He was trying out the brand new Gala Laxi, and doing pretty well.

My buddy Arctic having some fun during a grinding session! He also did a run with Botan that was even faster.

This is the biggest challenge Agito has given us so far, in my opinion. If you don't have Grace and Bellina, it gets really hairy at times. I suffered for over 5 hours straight before finally getting 3 clears with my homies.

Build and other clear times are at the end of the video. 5:27

Wish I had recorded my best run... Good luck, everyone!

Thank you Okada 😍

Louise is my BABY GIRL! First gacha 5* from Draglia Lost! She's been mediocre AT BEST this entire time, and I've waited patiently for her to FINALLY be good! Tonight is the night!

What's that? New gala announced with 4 rate up 5*? Better break my 5% rate right? 🐳

Originally posted to Chinese social media. This woman married an American man, and was arrested for domestic abuse. The only version of this video I could still find was the one where they cut out the part where she says, "I didn't leave any masks for the Americans!" and laughs. Twitter censorship is real! Gotta snatch up the truth quickly!

Buy American.

La li lu le lo

Never thought "going for a walk" could ever become a controversial thing. But here we are.

Everyone's a little stronger and a little more polished these days, but for a day 1 clear, this was pretty good.

He knows the way!
Of using a gun!

Mashup of "Doing it Right" by Daft Punk & the HHGregg commercial.

This young woman is an inspiration. God bless her!

This is your official cringe warning!

Thumbnail Source:

Because YouTube can suck my nuts.

Wew, what a wild ride that was! Apparently the video has too much music for YouTube, oh well. I guess Toys Factory doesn't want my free advertising!

This will probably get patched out really quick, but it's caused by paralyzing Zodiark at the very start of the battle.

This is about where our day 1 practice ended. Still much to learn!

Release night, lots to learn and discover!

Dragalia Lost! Chapter 10: EX 1-3 ??? Hard Mode

Lucretia - Aniny
Alfonse - Rena-chan
Albert - ALovelyAnx
Halloween Elisanne - Dayz

Wow, uh... this is incredible!!


Pity rate at 5%!


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