November Day Orbs 2022, north NJ, chilly weather, lots of activity among the clouds, plus mention of Christ DNA. Some of these screenshots are not great, they're too far away—recorded in a new spot in my backyard.


Sharing this incredible story from Halloween. My son channeled my deceased mother in a time of need.

October 28, 2022 Update - Lots Happening, Keep the Faith, Orbs versus UFOs, and photos of my trunk we did for our school's "Trunk or Treat" plus my "fairy chair".

The Oversoul, Firmament, Sparks of Light, and Archaix. This video was taken on 9/15/2022. Orb activity above my roof. Music is by Mountaintops "All I Am Is Yours". Jason's YouTube channel (Archaix)

Quick slow daytime orb. I cannot sense anything bad about today, September 23rd. I know there has been lots of chatter.

Predictions, Queen, Pope, and Archaix Channel (9/15/2022). A quick check-in on what's happening.

The link to Archaix Channel is here:

Spectacular & Strange Clouds

Music by: Yali Blank "Black Skies"

There is no more hiding the dark evil agenda. October & November will be even crazier, but we have help, a higher power.

Rods & SkyFish are the Angels, at least here they are. (July 28, 2022)

North, NJ
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Glimpses into their World, The Other Realm, Beyond the Veil (Macro = Small Orbs, Entities)

My Magnetic Fields, Swirlons, Physics=God Equation video is:

Merlina Marcan who's studied orbs for decades, website

Carlo Crivelli’s 1486 “The Annunciation with Saint Emidius" article:

Lightning Strikes Magnetic article:

Quick Day Orbs Clip (6/18/2022) & A Messed Up Sky

Twirling Orbs & Night Fairy Form (6/26/2022). We get dizzy, but they do not. :)

Documenting the Great Awakening.
Footage from June 5 - 10, 2022 of the Angel Orbs.
Sending out prayers and love to everyone.

Energetic Universe article:

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Another clip of orbs in the daytime, zipping about in our skies.

More orbs in the daytime, zipping about in our skies, heading upwards at this time of day (late afternoon).

May 2022 Daytime Orbs plus Cigar Shaped UFO / Object

* Please note there are spots on my lens that appear dark. *
* Please watch in a darkened room. It helps *

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Orb Energy, Another Pixie, Tennessee UFO (May 2022)
Filmed in: North NJ

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Twin Soul Orbs, Ghost Orbs April 2022
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Another Lens Flare Anomaly April 13, 2022, in North NJ plus some older photos. Sending out love and blessings to all.

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March 22-23, 2022
Fairy Season's Started

Tiny Little Angel Orbs in wintertime, spring they'll appear larger as they can blend in more. February 2022.

Quick update for March 4, 2022. Covid's over and now we have war. Angels & angel orbs are still here, still active.

February 12, 2022 Daytime Angel Orb Winter Activity North NJ.
Plus some photos.

I'm still doing a lot of writing, a children's story. I got up to 20,000 words, yay! But the weather here is still awful and even on sunny days, our sky is heavily messed with, sigh.

Orb Swirls Daytime 2/8/2022, no music in this one. The snow's melted, and I've shown this many times before. At night, they're close to that lens, most likely not an enormous cluster of orbs. It can be just a small group of them swirling around one another as they do in fairy form in warm weather. Swirlons.

Edited to add: Daytime I can see them without a camera. Most everyone can who visit me here. They are very sparkly sometimes to which the camera, unfortunately, cannot do justice.

This short video is similar to the one I did a while ago, reminds me of wispy Angel wings along with orb swirls.

Video recorded by Jennifer Battershill 2022, North NJ


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I see paranormal ghost orbs along with angels. They're always around us but now can be seen in the daytime. Fairly certain this is tied to our "Great Awakening". I also receive telepathic messages in dreams.

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