This is the only segment I managed to salvage from Twitter, before YouTube deleted the full video. The full thing is probably on the Project Veritas website

Kid's got some serious moves ūüĎć

That elephant knows what's good.

The sweetest victory isn't triumphing over your friends, it's beating the AI.

Just an everyday thing, no worries, mate.

God bless Dave Thomas.

Filmed outside an abortion clinic.

What about father's rights? This baby was wanted. He would have raised and loved that child.

Impeaching Trump won't give them what they want. In fact, some even agree that impeaching Trump would result in a WORSE state of affairs, in their minds.

Based Info Wars dropping the Peach Mints red pills!

Let him play you the song of his people.

[screams geometrically]

Better rum!

We just don't know.

How common are these? Looks really deadly.

I've tried uploading this video like 5 times, now.

This is probably in Assassin's Creed, if I had to guess, but these guys are killing it.

The classic. This was made to mock Alex, but then you realize that Saul Alinsky actually did love Satan, and he trained Hillary and Obama... In Europe, you're not allowed to criticize Muslims in any way, but instead have to talk about how much you love them as they kill and rape... Alex Jones takes things a bit too far, but I think history will look back on his larger messages as clarion calls of truth.

Looks like Crossfire The Board Game: The Commercial: The Movie

RIP Jim Henson

All the visuals are created with sound waves. Pretty amazing stuff!

While cute dog looks on

Thanks, /wsg/

Look at this and think long and hard about if this will really make you happy. This kind of procedure is really barbaric, and it's irreversible.

Don't listen to the people who tell you that this is a normal thing. You need to seek counseling from someone who won't push you into painful surgeries and drugs.

This had to have taken a lot of practice.

Goldberg doesn't take kindly to people who don't show him "respect."

Ever thought Lil Wayne would be the sane one in this world?


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