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Yeah, sure, why not. Let's watch Episode 2 of How Not to Summon a Demon Lord, and we'll see how goofy this elf girl's enormous stripper-tits can get. What an absolute garbage fire. Now go ahead and leave a comment about how this series gets better later and how we need to "just give it a chance."

Well... better than being summoned for jury duty, I suppose. Seems like your typical anime garbage fire to me. Elf girl with massive knockers, a cat girl, a nerd trapped in a studly body who's too scared to touch them, a stupid plot involving video game mechanics and math... yep, we've all seen this before. But that's not gonna stop us from doing it anyway!

We do this for you. Hope you apprecaite it. Now leave a comment and tell us how we just don't understand Anime and how this is your favorite show of all time because of its depth of character and well thought out plot, and how it doesn't dehumanize women in the slightest.

More anime for the dumpster fire as we continue this train wreck series. I don't remember what happened last time except for us being impressed that this series showed a boobie-nipple or two instead of a blurry pixelated pink blob. So - yay, progress. Enjoy!

This one is bizarre - like it's not sure what genre it wants to fit in. Sometimes there's a crazy amount of fan service that makes you think you're supposed to take your pants off, but then there's zombies and blood and gore which makes you feel weird for still having your pants off. It's a very confusing and often stupid series, which means of course, we just had to watch it. Come hang with us as we roast... I mean, watch another Anime classic.

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Welcome back to the Anime Dumpster Fire! We're watching the immensely popular Japanese anime "Highschool DxD." What makes it so popular, you ask? I'll give you two good guesses... But is this a series we can stand more than one episode of? I wouldn't bet on it.

We were gonna stop, but then we saw something about a Cock-atoo or a MaCock, and some kind of horse, and we were wondering how in the hell that works. I mean, seriously, does the horse have her lady-bits in the front, the back, does she have two sets, does her butt smell like horse-butt...?? So many questions. Here we go, back into the Anime Dumpster Fire with Monster Musume!

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Anime Dumpster Fire presents "Everyday Life with Monster Girls." It's basically a show about a dude who spends his life looking for the girl parts on snakes and stuff, but since the snakes have boobs, it's okay.

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