Here is the full video Shaun Attwood posted the day after the disaster that was his and Cali Diamond's "Prank On Our Troll Ann Drogyne" video. The reason Shaun quickly deleted this was because the next day he was to be questioned by Sonia Poulton about it on BNT. Him and Cali had more time to come up with a more elaborate fairy-tale of why and how they had been trying to bring me down as a military target in their fight against paedophiles.

But as you hear in this video he deleted, he reveals he reacted after I released my Scam Alert video not three before hand. Proving what I have maintained all along, they panicked because when I discovered Cali Diamond was still a working girl and advertising her services on an adult sex work site with photographs and videos taken in Shaun's apartment their Go Fund Me page scam was being exposed,

This is the video which was to cause Shaun Attwood and Cali Diamond so much trouble. When they thought they were making me look the fool they were in fact putting a huge dent in Shaun Attwood's credibility. That's what happens when people panic that they are being exposed, they rush into things without thinking them through.

This is a clip from a video did explaining why he had done the "Prank" video, one which involved Cali Diamond acting as a very young child calling him "Daddy" as she got ready to give him a blow-job. The explanation video was put up the DAY BEFORE he was to be interviewed by Sonia Poulton over the #DaddyGate controversy and removed the same day. Prince Attwood claimed to Sonia Poulton he and Cali had been working for months to bring me down as a military target in their fight against paedophilia. But in the video he did the day before he gives another version of the "Prank"

The full version of the video discussing Shaun Attwood and Jon Wedger that James Esposito founder of Underground films and Cameraman and Editor for Shaun Attwood had banned from Youtube.

This is the video the podcaster and ex drugs kingpin, #ShaunAttwood tried to have banned from YouTube. In it you see evidence of Cali Diamond's sex work site and how pornographic photos uploaded to it and videos showing Cali pleasuring herself were taken in Shaun's flat. Is Shaun pimping Cali Diamond, a woman who has autism and went to him for help?

Shaun Attwood is trying everything to cover-up his using Cali Diamond and creating videos to deflect from the potential truth that he has been pimping her out when asking kind but gullible people to keep what is his private sex worker through a Scamming Go Fund Me page. He may get this taken off YouTube but it will stay on Bitchute.

This is the video that was banned from YouTube showing the Podcaster #ShaunAttwood in a sick paedophle role play with Cali Diamond, a woman with autism that went to him for help to escape trafficking and now it has been said she is a victim of child sex abuse from the age of five. Shaun is doing everything to make disappear. This man should be banned from entering schools to give talks.

The famed TV Psychic Derek Acorah passed away at the age of 69 but what did the Merseyside Police know about him?

Awesome performance of the waltz of the flowers by the NYCB

Shaun Attwood had to drop everything to go and interview Mike Tarraga, author of Meat Rack Boy, fearful that Mike could drop dead in hospital at any point but Mike had a message about that for Shaun.

Shaun Attwood likes to see himself as being the next Louis Theroux but did Louis promote fake news like Shaun has turned to doing for clicks?

ACC Jon Roy was the officer at Merseyside Police who had me silenced and thrown out the Force when I was discovering a paedophiles cover-up.

Shaun Attwood is a fan of the Met CID whistleblower Jon Wedger, even though Wedger has never blown the whistle on anyone, but why is his being secretive over how long he's known Jon Wedger and Maggie Oliver for? Curiouser and Curiouser

A gift from me to ex Met CID Officer Jon Wedger to help him fend off those demonically possessed people he fears from deepest darkest Africa.

Anna Brees of Brees Media who likes to paint herself to be the champion of the Public reporting on cover-ups and challenging the Establishment doesn't like it when she is asked to explain herself.

Ex CID Officer Jon Wedger must have been fully aware that the Jesus Army were being investigated for Child Sex Abuse and Exploitation but he not only remained silent on the fact, he agreed vulnerable youths should be sent there,

Child Sex Exploitation is too serious a subject to be distracted by wild fairy tales dreamt up by unscrupulous people out for attention or to make money.

Sometimes someone just knows too much.

Why Survivors of CSE and CSA find the term Child Prostitute Offensive.

Here are email to show that Sammy Woodhouse the woman who claims to have exposed the Rotheram Grooming scandal is not interested when she hears it is going on elsewhere.

How the Police Reform Act 2002 is used to silence Police Whistleblowers.

Some times the heroes campaigning for survivors of child sex abuse and exploitation are the paedophiles best friend

Brian Harvey doesn't know what a narcissist is, let me educate him.

Ex Met Police Jack, Jon Wedger is off on his Satanic Ritual Abuse rants with his business partner Anna Brees but is there wonga to be made from Satan?


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