a sample of one of the Blender-3D tutorials I had made.

quick intro to understanding the 3d cursor in Blender 3d

scooping out the dice dimples

Some years back I was planning to make tutorials as I progressed with learning blender, here are some of the insights that could help others making screen cast tutorials today.

A big push for "cultural diversity"... but could there be an ulterior motive that our leaders don't want voicing on New Zealand soil?

When a game degenerates into mindless repetition for grinding player stats, what they need is to recruit more soulless game designers..
None the less, here's another bit of fun I had trolling bots in game, by provoking NPC's to target them in supposedly safe areas.

One of the most transphobic abuses that feminists perpetrated against me was misrepresenting my participation in a MORPG.

A TERF c#nt I had the misfortune of knowing would doxx me while posting slander on my youtubes. She also made allegations to authorities alleging I would be "masquerading as a woman to lure young boys into a pedophile net."

I will be writing more about this leftist tactic soon on my website, but meanwhile here is one of the creative ways I used to enjoy this game with a low level player.

This was one of the topics that Lauren Southern and Stefan Molineux would have liked to open the debate up in Auckland, but they were denied the opportunity... so I'll chime in on their interview with TVNZ reporter in Sydney.

Don't believe that feminism is pro-woman.
This book is a compilation of short essay for women and by women who are not afraid to be critical of feminism.

Disclaimer. All parts of this collation are exempt from copyright restrictions on grounds of fair use of public information for the purpose of criticism and discussion.
Further discussion on Multiculturalism is currently on web site:

a simple plug-in to embed videos that scale with your Wordpress webpage


I find it truly pathetic that people who were socialized as male while growing up now play <i>"oppressed victim of patriarchy".</i>
Don't they know what society demands of men?
Don't they know what a privilege it is to become a woman?

investigated what was causing the defects and hopefully now I can avoid them.

Main stream media and our politicians too promote the perception that social justice anti-trump sentiment is the way most people feel, but the silent majority don't seem to agree.
Note: The actual article I was looking at is here:

Another go at video blogging outdoors.
It's much better using the headset microphone but need to stop it rubbing on my clothes as I move, so Imma get a proper clip on microphone for next time.
I chose to say something about the greedy stinkers that my siblings grew up to be.

An innate capacity for morality evolved in the human species because symbiotic social conduct is beneficial to survival of the species.

Protesting Israeli bombing of civilians in Gaza, the place was crawling with secret agents.
They were taking closeups of people's faces. I was wearing spy glasses and switched them on after this creep had been shoving his camera in my face.

I don't blame these ladies for being angry, but if the law isn't going to protect me... then what choice do I have, other than to protect myself?

Fight crime and avoid buying from burglars, fences and thieves. is a public database where we can enter and check serial numbers of stolen cameras, lenses, smart phones and tablets. No personal information is needed, just a crime reference number to let the police know if someone offers you equipment that has been recorded as stolen.

just more old video footage of me talking to myself :)

here is an old video clip from when I just started to transition.
I'm uploading it because I won't be making any more videos or photography for a while.... but... I'll be back

Many people think shadowbanning is only used to silence inconvenient opinions... well here we see how it's used to protect hate speech against an individual of a marginalized minority.
Keep in mind then when not logged in one is not able to report abuse, so this is a very effective protection of transphobic persecution, and I've had the same kind of abuse on Twitter recently, where people blocked me then posted links to my posts flaming and deriding me.

My own Youtubes were defaced with hate speech and libel that I was denied access to,

Attempting to censor ideas that don't fit their political agenda
Youtube shadow-banning logic evidently got so convoluted even
the ones implementing it didn't understand what it was meant to do.


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