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End the Federal Reserve Petition filed to obtain 100,000 signatures - and to follow with action to get it done.

Our 6th Annual MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO & BAYER presented by @gmofreeflorida_official MAY 19th SATURDAY 2pm. This event will be held in Wynwood Miami Art District. Meet up spot is at @grampswynwood 2pm. Multi sensory educational experience with Teachers,activists,farmers,kid activities,Organic farmers market,Local radio stations,Artists & Musicians, GMO educators and experts. We have created a full programming event to inform the public as well as support organic farmers in south Florida and throughout the rest of the world. All going down in the heart of Wynwood. JOIN US .

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This guide is to serve as a foundation to build and collaborate ideas to defeat tyrants and their systems of control without the use violence, though revolutions and their outcomes are hard to predict, every effort should be made for peaceful change.

"When a mosquito lands on your testicles, it is then you will learn to solve problems without violence"

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Welcome to Zero Sec Deep state Dox 21.
Kevin Murray with Good Relations Group formally known as Bell Pottinger of Chime corporation hid the AIDS spreading Heroin creating company Bayer descended from Nazi War Machine IG Farben. By Good Relations Group's Bayer was disguised as an Asprin company.

Kevin Murray and Good Relations Group now work for McDonald's. Ray Kroc started the conveyor belt food industry exploiting the inexperienced. Skill unneeded; workers rights were stripped. Shit jobs emerged from employers caring not for the employed.

McDonald's started industrialized junk food.

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Protest Main Target: Vatican
Also Around The World In Every Captial City and of Course

Remember,Remember The 5th of November..

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Published on Apr 28, 2018

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All Clips from other Family channels.

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ODD Reality:

"Short shareable for friends and family. I could have went on forever really. I just spoke my mind for 2-3 minutes because thats how long the beautiful piano music was. Hope you like it. Enjoy =)

We live in a world where we have been lied to so much, so often and so long that everything that makes up our reality is completely fake. It’s fiction. The history of the world that we are taught is fabricated and the true history has been hidden from us. You live on land that was stolen from indigenous people that were brutally [email protected] and [email protected] of everything they had in order to make way for our current way of life. And now when a beautiful baby is born with it’s mind body and spirit still in tact, it’s immediately injected with highly toxic vaccines and that baby goes on to eat genetically modified foods that come in containers that have even more chemicals and these kids are growing up with extreme imbalances in their body chemistry, meanwhile mom and dad have to work all day for make believe monopoly money, so the child is raised by the state and is force fed utter nonsense all day everyday for the first quarter of their life. And just like mom, just like dad, the child comes home and watches television, watches netflix, to download the targeted programming that will ultimately create the individuals reality. Let’s just call it what it is. MIND CONTROL. Television is the most effective weapon ever used against humanity. It tells you your vision so you can’t create your own. It manufactures your thoughts and forms all of your opinions. Mix that with the fiat money system, the public education system and the criminal justice system and we have the perfect recipe for a population of ignorant brainwashed sheep that believe they are free when the truth is WE ARE ENSLAVED. You are 100% controlled by people that hide behind banks, they hide behind corporations. They hide behind religions and military. But people are now waki..

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The Complete video format for EL: The Bloodlines, also known as the All in the Family Series. The Complete Second Half.
Thank you all so much for your support and love through this adventure! Now that the book is finally finished, we can continue onward and upward! Get ready. It's only just beginning.

The Complete Doxx in PDF:

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The Complete video format for EL: The Bloodlines, also known as the All in the Family Series. The Complete First Half.
Thank you all so much for your support and love through this adventure! Now that the book is finally finished, we can continue onward and upward! Get ready. It's only just beginning.

The Complete Doxx in PDF:

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This Upcoming Election Cycle , Write In And Vote Anonymous For President and Let The Lulz Begin.

Just think of all the collusion talk then! ??

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Greetings and welcome to ZeroSec Deepstate Dox 19 Part two. Grab your milk and Monsanto laced popcorn and Lets take a quick look at where we left off shall we.
Interrepublic, They cover up Pfizer genetically modified AIDS virus which leaked and spread.
interrepublic also backs Bayer which knowingly infected consumers with the AIDS virus.
Bayer as a derivation of the Nazi war machine IG Farben created
As well as creating Heroin. But Bayer is considered common pain reliever thanks to Interpublic.

DeepState Dox 19 Link:

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Those who meet in secret,

Those who hide in the dark shadows,

Do you not see?

You may be the magician, the mastermind, the heir to a legacy of Secrecy, and you live by fear.

You use fear to rule,

Used by fear to destroy,

Yet, so afraid yourself, within your own secrecy, power taunts you for your secret cannot be shared in the open, transparent light of Humanity,

To hide because you are driven by fear within.

This fear drives your desire to control, in return masking your deep hurt and despair of the Secret Life you live.

The deception and illusion you live by, is the very thing that you actually live under to even greater degrees.

Your protection from harm outside the walls is given by the Regime of Darkness,

Controlled by fear, so blinded by fear you lust for power and control no matter the consequence.


controlled conflict,
People Control,
desired outcome,
suppressed by government and private interests,
free energy,
dump assets,
Monsanto Corporation,
genetic engineering,
world domination of agriculture,
Food and Drug Administration,
George Bush, Jr,
George Bush,
power to block labeling of genetically-engineered foods,
corporate control efforts,
cold fusion,
oil industry,

regression analysis,


In secret, they operate through initiation, rituals and oaths. The higher up they go, the deeper the secrecy becomes, they need more power to maintain the lies, which are the outskirts of their organization, hidden and covered up, yet in the open all the time. And it is "Time" itself that is the weak point, the chink in the armor of the dragon, due to there systematic and precise operations spanning centuries, one cannot connect the dots of just the current time, for the picture would be only partially complete, @F1 and the bloodlines docs, is a good example of say historical research directed towards this Secret Undercurrent within the Human Civilization never ceasing to seek conques..

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Greetings and welcome to ZeroSec Deepstate Dox 19 Part 1.

We've looked at Microsoft's corruption and the PR company they hide behind: Weber Shandwick which we will bring to you soon. Looking into Weber Shandwick we found their umbrella corporation Interpublic. Interpublic houses many corporate evils through varied agencies. Interpublic via McCann Worldwide has long been stealing jingles: like Rice-A-Roni's from the 1923 Barney Google.

Interrepublic McCann Worldwide trademarks words.

Interpublic's Weber Shandwick tentacle steers the spotlight away from Visa. MasterCard and Visa information both feed straight to the NSA.

ZeroSec DeepState Dox 19 Link:

Paste Link to Speech / video Links

Dig into the Dox for a deeper understanding of Interpublic; their corrupt agencies like Earth 911; and the predatory agencies they cater to like HP. Keep your eyes out for Dox 19 Part soon.

You are the resistance.

We will not forgive.

We will not forget.

Expect us.

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Welcome to the year 2000 in our timeline of EL: The Bloodlines. Beware to those who continue forth in search of truth from here on out. You’re time is limited.

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Today we come to the Van Duyn line in EL: The Bloodlines.

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06DD18: Club of Rome

Greetings Awakening Citizens of a corrupt state,

Let us welcome you to ZeroSec Deep State Dox 18.

The government effectively divides us into blue and red teams. Deep state figured out how to manipulate both into letting go of their rights and national sovereignty. The Right gets hoodwinked by terrorism and the Left gets bamboozled by Earth Protection. Master manipulator David Rockefeller got this trick down by the 60s and created the Club of Rome.

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As we continue through the document, EL:The Bloodlines, we come to the Onassis and Li families.

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Help Us Finish Producing This Documentary!

Your steadfast support is necessary for the completion of this project.

For the past six months, we have been developing a documentary project focusing on real people and their experiences battling criminal networks within local courts, law enforcement, and Child Protective Services. Families who we have been interviewed thus-far for 'Kids Inc.' have all reported multiple instances of perjury, fabrication of evidence, deception, withholding of evidence, and downright illegality surrounding the handling of their cases by CPS, the Judicial System, and Law Enforcement.

Our research indicates that this behavior by CPS and their partnered private agencies is heavily motivated by money incentives that enrich those workers responsible for the removal of children from their original households. We have learned that case workers and social workers involved with CPS do not get their desired cash bonuses if they choose to result to placing the children in kinship-care as opposed to foster-care.

In other words, case workers are heavily incentivized to displace children from their families and into partnered foster homes where there are higher chances of physical and sexual abuse. The evidence for this is unfortunately and overwhelmingly true.

Over the course of the past year, numerous online researchers and journalists have uncovered more and more information and the overwhelming evidence is truly mind boggling.

As independent researchers, we feel a deep obligation to shine a light on this important matter.

All of our civil liberties are at stake. If this can be done to even one person, with the horror of their lives being shredded and ruined, then collectively, we should ALL be upset about it. The real enemies in all of this become not solely the perpetrators, but us - the people… and our lack of concern for justice for the victims.


IMF And BIS Call To Regulate Crypto Currency

Image Credit: Jay Gabe aka The Real Jay Pocket

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You Sick F&*^% Were Warned! We Are The Final Boss of The Internet! Expect Us!

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