"stopping the machine doesn't mean you have to Break Anything 1,000 people sitting down will do .."

actual footage and interviews no actors what happened next was Kent State
these are necessary education "who is the enemy today"?
The WeatherMen - IPOT Presents - 6.21.19
The WeatherMen II - Of Media Money and Men - IPOT Presents - 11.11.19

Get 'Em Girl! she's using truth like a sword :)

impeach Gain Newscum! UnSeat the Incumbents

you may have heard about Kent State? see the actual footage and hear from those who were there

for more real footage and interviews this is the best documentary

my fav scene from the movie

too good to let utube hide it

Ninja Truth from NHK tv

France 24/7 news an interview about the destruction caused by Billionaire Bill Gates from

I can't find where I got this from so I am reuploading it to share
comment here:





St Jude Chiildren's Hospital

google is taking all your health info

from t.v. Sept 18 2018 {why aren't we doing this Yet ?!

this came first revealing their cult
Keith & the Bronfman's are busted . lame stream media has ignored their trials
rumor is the cult is still in operation.
seen this? Chopper Clean Up Confirmation and Connections
There's a Mexican Connection too. CEMEX
I bet Adam Schiff knows what's in the shipping containers at Port of Long Beach
f.y.i. there's a patent for using BLOOD in Cement x_x
who so ever fails to stop illegal border crossing IS PARTY TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING!

Allyssa Milan is a fake

Johnny Gosh's Mom on dr Oz

from dr. oz April 22 2019

from today's dr oz show

this clip I cut from today's show Fox and Friends 3_25_19 [ 7AM] _ Breaking Fox News March 25, 2019

this is disgusting but since it was on Daytime TV (Oprah) it must be "fit for viewing" right?


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