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One of The Best Interviews by 107 : Ex-Military , Special Ops !!!
.. Listen and Learn here is Tha Situation,. still Going On,.

The situation of The DUMBS and the isolation of Antarctica before the final assault.
by Gene Decode on. Micheal Jaco... 2 Ex Millitary Special Ops

Has Evidence that Pandemic is a Crime Against Humanity!!!!
..Listen and Learn !!!

=Awesome Interview : a Must :
The Future is Here !!!+

found a year Italy, never made it to the Public ,. ask Yourself why?

AWESOME INTERVIEW with The Lawyer (That Already Wined Many Huge Causes) That is Taking to Court The Medical Absurdity Happening about Corona.a MUST SHARE WIDELY !!!

from 2020 but one for the History Book !!!

Pls take a time off and just ..Enjoy the Music !!!

Share Widely This Must Be Known!!!

Officials of Ukraine form last year made an Important Statement that still is impending ,. as to the facts that this must be investigated by a non-partisans Judiciary Team.

a Must Share !!!

Interview on Existing Technologies Already in use,.such as time travel, time warp and Bed Med ( Imagine if We The People Had Access to it since its discovery,
in the 50 ies we would Not be in this Mess !?!)

and isolation of Antarctica before the final assault. On Micheal Jaco UTube.

Pray for Our Military Team Getting The Underground,. All Cleared.

Awesome Research as Always with Third Phase of The Moon !!!

Obviously ,... it goes to say the apple don't fall far from the tree.

One for the Historical Archives on how we got fucked!!!

Its Obvious we are surrounded by Pedophiles...Enough is Enough This Courageous Whistle-Blower name names,...for those who have ears to ear !!!

( Aren't you Happy I kept it for you guys ;) Pls Like n Share !!!

Listen closely,.. Share Widely !!!

If You Don't Know Cathy O Brian Whistle Blower of Mind Control (Sex Slave for The Elites such as The Clintons ) ... Great Interview by Laura Eisenhower,.. here is a Good Place to start !!!

on Hunter Biden Violent Video with little Girls in China

GREAT INTERVIEW on Shaun Attwood Podcast on : Maxwell, Wexner, Bronfman with Ryan Dawson Researcher.

Very Educative!!!
Pls, Share Away !!!
Knowledge is Power!!!


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Im a Private Detective, So Doing Research is my daily life.for Years i knew what we are saying Now That This World is Machination of the Elite and So im also a Digital Soldier Proud to report whats Really Going On ,. and Happy to Be in Here to do So. Even More.
and i also make music under the same name or AnnimatrixandSquad ..on youtube.
heres a Disclosure of The SSP Song for All Patriots :