construction area grew, more lighs and some pieces of modded track took me above the 1mb limit.These mods need to be embedded in the race so that other people who do not have these mods can see them when they download my race to play..I am redoing Canyon Mayhem because of the updated map ,I am having the same trouble saving it though.

If you play TM Canyon, you can download this new race from the link below.

Another one of my own races, I built the whole map and I added the lighting myself.The coloured lighting inside the main structure has taken me days to get right, the yellow at the top was blinding because it was so close to the cieling. I moved the whole roof up one space making the building higher,but still the yellow lighting was over powering.The only option was to delete one third of the yellow lights and add some white.You have to mix strong colours with white to get it looking nice.A lot of work this map was, there are underground tunnels and an extensive road system plus a race circuit as well....

If you play Trackmania 2 Canyon, soon you can download this race from my page at the TM track exchange website.[Link Below].

This is a video of the map before I updated it today.It is a lot darker thaan the new one, the main building is much smaller too.

I updated this race with much better lighting, I added trees, water and mountains too.The hanger has also had a big upgrade, it is wider than it was and has much better lighting.There is also a new tunnel road system underneath that is not visable in this video.

Old Race Video, see how the race looked before the update.

If you play Trackmania 2 Canyon, you can download this race from my page at the TM track exchange website.[Link Below]

A new race around some castles.The picture is a screenshot of the map in the map editor, I built it all myself.

If you play Trackmania 2 Stadium you can download this race from my page at the TM exchange website.[Link Below]

A 20km road race around a Ramones city.

Peter Mayhew, Carrie Fisher.Love.

Ladies and Gentlemen it is once again time in City Ramone to run the annual ,"Han Shot First " road race.Be at the finish as fast as you can to take the prize.

Another one of my death defying race tracks.I make the structures and the track using the game track editor, then I add the lighting.

If you play Trackmania 2 Stadium, you can download this race from my page at the TM track exchange website.[Link below.]

A crazy race around an almost impossible to survive race circuit.

If you play Trackmania 2 Canyon you can download this race from my page at the TM track exchange web site.All my races are fully editable, you can change the map or the circuit, add new roads etc. [Link below.]

A race to commemorate the great, Niki Lauda.I made this race using the Track editor in the game, I made all the structures and I added nice lighting too.

If you play Trackmania2 Canyon you can download this newly updated race from my page at the TM track exchange site.[Link below.]

A race around the resevoir in my GMC Ramones bus.I always loved the Ramones, I saw them 4 times live.

I took the foto myself in my home after making a small set on a table and fotografing it.I was at that time at art school for a digital fotografy course, we had to chose a theme and take foto''s of it,,,I chose the Ramones as my theme.

I used to be the fotografer at a local music venue, I followed the local punk bands and the rock n roll bands mostly,,,I did that for 2 years.

I make the tracks, structures etc myself using the Trackmania Stadium race editor.

If you play Trackmania2 Stadium you can download this race from my page at the Trackmania track exchange site if you like.


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