model is simply called cat from waifu sex simulator 2.5, a 'free' software based on MMD, I'm retexturing it and I made some minor changes to the body shape, she is originally pale white with yellow eyes. I like this VR software because it doesn't require you to faff around with motion controllers and it has infinite customization whereas a game like CM3D2 gets dull quite fast.

Shout out to everyone on /pol/ who made this video possible

can white people draw anime ? will anime be allowed in the ethnostate ? we also answer these interesting questions.

scenes of extreme violence, not suitable for minors etc etc

Found this on an archive site which has hundreds or so of his speeches. Not many of them left on Youtube or they are now banned in various countries.

watch This Week on the Alt Right, around 6pm GMT every Wednesday.

just doing my duty to spread the information

WLP was a physics professor who grew up in the USA during the era when segregation was still an accepted idea, before the 1970s / 80s immigration reforms which drastically changed the face of America forever. When the USA was a healthy white nation, and California was considered a nice place to go. He was instructed in National Socialism by Commander Rockwell, and left his physics post to form the National Alliance, a white advocacy organization which distributed catalogues, radio broadcasts, and later music and even a video game. He authored two books on this subject, The Turner Diaries and The Hunter.

His political insights, level of education and passion / unwavering conviction surpasses any current prominent individual in the Alt Right, nor does he come with the hypocritical baggage or suspicious associations or odd quirks of people like Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer or Lauren Southern.

Listening to just a few of his radio broadcast archives will make it clear how much of a disingenuous fraud a person such as Sargon of Akkad is, who had to do
a lot of research to understand the Far Left and their insurgence into video games ala GamerGate, then these 'Skeptics' act as if they are the illuminators, bringing
new political insights into the 'SJWs' as if they were a new phenomenon. And yet these skeptics lack critical insights that the Alt Right has, and when challenged on these
points suddenly they are no longer interested in the 'open minded debate' which they extend to the Far Left.

These albums are great, I saved about 5 or 6 of them, I will upload them but I have to redownload in a different format because the old ones I download don't get recognized.

I got the picture from bing, I have seen websites where you can buy these CD but I don't own any.

* TRIGGER WARNING * one of the songs features a black person acting stereotypically black.

from the first ever touhou game ( haven't played that one )

nearly cleared it on the first try but I went in to tank the choke point but underestimated how much ice magic they have, tried to stealth roll away which makes me invulnerable but the frost must have drained all my stamina, should have used healing potions instead of trying to fall back out of range. This is not legendary mode its adept, so normal difficulty.

BF1 has a great aesthetic and concept and it seems to improve on 3 and 4 in many ways ( maps in 4 were far too big making the game concentrated on vehicles which were poorly balanced ) but BF1s gameplay is 'not quite there' unfortunately, as I hope to be able to demonstrate in this video. So politics aside I can't see BFV being much better as I think it will draw heavily from BF1, but with gamings trend towards mediocrity it will probably not be an improvement.

no idea whats wrong with my internet, it started doing this a few months ago, at first it would happen sometimes,
but now its permanently stuck below 500 KB/S download speeds. Could it be a fault with the router ( a good one which I bought )
or the FTTC modem which my ISP ( TALK TALK UK ) provided ?

Again a mirror from a youtube video, who knows when they will remove any mention of alex from that awful jewish website.
I made a new cover image though.

When you hear 'fake news', think 'jews'

pepe when it was still cool

This is the story of how the centre left lost their political hegemony on Youtube.

Necessary for understanding my next upload

Never tried to make this style of video before, it took longer than expected.

not made by me, just a good one that I found

bitchute needs more entertainment content if it wants to compete with jewtube

I want to upload music too but it gives an error so I try this one first.

I did most of the hard missions in this area already like where you have to chase the train and the one with the russians.
Haven't played this since PS2 where I always used the cheat codes.

Still researching WW2 and considering the different strands of ethno-nationalism, I think if Hitler didn't persecute the jews he would have been considered a great warrior leader like Alexander The Great. I saw this MMD and I thought ... can I make it match this cool song ?


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Ethnonationalist, I can read Japanese albeit slowly, and I am learning to make art of various types, don't play games as often as I used to but I am not bad at FPS games. Action RPG like Skyrim or Dark Souls is also good.

This channel I will do games, random anime things, art or politics, I want to make documentaries showing the multiculturalisation of europe.