PragerU released a video arguing that Morality = God. A few people got annoyed. What’s really in this argument?

What goes into the ideas behind syllogisms? How do ideas work? APOD explains.

Jean-Pierre Faye created the "Horseshoe Theory" to explain why the far right and the far left seem to resemble each other. Did he take that concept far enough?

Enter the wacky world where Bugs Bunny is not a rabbit, the moon is made of cheese (or bacon), and the United States presidential elections are a shitshow.

Also Aristotle.

What went wrong for Labour? Other than y'know, everything.

Voting backwards isn’t always a bad idea.


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I'm irritated.
I'm educated.
I'm medicated.

Hi, I'm the Angry Philosopher on Drugs. I have a degree majoring in Philosophy, Thoracic Spinal Cord Neuralgia (which means chronic pain, regular hospitalisations, and permanent medication), and a low tolerance for stupid.

Here we discuss either current events and the logic and philosophy underscoring them, or we discuss specific aspects of philosophy so that you the viewer can learn a bit about how ideas work and connect.

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