James English is not only a Podcast presenter, he is also a comedian and this interview he did with ex BBC Journo Anna Brees of Brees Media is comic gold!

Shaun Attwood is a fan of the Met CID whistleblower Jon Wedger, even though Wedger has never blown the whistle on anyone, but why is his being secretive over how long he's known Jon Wedger and Maggie Oliver for? Curiouser and Curiouser

A gift from me to ex Met CID Officer Jon Wedger to help him fend off those demonically possessed people he fears from deepest darkest Africa.

Anna Brees of Brees Media who likes to paint herself to be the champion of the Public reporting on cover-ups and challenging the Establishment doesn't like it when she is asked to explain herself.

Ex CID Officer Jon Wedger must have been fully aware that the Jesus Army were being investigated for Child Sex Abuse and Exploitation but he not only remained silent on the fact, he agreed vulnerable youths should be sent there,

If Epstein had been a British Subject would we know about Prince Andrew's involvement?

During the Leaders Debate with Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn made a statement that left my mouth dropping open at it's hypocrisy.

Child Sex Exploitation is too serious a subject to be distracted by wild fairy tales dreamt up by unscrupulous people out for attention or to make money.

No Man Can Serve Two Masters

Scene from John Waters Pink Flamingos1972

Sometimes someone just knows too much.

Why Survivors of CSE and CSA find the term Child Prostitute Offensive.

The NSPCC are raising funds on Merseyside so their CEO Peter Wanless will have his £175k per year for helping the Merseyside Police, Liverpool Echo and Council cover up paedophiles with influence over the Chiefs of the Force.

Here are email to show that Sammy Woodhouse the woman who claims to have exposed the Rotheram Grooming scandal is not interested when she hears it is going on elsewhere.

How the Police Reform Act 2002 is used to silence Police Whistleblowers.

Some times the heroes campaigning for survivors of child sex abuse and exploitation are the paedophiles best friend

Brian Harvey doesn't know what a narcissist is, let me educate him.

Ex Met Police Jack, Jon Wedger is off on his Satanic Ritual Abuse rants with his business partner Anna Brees but is there wonga to be made from Satan?

Jessica Yaniv, the ball waxing trans woman from Canada who has a disturbing attraction to young girls is getting creepy again.

Are the British Police separate from the Public they serve?

My thoughts on Shaun Attwood's interview of the Police "whistleblower" Jon Wedger.

A Discussion on the significance of Charmaine's "A Lass unparelleled!" in Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra and the importance of going back in time to understand the real message that was trying to be put across.


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