Welcome! In This one: Mike Judge is a Genius, Rebekah got some bad news today, Frank reads LeBron, I'm still going to report on Covid, bulletproof state of mind, Controlled Opposition, The Heels and the Babyfaces, The Source of the Coronavirus, Jared gets tasked, All this and so much More! Join Me!

Frank Caliendo reads LeBron's letter to Cleveland as Morgan Freeman (2014) | ESPN Archive


Laowhy86 - I Found The Source of the Coronavirus: https://youtu.be/bpQFCcSI0pU



Controlled Opposition - The Heels and the Babyfaces: The Hegelian Dialectic https://politicalnewsreport.com/featured/the-hegelian-dialectic/

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Welcome! In This one: Welcome to Hellacious Acres, A funny thing happened today, There is something rotten in Denmark, Problem-Reaction-Solution, pain or fear, the Indoctrination Machine is on Pause, focus on the infected, the perfect cover up, All this and so much More! Join Me!

The Hegelian Dialectic: https://politicalnewsreport.com/featured/the-hegelian-dialectic/


LITERALLY Shutting Down the World for NOTHING - CV "EXPERT" Anthony Fauci Spills the Beans: https://www.bitchute.com/video/5BWHNQn4jH4/



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At approximately 12 pm today Multiple units of Fire, Police and Sheriff's Deputies responded to a large warehouse fire at the Boyers Coffee roasting facility at 73rd and Washington Streets just North of the I270 Bridge over Washington Street. The Silent part at the end was because I was speaking to a person with some details about the situation but wished to remain Anonymous since they were not authorized to speak to the press or make a statement about what occurred - Out of respect for that person I've removed the Audio of our conversation so that it won't come back later to haunt them. Thanks to that person for the additional details about the event. I'll include Map shots in the First Comment Below. It Makes me sad because I sometimes got Coffee there and they had a beautiful Facility as well as a very wonderful and Nice staff who will now be unemployed in this bad economy - My heart goes out to all of the Employees and the Owners for this Tragic loss. Sincerely. - MM

Welcome! In This one: Stores are lookin better, The War on Everything, Masks Disappear in New York, We were unprepared, Hospital (P)TSD, Shady business around Corona Deaths, A WV Update, This Lockdown Violates the Constitution, bias in fact checking, America is still Hustlin', Respect!, All this and so much More! Join Me!


Fact checking the fact check: https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/27/politics/fact-check-coronavirus-briefing/index.html

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Welcome! In This one: cabin Fever, Denver is a ghost town, The only people out are the homeless, smokin weed on the street, Demolition man, Coumo Shoots his mouth off, Who Ya gonna Call?, Sargon has a great video about AOC, Covid Update, too much space, Dr. Phil, Kite flying weather, The awesome Challenge, All this and so much More! Join Me!


Police are out sick - https://apnews.com/069d01bafbb1f15b1f6c4a4479ab1456

AOC Further Proves what a Moron She is: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wqeeSMaogR4/

Dr. Phil Debuts on the Internet / Mental Health https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SIjWEWiezMY

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Welcome! In This one: That Po Po $h!t was Crazy, Why we were out, Dial-some-Weed, I was right about the Cities Sewers, I was wrong, The house signs, Weed keeps the peace, Tim has a great video about Dem Panic, Truckers don't wanna risk New York, All this and so much More! Join Me!

Did I tell ya so? I told you so: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/americans-coping-coronavirus-inspired-toilet-paper-shortage-are-clogging-toilets

Tim - Democrats PANIC As Trump Hits ANOTHER Polling Record And Biden Is Useless

truckers aren't wanting to take deliveries into New York any more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/finance/companies/truckers-wary-of-new-york-deliveries-create-headache-for-grocers/ar-BB11LnUc

CoVid Tracking page - https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6

Police responded at high speed to an Incident at the 48 and 49 hundred Blocks of Washington Street in Denver Colorado today at 12:40 PM Mountain Time

Multiple units assembled in an alley at the 4800 block of Washington Street in Denver Colorado Today - One Suspect was in Handcuffs there it appeared as though police were questioning an additional person who did not appear to be handcuffed from the position I observed from.

Welcome! In This one: 10!, Laundry Day, Grand Theft Auto, The Senate Rescue Bill, People fear our rights are disapearring, Police Investigate in Thornton, Destin has a great Video, Cheesecake Factory can't pay rent, Hollywood is hating it, We're now equal, I do this to prove my Mettle, Throwback Thursday Playlist, Covid surpasses 500,000, All this and so much More! Join Me!


SED: How Trolls on Reddit Try to Manipulate You (Disinformation & How We Beat It) - Smarter Every Day 232 https://youtu.be/soYkEqDp760

Senate UNANIMOUSLY Approves Emergency Stimulus, Democrats Will Vote Friday And Might Delay Vote https://youtu.be/Y0TpnaFEAO8

Hollywood Is Facing an Existential Crisis

Throwback Thirsday! Playlist on YouTube:

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Welcome! In This one: Mah Roman Brush, Farmaggedon, I like Farmers, the Government as a weapon, I invited some folks to join me, They just can't do it, Identity Politics is inherently racist, The Arbiter of last resort, What could go wrong?, Are they trying to start a civil war?, Some Scuttlebutt out of Colorado, a WV Update, The Living Matrix, All this and so much More! Join Me!


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Welcome! In This one: Lockdown talk, Lines lines lines, Taste the pill, Redeye, Costco, It's exciting, We don't know, Remember why, Stocks Boom, a sticky deal, lemme get biblical for a minute, Denver goes full lockdown, why I don't trust my Gov't, The building blocks, Giants of the Universe, 10,000 Views!, All this and so much More! Join Me!

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Welcome! In This one: Social Distancing begins, People are Stir Crazy, still no TP, People need weed, NY is too broke to complain, a quick WV Update, We made some Elderberry Syrup, The Market continues to get crushed, Good stories from Colion Noir and Tim Poole, Twitter, RT had a good story, These lockdown rules Violate the Constitution, what really threatens "Our Democracy", Government needs some healthy Boundaries, Born Free, 9!, All this and so much More! Join Me!

Colion Noir has a great Video out about The Latest out of the news in Texas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7TGgsW-kmA

Timcast has a good video about how the cult of SJW ism is taking a blow during this actual crisis

Story out the RT: https://www.rt.com/op-ed/483758-coronavirus-constitutional-rights-government/

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Welcome! In This one: Cities are about to have a serious problem, Dutch Bros Quarantine 2020, King Soopers was pretty shocking, The Sheriffs had someone stopped, The Avengers was Fun, Black Pigeon Speaks had a great video, a WV Update, The Covid Dashboard gets more granular, Yahoo pushes propaganda, Hollywood needs to get you a dose of drivel, Remote work is the next big thing to happen, All this and so much More! Join Me!

BPS Video: Japan & COVID-19 Show Diversity is NOT a Strength https://www.bitchute.com/video/BuIsZjjbE3c/

China's all good now: https://news.yahoo.com/china-reports-39-confirmed-cases-002441583.html

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Welcome! In This one: AFW was empty, Senate Stock Debacle, Shout out to the State Dept., Let's talk about Open Carry, Straight talk about 2A, 40,30,20,10, We got all the problems we can handle, Why we prune Trees, RIP Kenny Rogers, The Universe interceeded, It was always going to crash, controlled demolition, Coloradans stay cool, all this and so much more! Join me!

Timcast: Trump Is WINNING Over Democrats Who Now Praise And Support His Response To The Coronavirus Pandemic: https://www.bitchute.com/video/KudrdGbTFeU/

Timcast, The End of Immigration: https://www.bitchute.com/video/_kcG5_oy4kI/

Welcome! In This one: Estes Park, KMart, Costco was full except for TP, a perfect storm is brewing, Sargon had a good video, I love the Matrix, A WV Update, Try to use it for good, All this and so much more! Join Me!

Sargon says: https://www.bitchute.com/video/eIGSeQWJT50/

MATRIX BREAKDOWN! Secret Easter Eggs, Visual Analysis & Deeper Meaning!

Welcome! In This one: 8!, Virus update, Folks are freaking out a bit, to Bug or not to Bug?, Should I take out my money?, Cabin Fever will strike, The Silver Lining, A Trail Balloon, Please Support Local and Small Businesses, The TP is on the way!, Walmart looked Sparse, All this and so much more! Join Me!

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Welcome! In This one: A beautiful day in the Neighborhood, Celestial Seasonings Tea, I'm all Feared out, Laughter is good medicine, Coloradans are Stockpiling Weed, The World is cancelled, Here's the problem, Preppers are lookin' smart, A country of individuals, Know your rights, The Fed goes to Zero, We're like Enron, Why Rome Collapsed, Leave some for others, Star Wars was Deep, Living more like the Jedi, The war on Ideas, We can choose it, All this and so much more! Join Me!


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Colion Noir - https://youtu.be/N8IfsczVYZ0

Mike Maloney - https://youtu.be/GPuP2OlXZys



Welcome! In This one: Uncut Gems, A video from serpentza, A funny thing has emerged from this, Sky News has a Joe Story, Wuhan Flu Update, All this and so much more! Join Me!

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Serpentza: Coronavirus - ENOUGH with the Disinformation! https://youtu.be/AB_A2HKmZgI

Sky News Australia: 'Biden's cognitive issues can no longer be ignored' https://youtu.be/aA-GoeFGyIc

Welcome! In This one: 100th Video on BitChute!, Let's talk about Covid and the Markets, What does this all mean?, People expect too much from their Gov't, The Vix, Gold and Silver, Bitcoin and Oil, Old white dudes battle for 2nd place, the smell of fear, It's goin to be OK, All this and so much more Join me people!

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Tulsi Gabbard reacts to being shut out of next Dem debate - (Tucker Carlson) - https://youtu.be/8FLF0tuwhAo

Links to everything: https://www.protopage.com/matts-toolbox

Welcome! In This one: A great Classic Tune, 7!, Shopping Shock, A Covid Update, Joe-mentum?, No more Rockstars, Is it all for show?, Big Tech is Flexing its influence, Students do the weed, Fallacies are BS, Economic Paralysis, all this and so much more! join me!

CoVid Tracking page - https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6

Students do the weed: https://kdvr.com/news/local/8-students-at-commerce-city-middle-school-taken-to-hospital-after-ingesting-unknown-substance/

List of Fallacies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fallacies

economic paralysis: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/apple-iphone-shipments-plunge-china-smartphone-industry-goes-bust

Welcome! In This one: It was Raining!, The Flea Market was Poppin', great hats, Flatirons, A CoVid19 Update and some startleing math, The Facebook Blues, I like Arielle, A shameless plug for my toolbox, I am the Blacksheep, A special Thank you to my Watchers, All this and so much more! Join Me!

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My Online Toolbox: https://www.protopage.com/matts-toolbox

You cant ever be woke enough: https://youtu.be/Tqq_RIJdfFM

Arielle Scarcella's YT Channel: https://youtu.be/mzYHBPTfXCI

Welcome! In this one: It was an awesomely good day yesterday!, Went to the DragonMan's and he has a new line of Rifles, The Original Pancake house, Covid update and Table Talk, Leon Gessi's and BJ's Velvet Freeze all in one day!, Met a super nice Gal out on the Range, some gun talk, Hung out with great Friends, All this and so much more! Join Me People!

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Welcome! Beaver Creek was great, Timewarp, Millionaires are free to speak, Super Tuesday insights, Political Temperature, 2's & 10's, Waning Woke-ness?, Babs Hyperventalates, Too much Trust, Why Trump makes Dems Nuts, Leftists are rude, Propaganda works, Magical Thinking, A mental exercise with Bernie, All this and so much more! Join Me!

Babs Story: https://variety.com/2020/politics/news/barbra-streisand-trump-defeated-column-election-2020-1203521601/

Filmed using the 5x Timewarp mode on the GoPro 7 - I'm blown away by how amazingly good the time warp videos turn out from this camera! This Video Takes us from the On ramp at 58th Avenue and I25 all the way to Avon and the base of Beaver Creek Ski Resort ending in the Parking Lot of the Burger King in Avon. I like when I emerged from the Eisenhower Tunnel - that looked really cool!

Welcome! In this one: Fogo De Chou, A coronavirus update, Panic shopping begins in America, the Turkish invasion Force, America is not a Democracy, Venezuala is a Shining example of Socialismo, The stupidest thing I've heard today, A great video from Tim at Timcast, I can't make everyone happy, All this and More! Join Me!

Gaia: https://www.gaia.com/video/connecting-universal-consciousness


CoronaVirus Map: https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6

Panic Shopping at the Brooklyn Costco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kL4bt43dkvg

Turkey lets's them go - https://youtu.be/R_259IMSb5A

Going Undercover In Venezuela | Foreign Correspondent - https://youtu.be/3QjufrxigE4

Great Video from Timcast: Voter Fraud FEAR As Conservative group Finds Counties With MORE Voters Than Actual People: https://youtu.be/6bQBEjkdT3Y

In This Episode: A Covid Update, Houston has a problem, Facebook is a black hole, I put together a great Old School Jams playlist (link below), ABC is #1, Did the spacestation just catch a UFO on camera? All this and More! Join Me people!

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Cut to the Chase with My Dope Old School Throwback Thursday Music Playlist: Https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLObIxaR69lqO2GonnV9LLoCunMMhUzuMR

ABC is #1 - https://abcnewspr.tumblr.com/post/610949995198283776/world-news-tonight-with-david-muir-is-no-1-for

Crazy UFO Story: https://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/1245959/NASA-official-space-cameras-UFO-ISS-alien-latest-news


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