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On November 17, 2019, the Animals' Battalion founder, Roberto Bonelli, was honored by God's Creatures Ministry-an animal advocacy organization. Roberto spoke about his participation in the anti declawing campaign and the declawing ban in New York. His speech also focuses on the bill to ban declawing in New Jersey- A.347/S.1209

Find more information on the NJ anti-declawing bill here:

On July 27, 2019, the Animals' Battalion founder, Roberto Bonelli, participated in a panel on the abuse of companion animals. His speech focused on two main subjects: the importance and under appreciation of companion animal issues in the animal rights movement and attending criminal court cases of animal abusers,

The following is a video clip of our appearance on the public access show, China Crisis. We were invited to an episode focusing on animal issues. Here Animals' Battalion founder, Roberto Bonelli, discusses the various forms of animal abuse inherent in the fur trade.

The steel leghold trap is one of many ways animals are abused in the fur trade. Never believe the garbage that the fur industry spouts that the animals are killed "humanely". That is an oxymoron. There is nothing humane about killing animals.

On Tuesday October 9th, the Animals' Battalion joined NYC animal advocates at a hearing in City Hall to urge the city to move forward with it's proposal to build a Bronx animal shelter. This initiative is being challenged by real estate developer, First Hartford Realty Corporation which is lobbying for its own commercial interests. At stakes are the well being of countless animals. The Animals' Battalion stands resolutely in defense of placing a shelter in the Bronx as well as any measure that aids animal rescuers in their endeavors.

Roberto Bonelli, the founder of the Animals' Battalion, was invited to give a presentation on the topic of declawing at the Anti-Fur Society's recent conference on September 15, 2018 in New York City. The presentation was an overview of what declawing really is, the efforts to enact legislation against it and finally a call to arms to elicit greater participation from the animal rights community by focusing on how declawing violates the very notion of ethical respect towards animals.

Video courtesy of Craig Seeman.

Animal Battalion
Anti Fur Society Conference

For more information on the fight to end declawing, please visit:

February 28,2018- For those who missed the New York City Bar Association, "Pros and Cons discussion of a ban on declawing" event on Feb.28, 2018, here's the video of Dr. Conrad of the Paw Project's presentation.

May 03, 2014 - Andre Robinson maliciously called a street cat over and kicked him viciously sending the cat –later named King-flying into the air.
November 28, 2017 -3 ½ years later- Andre Robinson was only given 10 days community service & a 3 year order of non-possession of animals.

For more information on the case:

November 14, 2017- If I seem a bit "annoyed" it's because the Fur Source's security guard just told me how all he cares about is getting paid and he could care less about the animals.

August 13,2017- Video of our final protest during Boknal 2017, just like the previous year we managed to voice our concerns to Consul General Gheewhan Kim. Thank you to everyone who participated in our various dog/cat meat protests. Please remember there is MUCH you can do to help fight the dog/cat meat trade. You can support the work of Marc Ching and his The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, Nami Kim, You have local rescuers like which can use volunteers, donations and adopters. You have two house resolutions (401& 1406) in this country to fight the dog/cat meat trade. Please contact your representatives and ask them to support these resolutions and visit Citizen Lobbyists for H.Res. 401 on facebook to help get the word out.

May 4, 2017- INTERNATIONAL RESPECT FOR CHICKENS DAY, MAY 4 is an annual project launched by United Poultry Concerns in 2005 to celebrate chickens throughout the world and protest the bleakness of their lives in farming operations. The entire month of May is International Respect for Chickens Month!

June 27, 2017- On Saturday June 24th, we attended Korean K9 Rescue's adoption event. We got to meet the dogs available for adoption. We also spoke with Gina Lori about the Korean dog meat trade the dogs were saved from and the work done by activists/rescuers in Korea. Make sure to watch the video to the end to see how the day ended. Please share and help support their work.

March 31,2017- We were recently invited to visit Ollie’s Place, an open adoption center in Manhattan run by the No Kill rescue group, Mighty Mutts. All of the cats you see in the video are available for adoption. Mighty Mutts also has dogs available for adoption as well. If you’re interested in adopting a companion animal, volunteering with them or donating to help them continue their live saving work, please contact them at

March 4, 2017 -NY1 stopped to talk to us amidst their coverage of Ringling Bros circus' last NYC performance. Goodbye, good riddance to these animal abusers!

July 25, 2015- The Animals´ Battalion second demo held in solidarity with, outside the Korean consulate in NYC was covered by ABC news. This demo is part of a global campaign, spearheaded by Korean activists to end the dog and cat meat eating practices of South Korea.


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There has been a war waged on animals for as long as humanity has existed. They are consumed, worn, experimented on, enslaved and killed every single second of the day throughout the world. They are not respected as sentient beings; instead they are considered property or resources to be used. What little laws there are concerning animal cruelty are barely enforced.
Facing the reality of what animals can expect at the hands of humanity, the Animals’ Battalion has its own interpretation of animal rights and veganism. We do not pin our hopes on a magical day of enlightenment. We commit ourselves to safeguarding animals from the baser elements of human nature. We endeavor to continuously evolve in every area of animal protection- education, outreach, protest, legal activism and rescue. Most importantly we understand this is a lifelong path.

Our sole political stance is to advocate for the rights, interests and well being of all animals. We will never allow other issues or interests to interfere with that. We believe animal rights is a vocation not a hobby or simple pastime. If you agree, we invite you to join the Battalion.