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Marzipan is the first droid sent by Esmeraude to help fill Tokyo's vulnerable spots with dark energy. She appeared in episode 29 of Sailor Moon R.

When Esmeraude summoned Marzipan she battled the Sailor Guardians and was too fast for them to hit with their attacks. She turned them into cakes, but Tuxedo Mask appeared and gave a hint as to Marzipan's weakness (since she is made of cake, she can be melted). Sailor Mercury used Shine Aqua Illusion to attack Marzipan. The droid tried to fend off the attack with her own powers but Mercury prevailed. Marzipan's body started to melt and the Sailor Senshi turned back to normal. Severely weakened the female droid wanted to attack again but it was a pitiful attempt. The knees of the previously nimble Marzipan buckled and she started to tremble from the effort of standing upright. Sailor Moon finally destroyed the helpless droid with Moon Princess Halation.

Anna Williams is a character in the Tekken series.

Missy is an Obelisk Blue student infatuated with Zane Truesdale to the point where she wears a locket with his picture in it. In the beginning of the second season, Missy Duels Zane's younger brother, Syrus in hopes of pursuing her love interest in the Pro League, and if Syrus won the Duel, which he does, he gets promoted to Ra Yellow. She lost to Syrus' "Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill", thereby missing out on the chance to go pro.

Kin Tsuchi was a kunoichi from Otogakure and a member of Team Dosu which took part in the Chūnin Exams under orders from Orochimaru to test Sasuke Uchiha's skills.

After deciding to participate in the third stage preliminaries, Team Dosu reunited with Orochimaru, who was disguised as their Otogakure sensei. After watching several fights, she was matched against Shikamaru Nara. Shikamaru initially believed her trick to be a simple combination of needles with and without bells in order to make him less alert of the latter. Kin, however, followed through using her strings to ring a previously thrown bell, further confusing Shikamaru. Shikamaru countered, contracting his shadow and minimising it under the string attached to a needle she threw; she didn't notice that a string at that height would not be able to cast a shadow. Shikamaru then proceeded to use Shadow Imitation Technique to make both of them throw a shuriken simultaneously. Still bound to Shikamaru's shadow, she was forced to mimic his actions and bent backwards to avoid the shuriken but was too close to the stadium's wall and hit her head, knocking her out in the process.

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Mitis is the Goddess of Archery and trains Seiya. But she is actually a crazy nymphomaniac.

Toshio lures Chizuru out on a date with him to the village's festival. There, he exposes her nature as a Shiki, and together with Megumi's father and Mr. Ookawa, impales and kills Chizuru. Her death starts the all-out war between the villagers and the Shiki's.

The Bride is a Youma created by Nephrite to gather energy. She hunted for male victims and used her hypnotic abilities to place them under her control, mostly with the intention of draining their energy, but she did hypnotize Motoki to capture Makoto. Tuxedo Mask brought Usagi and the other Senshi to the bridal shop where the Youma attacked them, with Nephrite assisting. She held Makoto hostage, but she was able to overpower the Youma and was at that moment, revealed to be Sailor Jupiter. Makoto transformed and used Flower Hurricane to paralyze the Bride and Nephrite, and the newly awakened Sailor Guardians used her electric attack to kill the Mannequin. The victims were found in the back of the bridal shop with their energy restored.

As her name would imply, Gold Digger is obsessed with gold. She manages to incapacitate an elderly scientist named Doctor Kabuto and steal is teleportation invention "ISRM" by posing as one of his fans. After learning of the crimewave happening across the city involving stolen gold, Kisaragi Honey offers to help the scientist.

Honey and a former minion of Dolmeck, Peeping Spider, manage to ambush Gold Digger right after she murders four guards to obtain an enormous amount of gold bars. However, the heroes are temporarily sent to the inside of a freezer, thanks to the ISRM. Posing as a gold statue, Honey later makes a second attempt, and is successfully able to get the invention out of her hands. Having no other choice, the villainess uses the power of Panther Zora to transform into a monster, which enables her to retrieve the device once more. Gold digger is deafeated when Honey destroys the ISRM, causing it to kill Panther Zora and violently rip Gold Digger's body apart.

A member of the terrorist group known as Panther Claw.
Fantastic Butterfly could blind her victim with her spore, leaving her victim unable to see. The only cure to this power is to use one of her antennaes to touch the victim's eyes.

Risako Nagisa is a teacher of the school Aika attends who first appears in AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission.
Risako is also the adviser of Treasure Hunting Club. She turns out to be an enemy, having controlled three of the students with electronic devices to attack Aika Sumeragi and Eri Shinkai and also tried to take Karen away. Her true identity is an agent from a mysterious organization sent to observe Karen.

Emi Isuzu is a character in the manga and anime series Tenjou Tenge. As a member of the Isuzu family she is loyal towards the Takayanagi family thus making her being a close and trustworthy underling and comrade to Mitsuomi Takayanagi.

Rei is 23 years old and born on December 15th 1985.
Her measurements are B89-W60-H89.
According to the complete works book, of all the women with a listed height, Rei is by far the tallest at 172cm.

Ririko Kagome is a teacher at Yōkai Academy, specializing in mathematics. Like Tamao due to Tsukune Aono's scent, she is in love with him. In the English dub of the anime, she is called "Ms. Ririko" or "Miss Ririko" rather than "Miss Kagome".

Isuca Episode 1

Isuca - Episode 5

Monet was a scout and assistant for Caesar Clown and his underlings in the research facility on Punk Hazard. She had her original human arms and legs replaced with bird limbs, giving her an appearance resembling a harpy. She was, in truth, a member and officer of the Donquixote Pirates and was sent as a deep cover agent by Doflamingo


Eva Silver (original name: Eva Braun) is one of the 12 Apostles of Adept in the animation The Qwaser of Stigmata, manipulation the element of mercury as a gold smelting alchemist of mercury, with the nickname “Witch of Quick Silver".

Viser was a Stray Devil whom Rias and her peerage confronted

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