the truth has to come out or we're all screwed

World Economic Forum's agenda 2030 "the great reset"

mercenaries =murderers posing as peace keepers

Mep speaks my thoughts

if this guy represents the majority I'm all for them

hahahaha! bitch

Clinton Campaign Paid To Infiltrate Trump Servers To Link Trump To Russia!
the muller investigation was a HOAX! Obama Knew, they All Knew it was based on LIES

the end (about xi-bidet's dementia) is cut from the other uploads

see link for Day One of the hearing Justin-Trudeau-Bill-Gates-Klaus-Schwab-And-Others-Named-In-Hague-Crimes-Against-Humanity-Plandemic-International-Trial

have some truth - if you can stand it

For Joe and Rosie

S.F.'s D.A. is chesa boudin= son of the weather underground- see In Pursuit of Truth IPOT1776 The Weathermen I, II and III

we marched to end the draft . have a look at what it took to do it . now ask WHY is our government talking about Drafting WOMEN?! NO MORE DRAFT into wars we do not believe are right! Let's not go thru this again because some have forgotten!

teach a new way


see this one too: GRAPHENE IN CORN FLAKES

found this on: News - America's Frontline Doctors Watch 'MONOPOLY - Who owns the world?' it may not last long on utube The creator's channel is : The truth

know anyone with this issue?

"SHOW US THE VIRUS!" the banksters are the ones driving the globalist's agenda!
A soverign nation can print it's own currency so why do we let them charge us interest = keep us in debt? FIRE THE FED!
We Must have a Patriot's Bank !

do I trust Utube not to erase this? noooo this site is for videos utube erases:

this is the way to talk! she proves her case Well :)

I'm so tired of people who post negatively about baby boomers. ya'll are jealous we saw the world before it was this f_cked up


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