From 1920 to 1923, the B√ľrgerbr√§ukeller was one of the main gathering places of the National Socialist German Workers Party. There, on 8 November 1923, Adolf Hitler launched the Beer Hall Putsch.

A reading from Mein Kampf with some relaxing music in the background.

Credit to Blitzkrieg

This one is a classic... I am so thankful for Bitchute.

Credit to Blitzkrieg

Credit to Blitzkrieg

Sorry not everything is from Berlin but most of it is. Still a great video.

From "Er ist Wieder Da" (Look who's back)

Sorry for lack of Subtitles, this isn't my work. Here's some translations for the last scene with the man with the gun pointed at Hitler. When I get a chance I am going to re-upload with subtitles for everything.

Sawatzki (Man with Gun): You are a monster.
Hitler: Am I? Then you have to condemn those who elected this monster. Were they all monsters? No, they were ordinary people. Who chose to elect an extraordinary man, and to entrust the fate of the country to him. What do you want to do Sawatzki, ban elections?
Sawatzki: No, but I am going to stop you.
Hitler: Have you never asked yourself... why people follow me? Because at their core, they are just like me. They have the same values.
Sawatzki: (shoots hitler)
Hiter: (returns from behind) You can't get rid of me. I'm a part of you. I am a part of all of you. And look, it wasn't all that bad.

Norsewolf and David Duke

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He makes great videos. I had to share this one because it is a beautiful video, one of my favorites.

Credit to Propagandaministrium

THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO BE SEEN BY EVERY WHITE MAN AND WOMAN. The Jews always have, still do, and always will use the black blood of Africa to mongrelize and destroy the White Race. Please spread the truth before it is too late. Whites will either be altruistic and let non-whites in which eventually leads to interracial relations and the destruction of their nation, or they bring slaves and end up freeing them. The Jewish genocidal plot is in full motion in all White nations. Stay with your own kind. Find a nice White man/woman to have kids with and start a family. Love your race and remember the accomplishments of our forefathers and nations. Ancient Egypt for example was originally a White civilization. The mongrelization of White nations leading to their destruction has happened to many over thousands of years. We must recognize the treasure of our blood, we are creators, we are nature's finest. There is a great book that touches on this subject called "Nature's Eternal Religion" by Ben Klassen. I'll include a PDF:'sEternalReligion.pdf White Power and Pride forever and ever.

Blood and Soil


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