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You’ll just have to watch it’s all there while you were looking over there

Did you ever wonder or ask yourself “am I being watched? “All this data it’s so available or is it night? Shaun from SGT has chiffon and her husband once again explaining Fifth generation warfare what is that?

Just a couple of minutes if you thought you knew it all once again Doug from Doug an Stacy

Yes we got it ,nasty Nancy and then some more. 1992 it was an interesting year to say the least. Thank you Doug from Doug and Stacy off grid

It’s real information let’s go there

It’s everywhere Just a small clip give you a little idea of what what’s happening it’s not easy to upload here anymore and I’m just trying To do my little bit

As I’m suffering myself this is my own personal story here as well facts not fiction check out my other videos on experts speaking about what those towers are doing to all of us

Once again, Laura Loomer grabs her bull horn goes out infront of the courthouse given (them)a taste of truth. And the people were singing they went ...”he didn’t do anything wrong! !”

Do you think this kind of stinks? Nothing to see Take a listen to this this is off the substract of Dr. Peter McCullough

Should we be con(cern))ed ? Take a listen to a few of the bridges that nobody’s talking about nothing to see over there. While you’re at it get ready for whatever (they) can do no matter what it takes to stop the people. Sean from SGT with Clay Clark ... you decide you do some research

Doug and stacy

SGT Clay clark

You decide for yourself if (they’ll) let you. Nothing to see nothing to talk about . Don’t... even think about it!

It’s becoming exhausting trying to get anything up on the site this is a test

Why Haiti? And nothing to see at the border
Trying to get this up heavily censored here I’m sorry it’s taking so long but you can see it’s not easy and my two cents

Here in Usa many laws are broken however ;only for the left side of the aisle. The right side who obeys laws gets indicted and thrown into jail. Those who dared to tell the people the truth will be fired ,silenced, or worse. What is the definition of pure Tierney? Or my opinion and not just mine, a tyrannical G o v


Well let’s see now daddy dragon knocks it out and then we have Napolitano after he opened up his mouth about who was who and who did what and where he disappeared off fox for about three weeks, oh yes that’s right

Take a listen to Greg reese but I also know and I can’t tell you what I know except Reiner is innocent.

Just go with the film it’s what he says it’s being censored like nothings going on. I’m on the phone I don’t have software to edit just go with it it’s what you’re going to hear that is important

You make up your own mind just listen I’m on an iPhone putting two films together is not easy. However, very pertinent information please share like and subscribe.

Your own garden your private garden it’s going to be banned ?. Wait for it ...last year ( they )said growing your own little garden is is wonderful for the Eco system. Suddenly ,in 2024 it’s putting too much carbon in the atmosphere or is this another scam scare on who worldwide ? We the people ? Take a listen Doug from Doug and Stacy earth grid explains and Glenn Beck speak to the people

Well kudos to Florida surgeon general who is finally coming out to tell the people the truth what is going on. If only the major networks would stop taking money from the pharmaceutical companies and start caring about the people that are losing their love ones because they’ve been lied to. Lou Dobbs tonight and I am being censored very badly on bitchute it’ll be pretty interesting if I get this up

As I was filming this I just didn’t know what was going to come next. Jovan explains watch it watch it over and over and know what to look for

Just a few little snippets of the WEF in Davos and somehow some people are getting the courage to basically tell them they’re not in power anymore

Dave from x22

Caught out of their own mouths (DEMS) and after last night we can see that they are scared. After I recorded this precious moment we saw Nikki lose Iowa That basically tells you everything you need to know not only that she’s a globalist under WEF built back better bull

Mark Levin breaks it down once again using their own words against them. Take a listen

why is it so hard for the people to get on board with what’s really happening? Why are they getting sick? The truth is (they )don’t want you to know ! (they)think you’re stupid. Did you know that some of the (big guys ) that control the world feel (if that’s possible ) as they cannot feel their psychopaths )that if you can’t get it you deserve to get whats coming. let us listen to some FACTS Science is not lying to you
Doug lays it out Please take another listen to another important video
Doug and stacy


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