Seven Classes who Slander is a sermon about the scriptural types of Israelite that engage in defamation against their brother or "mother's son." Why do our people prefer lies over truth? Does Saxon man actually favor being lied to? This broadcast-quality lecture explains why Yahweh considers all slanderers wicked hypocrites and confirms those that engage in libel won't be found in the coming Kingdom. Contains updates on coming projects.

Sven Longshanks and Grandpa Dan discuss the media meltdown over Ye West’s recent comments.The artist formerly known as Kanye, has surprised everyone by hooking up with Nick Fuentes and Milo.Yesterday he appeared with Alex Jones and shocked the world by talking in positive tones about Hitler.What is really going on here and where is it all headed?

Filthy Dreamers: An Exposition of Jude is an investigation into the short epistle that explains fallen angels set aside by Yahweh for Judgment. This epistle helps Christians to spot false teachers that teach against "the common salvation." In this 33 minute sermon we also explore phony prophets that engage in the way of Cain and the war between Michael and Satan for the body of Moses.

Yahweh the Avenger explains that wicked men can only have the upper hand over Israelites if the Father allows it and Christ bestowed certain powers over evil upon the faithful. When Jesus returns why are the "nations of the world" prepared to make war with Him? Does God bless war? This relaxed sermon covers the 94th Psalm to prove that vengeance and wrath truly belong to God alone and man will always fail when they harm their brothers.

Seven Stars and Orion - 10-05-2022 - Seven Stars and Orion is a sermon structured around a command from Amos 5:8; "Seek Him that maketh the seven stars and Orion and turneth the shadow of death into the morning." Why would an Old Testament prophet command us to hunt for the Seven Stars mentioned by Christ in Revelation? By deepening our knowledge of STARS in scripture the faithful can more easily understand the "War in Heaven" spoken about by Saint John.

Yahweh's Truth: Wick & Viss - 05-22-2014 [#235] Dr. James P. Wickstrom has been teaching Yahweh's Truth for forty years and certainly has much to say weekly at his popular broadcast. Oftentimes Pastor Visser cohosts and the topics discussed are usually current events for that month. This one hour broadcast deals mostly with warfare ( both physical and spiritual ) while straightforwardly exposing the forgotten war of our era

Hated of The World - 04-03-2019 - Hated of the World begins with a special announcement regarding Arcodeaus before providing the four Biblical definitions of an antichrist. In this episode of "Yahweh's Truth" Pastor Visser showcases his five most controversial sermons and explains several reasons why the enemies of Jesus seek to silence His genuine teachers. Also included are supplementary quotes confirming it's impossible for any Edomite to descend from the tribe of Judah.

The Crooked Serpent - 07-27-2022 - The Crooked Serpent is the first of two sermons dealing with Satan and his initial creation by the Hands of Yahweh. Lucifer was originally formed "the full pattern" and "full of beauty" until chosen pomp caused his fall. This relaxed lecture explains how the serpent was in the garden of Eden to beguile Eve and examines several latter prophecies regarding his ultimate destruction. A timely discourse for an ever-worsening Godless society!

Holy War 2017 is a special Memorial Day EFR broadcast scrutinizing the topic of WAR in the Bible. This important sermon looks at Abram warring against the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah and how Phineas pleased Yahweh by staying the plague against Israel. Meant to inspire patriotism in our holy race this lecture deals with the memorializing of veterans compared to actual warfare as taught in the Holy Bible.

Christian Hate - 12-10-2016 - Christian Hate is a distinctive Covenant Gathering broadcast dealing with the Biblical topic of HATE that clarifies several teachings of Christ regarding hatred. Yahweh hates Esau and his bloodline! Yahshua hates the deeds of the Nicolaitans! This sermon showcases numerous Proverbs of David relating to dislike proving under the New Testament faithful Christians are commanded to hate all forms of evil.

My People Are Like Sheep - 09-21-2022 - My People Are Like Sheep deals with some of the most popular parables of Christ by showing (in certain instances) the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas is much more elaborate and provides extra details. Why did Emmanuel claim to be the "Good Shepherd?" Why do wolves wear sheep's clothing? This energetic sermon further proves from the major prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah that Yahweh equates His Israelite people to sheep that are easily misled.

Race of Snakes - 09-04-2022 - Race of Snakes proves (from canonized scripture only) that both John the Baptist and Jesus Christ taught there is a literal "generation of vipers" upon earth. What is a tare? Does the enemy of Yahweh have offspring among us? What does Emmanuel the Messiah think of organized religion? This second of two sermons dealing with Lucifer analyzes his war in heaven against the legions of Michael thus mostly looks at the fallen angels of Revelation.

Reality TV in 1932

The transgender agenda Discussion of how androgyny has morphed into the blasphemy of today's transgender attitude; chem-trail conspiracy cost mother custody of daughter.

Two Certainties: Death in This Life, and Judgement After This Life. Folks Can Imagine That They are Prepared For Death -- But O! the Shock to Lift Up Their Eyes in Hell
Scripture: Hebrews 9:17

Nurse Researcher says Hospitals, not the “virus,” killing people.

A Whore Is A Deep Ditch deals with “the spirit of whoredoms” that has engulfed the world during today's apostasy. This half-hour sermon analyzes current events in light of the upcoming American presidential election by contrasting Yahweh's perfect Law against man's inferior wishes. We're charged to come out of rebuilt Babylon and hate the "whore" to overcome this wicked world order.

In today’s show originally broadcast on December 22 2021, Andy broadcasts the Andrew Newton documentary entitled, “Why They Sank Titanic.”


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