I watch the premier episode of Vladlove for the first time and react to it.

I talk about the release of Mamour Oshii's new upcoming Vampire anime Vladlove

I use a digital art program to make my first proper digital drawing on my computer.

In order to formally join Bitchute I had to get a SubscribeStar account. Now that I have a subscribe star account I thought it would be a good time to launch a subscribestar service for my channel.

Rumiko Takahashi's latest Manga MAO is getting an anime adaption I read an article discribing this and give my thoughts.

There's more content at my other channel

I describe the Manga and Anime Urusei Yatsura, and talk about why its one of the best out there.

My Drawing lessons for digital medians continue with with a focus on inking and coloring. My sister also tries coloring my work.

My sister, a professionally trained artist, gives me lessons on of to draw digitally on a drawing tablet.


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