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Because YouTube can suck my nuts.

Wew, what a wild ride that was! Apparently the video has too much music for YouTube, oh well. I guess Toys Factory doesn't want my free advertising!

This will probably get patched out really quick, but it's caused by paralyzing Zodiark at the very start of the battle.

This is about where our day 1 practice ended. Still much to learn!

Release night, lots to learn and discover!

Dragalia Lost! Chapter 10: EX 1-3 ??? Hard Mode

Lucretia - Aniny
Alfonse - Rena-chan
Albert - ALovelyAnx
Halloween Elisanne - Dayz

Wow, uh... this is incredible!!


Pity rate at 5%!

Not my best performance or whatever, but should give you a general idea of how being able to sustain poison throughout the fight changes things for Louise.

Teammates are random people.

Before, Louise's poison would stop working around the time of the first Break state. As you can see now, the poison persists throughout the entire fight, now.

How is it that homosexuals have attained a higher level of protection than black Americans? Could it be... leftists are incredibly racist?!

Lowen - Aniny
Addis - LivinLikeLog
Lin You - Arcane

Congrats, guys!
#DragaliaLost #MobileGaming #Nintendo

Louise - Aniny
Addis - LivinLikeLog
Lowen - Stinky Mouse Hands

Congratulations, guys!
#DragaliaLost #MobileGaming #Nintendo

Cygames baited me hard with this last free tenfold having an expiration date. I'm flabbergasted. But also an idiot.
#DragaliaLost #gacha #Nintendo

Very rarely have I ever gotten my rate up this high... but I seriously might have brain damage for summoning today.
#DragaliaLost #gacha #Nintendo

Not a perfect run, maybe not even our best run (I just recorded a random one), but this should give you an idea of what kinds of strategies we used to succeed!

Thank you so much to the random group who carried me to victory: Silver (Celliera), ťõ™„Ā°„āÉ„āď (Lily), & OwO whats (Fjorm). If we hadn't gotten that last split second ending, I most assuredly would have botched the run. I learned a lot, but I know I can do better!

Also, thank you to my alliance mates who helped me practice earlier today! To LivinLikeLog, Arcane, Rane, KAMIOU, Sleepy, & everyone else in the LivinLikeLog alliance, my deepest gratitude. Thanks for being such a nice and cool group of lads and lasses!

My setup is: Thaniel level 80, 50 mana nodes, staff dojo at levels 27 & 31, water altars level 35 & 35, level 30 Yuletree, level 30 Drago√Īata, level 15 Aqua Slime, level 18 Water Dracolith. My equipment is MUB Marine Staff (4*), level 85 Poseidon, level 100 HBH print, and level 90 Study Rabbits.

That Study Rabbits print is the only reason I didn't die very early on.

#DragaliaLost #MobileGaming #Nintendo

Arcane, Beeach (aka Stinky) and myself do some high mercury grinding for practice. Everyone did really well! You can see the progression in each attempt! Some random, kind strangers dropped by and helped us along the way. Thanks to everyone for the good runs and good fun!

#DragaliaLost #MobileGaming #Nintendo

Also known as: what happens when your finger slips just one time. Oh, you wanted to force strike? LOL nope.
#fail #DragaliaLost #Nintendo

If you only watch one video on the hearings yesterday, let it be this one.

President Trump is completely innocent.

Come join Ariel the Little Mermaid and her SJW friends in "Social Justice the Musical: Part IV," where we explore the insanity of being politically correct!

Source is Yes It's Funny on YouTube

Not only is the saxophone playing incredible, but the dude's got some amazing footwork as well! ūüé∑ūüé∂


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