I had a great Day, Phone solicitors are wasting their time, Trust in American Media is at a new low, A return to Renaissance, I talk about Jericho Green all That and more in this Episode! Please Join Me!

The Money GPS: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/v4rrhwT4syVF/

Jerich Green!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoAWzkS7BHk

Yes Scam info: https://abcnews.go.com/Business/fcc-warns-consumers-phone-scam/story?id=46405703


Another Bombshell!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EQmyAqBZQY

Beginning of the end: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxvFuKsWU1I

Stanford’s smartest leftists show up to battle D’Souza - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8rkxLBCn80

In This Episode: What I want from this show, The Vicious game being played right now in America, Let's Learn about Propaganda, how its used, and how to break it's spell over you, The problem with Bill Maher, And for context around what I said:

Colion Noir: Gun Nuts | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0QGZSY35sI


And a Slam Poem! All this and More in this episode Join me!

Welcome Everyone! In this short episode I talk about the Two Gigs I did this week and one I did in the past, Please Join Me for this Quick Episode!

Welcome Everyone! In this one I talk about Dave Chapelles latest special, How I miss the Old SNL when it was edgy, Irreverent, honest, and funny, I got some work in the next couple of days. That and More! Join Me!

VanCation2019! Yellowstone was amazing! A funny thing happened at the KOA Campground, My Anxiety Coach and a note about fear, The Universe is Awesome, That and More! Join Me!

VanCation2019! Yellowstone was amazing! A funny thing happened at the KOA Campground, My Anxiety Coach, The Universe is Awesome, That and More in this Quick Video! Join Me!

Welcome to Episode 27! A couple of great Dispensaries I got to try out, Colorado has crazy Herb Prices, A great news story about Magic Mushrooms and some talk around those, Americans are tired of bad government and homelessness, California Woes and the problem with transplants, Cannabis reform helps us out with Rents, The need for smaller and more affordable housing, A note about beliefs, No bailouts for Bad local Governments, Lamenting Drivers on their cel phones, Political correctness is Fascism, All this and More! Join Me! Subscribe, Like and Share!

The Clearance Cannabis Company - https://www.cccdispensary.com/
Also: The Stone - https://www.thestone.com/

Mushroom News: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/08/24/magic-mushrooms-gain-popularity-following-decriminalization-efforts/1999501001/

Frustrated SacTown Business Owner Blasts Gavin Newsome:

Testing 1, 2, This is a Test!: In this Potpourri episode I do a bunch of testing of Lighting, and Audio Gear for the Studio. Talk about random stuff like: I feel Better, An update on my Twitter Situation, I did a Corporate Meeting, The Difference a good Audio Engineer makes, Some talk about the Economy and the Market, The Plunge Protection Team, Gold and why its good, The Illusion must be maintained, A test of my Tube Compressor and audio mixing system to video, All that and More! Join Me!

***Fair use Claim: This Episode Contains an extended Audio test with the song "Trip like I do" composed and performed by the Crystal Method being played in its entirety through an ART Vacuum Tube leveling amplifier - Respectfully, that Musical work is their copyright and I am using it for Audio onto video Modulation testing purposes and I currently make no money from this show - If you enjoy it, please consider supporting The Crystal Method because their Music is Awesome - Thank You Everyone***

Welcome to Episode 25! In this episode - I think I'm booted from Twitter for Calling Beto a Loser, America isn't a racist country, It's a Nation of Good, Giving People, I've worked with Amazing People and I love them All, Do we have Stockholm Syndrome? Why I want a smaller Government, All this and More in this Episode! Join Me!

Welcome to Episode 24! In this episode I've been feeling differently the last few days, I talk about liberty and safety, and why you should be skeptical of those promising it to you, I want a better, smaller and more efficient government, A thought experiment about Government, What it actually means to be progressive, We should always ask how it benefits us, I love Jericho Green's take on things, Don't hate me for saying this but The Dem Field is under-inspiring, All this and more in this episode! Join Me!

Jericho Green: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYY-xsfMg0TKz-gwQOMhcWA

Colion Noir: https://www.youtube.com/user/MrColionNoir

Thanks for your Support!

Welcome to Episode 23! Y'all seem receptive to these shorter shows, Seeing the World as a Game, Mixed Messages between Men and Women in corporate America is killing cordiality, We live in two worlds, George Carlin was right on the Money, I love to Smurf Craigslist, Tube Tone on a Budget, Living on the Dark side, All this and More in this episode! Join Me!

In this Birthday Episode: I've seen some great movies lately, Trying to eliminate poverty, I've made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons. All this and More in this Episode! Join Me!

Welcome Everyone to Episode 21! I had a great Gig, I Like TimCast & what he had to say about a new movie that is in poor taste, Racism is Ugly, We shouldn't Demonize Groups, A quick History Lesson, Washington is a poorly run Corporation, What makes this time different?, My Theory of the Boiling Pot, America's like Bread, All this and more - Join Me!

Please Like Share, and Subscribe! Thank You!

Tim's Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXBJp-SuR7g

I only saw the Velcro Later after I filmed it! : D So love me - Velcro and all! : D

Join Me for this Mini Episode! A super quick update about what's going on - and what's comin' in the Future. Thanks for your support! Your the Best!


Denver, Colorado, Weed, Pot, Herb, Cannabis, Marijuana

Join Me for a Mini Episode with great tips for Newbies and CannaTourists Visiting Denver -

The Westword - https://Westword.com (Available Outside Bars, Clubs, Music Stores, and many other places around Denver)

The Rooster - https://therooster.com


The cannasaver: https://www.cannasaver.com/







1000 Apologies for Flubbing their name in the video! - It's actually Wellness Center of the Rockies over in Glendale: https://wcrockies.com/

https://milehignonthecheap.com <---- Awww! This ones gone now...Sorry folks.

That's what happens when you Upload at 1 am! I mixed up Episodes and accidentally loaded 19 first - Join me for Episode 18! In this one we go for a ride trying to pay it forward and help an elderly woman with a walker get to a bus in a downpour last weekend, Being humbled at my first band mixing gig back as a freelancer when things go awry, Working with the best most talented folks doing shows, How Lucky I am, Discriminating against Potheads is still Discrimination and is super un-cool considering its Legal here, Let's talk about what Fascism actually is, How Corporations and Politicians have set up corporate fascism here in the USA, That We have a lot of good People in America, Lovin' Bitchute and Talkin' some truth about the Yt and their parent the big G shadow censoring and attempting to influence the outcome of elections, Social Sites that support Freedom, All this and more in this episode! Please Join me!

Welcome to Episode 19! I had a great Gig! That made things a lot better, It feels great to be back in the world, Learning all of this on my own, taking the leap, it feels great to be here on #19, I had a Dream about meeting Taylor Swift, some details I forgot in 18, All these and more in this Quick episode! Join Me!

What is Up! Welcome to The Weed 101 Episode! I was asked to talk about why we use various techniques and ingest Cannabis in different ways and what the benefits and drawbacks of those methods are. Great info for those thinking about wanting to try Vaping or Smoking Herbs or using Edibles - their effects and some considerations regarding their use. Whether you're a Stoner or Just Curious, Please join Me for all this and More in this mostly Weed Oriented episode of the Matt Mettler Podcast!

*A note about traditional Beaten Hashes - They are not usually found here in Colorado - as they are a product of Morocco and a few other Middle eastern and African Countries. We are starting to see some pressed Hashes and Ice Hash more often though.

I also realized I didn't spend much time talking about Extracts and will perhaps delve more deeply into that in another Episode.

Join Me For Episode 16! I talk about a wonderful and amazing experience I had doing a Gig for a Church Group, some of the Great things that were talked about, What I learned about the folks there, Great Nuggets of Wisdom for a Successful Life, A quick Break Down of the Three Branches of Government, All this and More! Join Me for what I consider to be my best Episode Yet!

For Context:
Jesse Jackson Praises Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5lcART6TTE


Just A Bill (Schoolhouse Rock): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFroMQlKiag

The Second Half of the JJ Owens Interview! - J and I talk about Texas vs. Colorado, The American Dream, Football, Coaching, Our Attitudes and The Difference a day can make, Concussions and their impact on football, making men, Doing things in Real Life again, 19 Years of weed in Colorado, The Village, a return to being kind to each other, Finding and Pursuing our Passions. Please join Myself and My great friend JJ Owens for episode 13 of the Matt Mettler Podcast!

In This Episode I'm Joined by one of my really great long time friends JJ Owens! J is a Coach and Teacher in Texas, Absolutely loves his Family, Sports and especially Football, and is a Great Father, Loving Partner, English Teacher and Coach - I'm so pleased To Have J join me in this Episode, We Talk about the Recent Trouble with Google, Advice for kids receiving online trash talk, Being Real for Kids, How 1984 and newspeak has Arrived, There's still hope, voting for ideals, The alluring promise of Free, 1%, The Hijacking of words and demonizing of language, and How it's actually the context that matters, The exceptionally problematic and way over used n word, and how J gets kids to choose better word choices, Learning from history without erasing it, Mistakes are learning, breakdown not breakup, Dallas is huge, The problem of bureaucracy and red tape, that and slightly more in this Episode! For Context about the google portion of the Conversation: https://www.projectveritas.com/video/... Also: https://godfatherpolitics.com/project... Please Like, Share and Subscribe! Thank You Everyone You Rock! - MM


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