Welcome Everyone! In this verbal walk-about episode I cover the topic of Bullying, and what separates it from merely an opinion, Politicians don't like that you can talkback to them on Twitter, Great Stuff from the Stone!, Dinosaur Politicians have a lot of nerve trying to play the victim, Maxine and Joe - Time to go, y'all been in Government too long, After 47 years Joe wants to finally do somethin', A little refresher on the Legislative branch and how it works, 100 people decide the bulk of American politics, Timcast had an interesting video about a guy who was acquitted after offering $500 for people to hurt government workers and some thoughts around that, Hope ya Still like me, people that curse are more honest. Join Me Everyone!

Welcome Everybody! I cover a lot of stuff in this one! I learned an Audio lesson, Kamala Drops out and Politico propaganda around that, The MSM is spiraling downward, while citizen journalism is growing, B.O. Ruined it for everyone, Kamala is Jamaican-Indian not African American, I'll never vote for Politicians from failing/failed areas, The Dem House Intel Report, Endless Posturing by Politicians, The Dems are in Full on Freakout mode, Big City Blues, Elizabeth Warren Tweets, Represent for Americans, Lazy Politicians, The left's got Nothin', Who's Lieing?, SJW's got way too much free time to complain, There's no pleasing a Liberal, The War of Words, All this and More in this Episode! Join Me People!

Politico carries water for Kamala:

After Blasting her two weeks earlier:


This Dem House report is ridiculous: https://intelligence.house.gov/report/

The Young Turks finally tell the truth about Hillary: https://youtu.be/UiWY0iRLV94?t=1280

SJW Writers got so much free time they have to complain about stuff from 50 years ago:

Welcome! In this quick episode I demonstrate some audio through the ART Tube MP and let Y'all hear how good it sounds, and tell you all about it and why I absolutely love these. Join Me!

Welcome! In this quick episode I talk about one of my favorite preamps for the money and how I love ART and their Tube Equipment, I replaced a bad heater hose in the Minivan, and a I talk about a great video I saw over on the YouTube from a straight shooter named Lonnel Harris that I really enjoyed. All this and more - Join Me!

Lonnel Harris' Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhJbXHTNj0E

Welcome Everyone! In this Episode I talk about The Peanut Butter Falcon, Bill Murray Stories, and another lesson about Microphones but this time I talk about more advanced techniques for singers that have more powerful voices than your average folks. Join Me!

Welcome Everyone! In this episode: Happy Thanksgiving! Things I'm Thankful for, I give a Pro's lesson about Microphones and Microphone techniques for Humans and explain it from an Audio Engineers perspective. Whether you're an Executive, Artist, Sound Person or just a public speaker, I absolutely guarantee you'll sound better the next time you use a microphone if you watch this video. Join Me!

Welcome Everyone! In this one: I talk about Its Crazy Cold and frozen here in Denver, I'm competing with 700,000 active podcasts, what makes me different from those other guys, what I hope for, A fun Showbiz story about when I met the BMF, Lamenting the problem of being good at life, and my relationship to death, Crowder had a great video about big tech owning us now, and how they are making up an invisible mechanism of control, what Morpheous said, the meaning of Government, All this and so much more! Join Me People!

The pod delusion: https://spectator.us/pod-delusion/

Crowder Video - Your iPhone Wants You to Vote DEMOCRAT?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SOVKp8WiLI

Welcome everyone to episode 62! In This Episode I talk about our addiction to our celphones, and social media, the Phone freakout and the Anxiety, Keeping social media in the proper place, the problem with these dang electric scooters, A local Artist whose really making a name for himself lately in the Denver Music Scene, I saw "Good Boys" out of the RedBox, I'm still not sure what the heck Twitter is for and a tweet from Styxhexenhammer666, I saw an old friend and Co-worker and the Universe throwin' me a bone, all this and more! Join Me!

Welcome Everyone! I cover lots of ground in this full length episode - A moment for Music appreciation and a fun story about why you've heard of the group Enigma, I discuss the next place we go in server cooling, I saw a guy layed out on the sidwalk downtown, Colorado sucks less, Denver is a test market for Stoner foods, A story about a guy being sentenced in a hazing death and how I wish I would have been different when I was younger in Germany, The House votes to deschedule Marijuana, Both sides are failing us, I'm tired of Virtue signalling companies and them pushing their political agendas, SJW's are the real racists, The lesson of going woke, Political Elites prefer the ignorant, Google isn't indexing BitChute Videos at all, and truth from "The Matrix", all this and more! Join Me people!

Hazing Story: https://news.yahoo.com/expelled-lsu-student-sentenced-five-192100905.html
House Pot Bill: https://news.yahoo.com/divided-us-house-committee-backs-184126093.html
Political Elites Fear Intelligence: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/elite-controllers-fear-individual-and-individual-intelligence

Sp1der44 on Google: https://www.google.com/search?q=Sp1der44&biw=944&bih=495&sxsrf=ACYBGNSvldxKIcopMvG3nf21jTd-u5hr_Q:1574461943779&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjE9fvm7_7lAhWPop4KHZG6BQoQ_AUICSgA

Sp1der44 on DuckDuckgo: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Sp1der44&t=h_&ia=web

Wassup Party People! Welcome! Feels great to be on 60! in this one I talk about, watching the show grow, I talk about high powered computing, I wonder about my own analytics, Not feeling the YT like I used to, and games being played there, A big thanks to the BitChute Folks, We're making the snowball bigger, BitChute is great because they let us decide what we wanna watch, Things at BitChute are working really well, Nerds make the world happen, some insights from the show I'm working, all this and More! Join Me People!

Welcome Everyone! In this Episode I talk about Dazed and Confused, Me and Becky went to the Hilltop Hood show, My thoughts on the Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, I'm working a cool gig for the computers business, great insight from a former Californian who had to get out and why, Interesting Stories in Cannabis News, All this and More! Join Me!

Welcome! In this full length episode: I discuss a fantastic Soundtrack Record and we listen to a little bit of that from the Vinyl, I respond to an article of propaganda that was posted by KDVR and the Associated Press (All Links for that are below) regarding the dangling carrot that is DACA and the ridiculous claims made about Taxes being paid by DACA recepients in that article, and how I had to really do some homework but feel I've debunked the wild claims they make, and then I talk Anime and how Anime is an uplifted art form with a focus on Appleseed Ex Machina, Jon Woo, Shinji Aramaki, Shirow Masamune and some discussion of one of my all time favorite Anime classics; Ghost in the Shell, all that and so much more people! Join Me!

Sources used for Context in the DACA portion of the Show:

Thank You Everyone!

Welcome Everyone! In this episode I talk about a good article I read: A stranger in a strange land - https://www.zerohedge.com/health/i-feel-stranger-strange-land , I talk about how we can all get along and my experiences with some groups of folks, I lost a subscriber, I spent some time watching my older shows, I watched Bill Burr's Netflix Stand up special and loved what he had to say about our outrage culture and Blow up Dolls, I got sucked into "that part" of the internet, The Studio is stocked up, an update about work, all that and so much more! Thanks for Joining me! : D

Lost in the InterWebz: Trimming and Shoeing a Barrel Horse Using the Diamond Tracker by Kerckhaert - Part 1-3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivu8pdr9BIE

Watch an expert make a Horse shoe: world Championship Blacksmiths Craig Trnka, CJF - Rolled Bar Shoe - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6sRXurRsBs

Welcome! Episode 56!?! Fuh-Ged-da-Boud-dit! a story about My Professor in School, Meet Shadow the studio cat, some great news with Beckies Van, A super cool wing-suiting video from the red bull and Miles above guys, I listened to the rest of the Car Wash Vinyl, I love how Y'all keep me on my toes musically, Two of my Favorite Movies, We have amazing Extracts!, I couldn't get out of the Studio, I saw a crazy Video from Timcast about new Yt Rules happening soon, Thank You to Bitchute, All that and More! Please Like, Subscribe, Share, and Comment!

Timcast: Youtube Is OVER, New Terms Will Ban Channels For No Reason Or For Not Being "Commercially Viable" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lA1ZffGBO7c&t=544s

Wingsuit Flying Formation in "The Crack" | Miles Above 3.0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRxSUkZYeOE

Welcome Everyone! In this Episode: I talk about how Becky's Aunt Patty's Memorial went, and how the Universe decided to repay me for doing a solid and paying it forward, Let's Talk about some Vinyl! More than just a flooring I'm totally digging on the sound of this medium and I talk all about that in great detail this episode! Join Me! Please Like, Subscribe, share, comment, Thank You!

The Matt Mettler Podcast Ep54

What is up Everyone! Be sure you join me for this pretty quick Lil' episode, I talk about I got a weird email from Anonymous, I am really thankful to the Universe for BitChute and how cool they are as a platform, The big G and Yt think that they have no competition, Becky had her Aunt Patty pass away, I helped by assembling some music for her funeral, and I think I helped relieve a lot of stress about it, Timcast has a great video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/88nwERMPJAU/ , I saw some amazing street art, Changed out a thermostat, I'm glad to be from the Fixin' things generation, An observation about modern college students, Please be sure to Like, Subscribe, Share, Comment, and talk about it! Join Me!

Welcome Everyone! In this episode I talk about having my mind Blown by a video from Destin over at Smarter everyday; Which Way Will the Water Go? (ft. Steve Mould)- Smarter Every Day #226 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4-L8UgPkOk I talk about having lost faith in Politicians to do the right thing and some of my thoughts around that, Timcast had a really interesting video about asylum seekers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXLt9D4Z6Ms and I talk about and an Oldie but a goodie that's still just as relevant now as it was then, maybe More!: "Make Mine Freedom" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz9fX_HfsXA That really exemplifies the wonderful ideas of America even in 1948. Join Me Everyone!

Welcome Everyone! In this episode I talk about how the internet turns 50 and how we got here and where we are now, I blame Star Trek for Internet insecurity, The things science fiction got right, Bitcoin isn't green or money, All the eggs are carried in the Internet Basket, a single point of failure called the Internet, We don't trust political polls anymore:


A breakup message for the mainstream media, and the consequences of lying to us for too long and putting up a bad candidate, the reality of the Trump to Washington ratio, can we get a new crop?, a note about Gas-lighting, All this and so much more! Join Me! Please like, subscribe, share, comment and talk about it! Watch my other videos too! : D

Happy Halloween Everyone! in this episode I talk about my neighbor got broken into, I had a really rough Gig, Lamenting the benefits and drawbacks of mixing on a digital console, Hospital people sure know how to party, These kids today grew up playing call and response, a weird note about bein' woke, why I think Hospital folks party so hard, becoming still allows one to see, Juvenile Politics and name calling, the magicians illusion of choice, I believe in everyone's right to speak, some questions about government, Darwinism, the left wants a contradiction from their government, a story from the propaganda machine: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/snyder-democrats-really-think-they-have-finally-got-trump-time and what I think about all of this impeachment stuff, my take on Joe Biden's presidential run, all this and so much more! Join Me! Please like subscribe, share, and comment!

Welcome to this Milestone 50th Episode! In this one I talk about Kool and the Gang, Redeye Releaf, I can hardly believe I'm at episode 50 already, This journey has been amazing and I've come a long way since the 1st show recorded on May 2nd 2019, Earning the title of Podcaster, How having this show has changed me, Words from William Wallace and truly living, I'm incredibly grateful to the Universe and my watchers, why I can't do the corporate thing anymore, The Breakfast Palace and a cool moment that happened there. A funny thing happened on the way back from the Gig, And an extra special huge Thank You for everyone that watches!!!

Join Me!

Welcome Everybody! In this episode I respond to a Video from Jon Miller (with a link below that advanced to the time where he talks about the proposed move in Washington D.C. / New York) where he outlines his objections to decriminalizing Prostitution - My video is basically a response to what he said about the subject (watching his Video isn't required, but - the things I say will make quite a bit more sense if you do.)

For Context - the Jon Miller The White House Brief Video: The Impeachment Inquiry Against Donald Trump IS a Lynching! | Ep 467 (Advanced to 7:39) https://youtu.be/PKzxDuLmIp0?t=459

Join Me! Thank you Everyone for watching and for Your support!

Whassup Everyone! In this episode I talk about having "Gig Lag", Clarify what I said in the previous Show, Talk about the Beastie Boys Record Paul's Boutique and some of why I think we like vinyl as a music format, I liked a video from Tim of Timcast, where he talks about the Tulsi Gabbard controversy and her response to the ridiculous stuff HRC said about her, and my thoughts about her as a candidate, I discuss how the mainstream media continues to fall further, and how some of the best music comes from motion picture soundtracks, all this and more Please Join Me! Don't forget to like, subscribe, share, comment, and talk about it! Thank You!

Timcast: Hillary Clinton Got NUKED From Orbit TWICE In One Day, Tulsi Emerges After EPIC Slam Of Clinton: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zl7W8amrkj8

Welcome Everyone! (My opening Audio wasn't very loud on this one so careful! - my mic is louder for sure!) I worked a big show for the past three days, A crazy thing happened at the Taco Bell, Something Thomas Jefferson once said, and Great music stands the test of time, All this and more! Join Me!

The Amazing Aussie Singer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ql5hHMybpvg

Welcome to Episode 46! In this one I talk about, Trouble uploading to BitChute and what I think it is, How controllers seek to isolate you, I agreed with something Andrew Yang tweeted and why we need to be open to communicating - even with "enemies", life's a journey, not a destination, I joined a podcasting group on facebook and found a really great video:

The Toolbox Fallacy: https://youtu.be/sz4YqwH_6D0

Shy Viewers, Big Mouth, All this and More! Join Me!

Please Like, Subscribe, Share, Comment and Talk about it! Thank You Everyone! :D

The Interview is: Ice-T Talks Why Trump Isn't A White Supremacist, Loving Heavy Metal, Cop Killer Revisited (Pt 2) (links below)

Welcome to the "Lost" episode! This is the brief Ice T segment I recorded after I watched about ten minutes of the interview between Him and Sway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BiitaegUUbo I was upset after I listened to the Part about Trump (Starting at about: https://youtu.be/BiitaegUUbo?t=860 but to be fair just a minute or two of what he said about Trump - beyond that I mostly agreed with the rest of the things he talked about.) and didn't put it out right away while I cogitated on what to do - here it is for transparency and your consideration. Thanks! Subscribe!


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