Fire Side Chat With David James - Part 30 - 02-20-2019 - A new show with common sense thinking hosted by David James. Today, David Speaks On What Our Nations Could Have Been Without The Jew.

Antifa thugs are communists, just so you know.

Our Jew Controlled government is doing everything it can to silence White patriots. Based Southern Belle is my kinda woman!!! Inspirational speech by a White rights activist. Get ready for fighting in the streets, folks. We have been warning you! Time for the white Race to get down to business!

Saxon's Creed Radio Show - 02-17-2019 - Men Who Turn From The Truth - Euro Folk Radio Host David James Speaks to many issues. Today, David speaks on Men Who Turn From The Truth and the Book of Isaiah.

One2One Radio Show - 02-16-2019 - Connecting The Dots - Part 21 - David James Hosts. Today, David ponders on the knowledge of good and evil and reads from Robert Edward Edmonson’s “I testify against the Jews”.

EFR NEWS Midweek Edition - 02-15-2019 - With news anchor David James. Sit back with your beverage of choice and let David James Decipher some of the stories in the News.

Fire Side Chat With David James - Part 29 - 02-15-2019 - A new show with common sense thinking hosted by David James. Today, David speaks on News Stories.

Fire Side Chat With David James - Part 28 - 02-14-2019 - A new show with common sense thinking hosted by David James. Today, David speaks on Righteousness.

Fire Side Chat With David James - Part 27 - 02-12-2019 - A new show with common sense thinking hosted by David James. Today, David speaks on news stories.

Saxon's Creed Radio Show - 02-10-2019 - The Marks Of Cain - Euro Folk Radio Host David James Speaks to many issues. Today, David speaks on The Marks Of Cain.

Connecting The Dots - Part 20 - 02-09-2019 - David James Hosts .Today, David reads from Robert Edward Edmonson’s “I testify against the Jews”.

Fire Side Chat With David James - Part 26 - 02-09-2019 - A new show with common sense thinking hosted by David James. Today, David speaks on divisions.

A Trip Down The Yellow Brick Road The Promises Of Oz - Part 4 - This is the final part to this Series.

Aryan Narrations - 02-03-2019 - Hero King Brutus And His Britons - Britain is named after the Trojan King Brutus, who fled Troy after the war. He was told by the goddess Diana in a dream to colonize the White isle and found an empire that would be destined to continue for all time. Brutus built the first city to stand on the banks of the Thames and named it Caer Troia – New Troy. The stone where he first set foot on the island is still standing at Totness in Devon. This history was known by all from the earliest times and has been confirmed by the discovery of the ruins of Troy. Yet most English speaking people nowadays are unaware of it. This summary of the life of Brutus comes from The British Kymry, or Britons of Cambria: Outlines of Their History and Institutions, from the Earliest to the Present Time and was compiled by RW Morgan in 1857.

The Roper Report - 03-14-2018 - Activism and Unity - The famous bridge-builder and unifier Billy Roper outlines how the entire right wing, from entry level Alt-Right to reactionary Civic Nationalists to hard right White Nationalists and National Socialists, can work together in unity through activism on March 24th, by each of them doing their thing and letting others do theirs, rather than optics-cucking and telling others how to or not to. Show them, instead. It will be a great networking and recruiting opportunity for all who are willing to attend and get out from behind their keyboards. Also, an update on the ongoing right wing schisms, legal fallout from the MSU event, Dylann Roof's death sentence and more on the progress of Ethnostate, a new sequel to Billy’s book ‘The Balk’ which will update the ongoing polarization and division of America on the way to balkanization. You can already order an e-book copy of Billy's new non-fiction book through paypal for $5 to [email protected]. But first, Billy discusses Passover, Gethsemane, Easter, and how Jesus' experience with his disciples reminds us of the struggles being experienced in the movement two thousands years later, as a white pill. This show should leave everyone with loving warm fuzzies.

Presented by Billy Roper

Saxon's Creed Radio Show - 02-03-2019 - The Devil's Marx - Euro Folk Radio Host David James Speaks to many issues. Today, David speaks on Karl Marx and the book of Isaiah.

The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (402) - 08-08-2017 - Sodom And Gomorrah - Is an EFR Pastors show featuring Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, Pastors Eli James, Dan Johns, Steve Anderson and Jeromy Visser, Discussing Homosexuality and Race Mixing and how this "accepted" lifestyle in White Race Nations today is to Sodom and Gomorrah in Scripture. An honest and strong EFR tape of fellowship that furnishes the listener for "The Days of Sodom and Gomorrah."

The Jubilee Event - 09-09-09 - The Importance Of Forgiveness & Personal Repentance In Today's Apostasy - This specific two-hour segment contains all three Bible teachers discussing the importance of forgiveness and personal repentance in today's apostasy.

William Finck of And Jeromy Visser of explains 2 Seed Line Christian Identity - or the (Racial Identity Message) of the Bible, according to the Covenants God has made with the Descendants of Adam.

Radio Aryan Roundtable - 08-22-2016 - Sodom, Imperium & Grandpa's Homemade Oven - Sven Longshanks and Grandpa Lampshade welcome Zeiger to the Roundtable this week and the first subject brought to the table is the Russian documentary ‘Sodom’. This exposure of the homosexual agenda was made for Russian TV and shown on prime time over there last year. It features a well known presenter and shocked the whole country when it first came out, but it is only now that an English version has finally been produced. Sven covers the main points of the documentary which include homosexual adoption, gay marriage and human rights organizations, before explaining the insidious way that gay characters on TV were used to gradually change the public opinion on these sick creatures. Zeiger points out that homosexuality is anti-nature and Grandpa highlights the way that we are now punished for refusing to accept it and promote it, before Sven explains how sodomy has been used in the past as a form of torture. Russia’s response to this documentary was to make a new law preventing any future laws being made that contradict traditional Russian values. Russian values used to be no different to the values of other European countries, but Britain has tried to redefine British values as being the opposite and Sven finishes his piece by contrasting the two value systems. Zeiger is up next and presents an analysis of the latest piece of anti-nationalist Jew propaganda ‘Imperium’. This film attempts to portray a weedy Jew as a White Nationalist, in the hope that it will turn prospective nationalists away from joining the Alt-Right. Zeiger believes it will do the opposite of this though, as the Jews can no longer get away with one-dimensional portrayals of us and have to give some reasons for why we believe what we do. The producers of the movie have included references to The Turner Diaries and Yockey’s Imperium in the film, so people will instinctively be drawn to reading them after seeing it. Zeiger also points out some easy ways that people can help subvert the film’s message through memes and Sven draws attention to a similar piece of Jew propaganda that attempts to portray David Irving as the bad guy and Deborah Lipstadt as the heroine, in a new movie based on his famous trial for holocaust heresy. Grandpa’s report is the last one and includes an explanation of why Twitter has been such a useful weapon for doing battle with our enemies. They are not used to being criticized and they show their selfish and pathetic natures when they are, by screeching and wailing for censorship over things that any White man would just laugh at. Grandpa has been reported for saying ‘Gas the kikes, race war now’ as instead of realizing it was just a humorous internet meme, the Jew literally thinks Grandpa is building an oven in his back garden. Thanks to these Jews Twitter are now making an equality filter available to special snowflakes so they can erect their very own echo chamber as a safe space. As Grandpa points out, this is a completely pointless exercise since there is already a block button. Zeiger thinks that too much of this sort of thing and it will start hitting Twitter in the Wallet. There are already plenty of safe spaces available like Facebook, so doing this to Twitter will just lose them custom as it will lose it’s edge and no longer appeal to people who want free speech.

Presented by Sven Longshanks, Grandpa Lampshade and Zeiger


The Immigration Problem And Biblical Prophecy - 11-05-2011 - To Read The Entire Essay On This Check Out The Link here

Grandpa Lampshade Thoughts Of The Day - 01-29-2019 - A Labor Of Love - It's a very special installment of Grandpa Lampshade's Thoughts of the Day this week and I'm really glad that you have decided to join in for this conversation. We open in discussing the so called MAGA teens. By now everyone is aware of the storm of conflict and controversy surrounding this group of white teens who were accosted and verbally attacked by leftist activists. Even in doing nothing they were met with demands that their lives be destroyed. You see, even standing there and being silent doesn't constitute an acceptable level of submission for the Marxist left. This is an important lesson for those out there, particularly conservatives who believe that they will somehow find some sort of middle ground with those who seek their destruction. In our next segment we'll discuss another happening this past week. No it's not about Trump's apparent cucking on the wall. To be honest, it's much much bigger than that. This past week we had a case where Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone was arrested. Now this in and of itself is not that big of a deal and wasn't even unexpected. What is significant here is how it was carried out. This old guy posed absolutely no threat to anyone and yet his arrest was staged complete with CNN cameras being invited along to watch as a SWAT team pointed automatic weapons in his face in a predawn raid. This is a political message that goes beyond even Trump. I have long said that the current order will be replaced by some form of authoritarianism and this action here was the Marxist left taking off the mask and flexing their East German STASI style muscle. Roger Stone is a rich and powerful person who can afford the best lawyers money can buy. If they can do this to him, what do you think they can do to you? Listener questions/comments this week comes to us via Mr. Turner who like many of us has noticed some really dumb stuff that white people do. We'll look at some specific examples and I'll explain what it is that motivates people to do these seemingly obvious foolish things. The Church of the Lampshade convenes this week as we look at Jesus Christ as the Messiah and the way in which the Jews attacked him and manipulated the political authorities at the time to carry out their will and more importantly the will of their father, the Devil. Finally, we wrap up with a very personal segment of Thoughts of the Day. It's important to do what you can do to change the direction of the nation but it's also important to live the things that you believe in. As always I thank you all for joining me week in and week out for these conversations. There has been an enormous amount of work put in to bring you these shows but they have indeed been a labor of love.

Presented by Grandpa Lampshade


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