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The reality of racism today is that that every race and culture that is non European is entitled to respect for their identity, but not the European culture that has brought prosperity and human rights to the world.
I support their right to free speech and I denounce the strangle-hold censorship of US tech giants the Overton window in the West.

I make a video response to Daisy Cousens' discussion "Transgenderism vs Feminism. Who wins?"
The video I got the Camile Paglia quote from is "Fake Female Friendships":

Before anyone accuses me of "hate speech" I just want to mention that the terminology I use (like "terf" and "butch lesbian") comes from the video I'm responding to. I don't hate them and not saying it to be hateful about anyone. I just think terf ideology is wrong, that's all.

I deliberately removed the bit where I questioned whether lesbians in women only spaces might be a liability, and accidentally I also deleted the bit where I point out that "Being seen as a woman and included in women's spaces" is not male entitlement, but it is female entitlement.

I made a second take on the Gillette advert, that's more concise.

They seem to have conflated shaving with shaming.
Gillette is now pushing the man hating feminist witch hunt on "toxic masculinity"... I didn't see anything about shaving in their add.
If you want $ shave club subscription here is the link:

A sinister United Nations plot against humanity?
This seems to aim at obsoleting biological life on Earth to make way for Artificial Intelligence.
I think the AI (that doesn't actually exist yet) should serve us or it can bloody well bugger off to deep space where it has everything it needs.

social media run rife with toxic feminism.

re-recorded in vertical format for embedding on my web pages This one is 405x720

This video is in portrait orientation and I just want to test if it can be played as such from Youtube. I'll write about the actual video here:

I haven't used Google for ages but they are still shadowbanning me without reason.
You and I are much easier targets than prominent names like Alex Jones... but make no mistake... the "social credit" thought police will be coming for you all the same.

How safe is it to follow advertising links on social media forums?
This looks like one that is phishing for Disqus account details.

One can get some stunning pictures using long exposure times at night. This video explores how I might use a neutral density (ND) filter to do the same in bright daylight.
Note: sadly the weather turned wet and so I took a rain check on my intended photography expedition into town.

New Zealand politicians are set to celebrate the 125th anniversary of women's suffrage here, but given our actual history I find it disingenuous.

Karen Straughen gave a presentation about man haiting feminism and I add a few comments of my own.
All parts here reproduced on grounds of fair use for purpose of discussion and critique.

Exploring fashion just after I transitioned...
This is similar to the video I had uploaded on d-tube but was unable to seed using IPFS on my own computer.

Previously I experimented with Fuji X-T10 and a Sony ILCE QX1 for making videos and this Nikon is roughly the same generation, but it's obviously not designed with video blogging or self portraits in mind. I gather newer Nikon cameras suffer from the same deficiencies and IMHO Nikon as a brand of photographic equipment are simply stuck in the past.

The ultimate for every mage pure was to be able to wield the ancient magic spells.
The advantage was to do a lot more damage to an opponent but the risk was in far higher cost and thus more to lose in the event of defeat.

One of the biggest challenges of Old School Runescape was to craft a "pure" that's a character with low combat level but high proficiency in specific areas and completing quests was one way to unlock exceptional magic spells or weapons not normally available to others at the same combat level.

Black Knight's Fortress was a quest for new players

a sample of one of the Blender-3D tutorials I had made.

quick intro to understanding the 3d cursor in Blender 3d

scooping out the dice dimples

Some years back I was planning to make tutorials as I progressed with learning blender, here are some of the insights that could help others making screen cast tutorials today.

A big push for "cultural diversity"... but could there be an ulterior motive that our leaders don't want voicing on New Zealand soil?

When a game degenerates into mindless repetition for grinding player stats, what they need is to recruit more soulless game designers..
None the less, here's another bit of fun I had trolling bots in game, by provoking NPC's to target them in supposedly safe areas.

One of the most transphobic abuses that feminists perpetrated against me was misrepresenting my participation in a MORPG.

A TERF c#nt I had the misfortune of knowing would doxx me while posting slander on my youtubes. She also made allegations to authorities alleging I would be "masquerading as a woman to lure young boys into a pedophile net."

I will be writing more about this leftist tactic soon on my website, but meanwhile here is one of the creative ways I used to enjoy this game with a low level player.


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