Super kill combos of doooom!

2017-2018 project.
The goddess of death herself!
Voiced by TopSpeed, music by Shawn Yao

created 2017.
Wish I could've gotten a more fitting voice, oh well. Also could be a few seconds longer heh. Music by Shawn Yao.

2014-2015 project.
I do not own the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (tm), the music or nintendo by any means and I do not make any profit from this what so ever, please support the official creators!

Probably going to be my last short film done in Flash. Didn't have enough memory to just export the whole thing as swf so two files were merged with ToonBoom and turned into an .mp4. Hopefully I can give you guys bigger and better things in the future.

Awkward merging with ToonBoom and I couldn't completely clean everything up as ToonBoom isn't completely friendly to .swfs.

900-1000 hours calculating, that's 39-40 days, roughly spent 42.5 weeks actively working on this.


Created 1 month ago.

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