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R.I.P. Cenk Uygur

TOMMY ROBINSON ] GOODBYE 2018, BRING ON 2019 ūüĎĆ Please share

deleted in various places ...but not RIGHT HERE

This - before it gets deleted
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This is Mike Vennart some side guitarist for Biffy Clyro.
Lesson of the day Mike, If you are going to run up and scream obscenities at me then at least be able to back them up. He didnt even know what year it was! Nazis murdered 6 million innocent people, I criticise a violent & oppressive ideology that is more similar to Nazism than anything else. People like yourself do not realise public opinion is no longer with you. The days of silencing people with buzz words are gone

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Man Ejected from British boxing title fight for wearing a Union Jack Waistcoat!!

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As part of its fascistic crack-down on free speech, YouTube has put this excellent video in a limited state on its platform.

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Got to love Reactor...

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Top Ten Types Of Return Fraud To Beware Of (ASK REACTOR)

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This is Fallout 76 - AAA $60 Experience ( Re - Upload )

Phil Heath Threatens to Sue Nick from Nick's Strength and Power (re-hosted from YT in anticipation of a forced take-down)

Secret recording of British Army bullying and shutting down free speech within its ranks. This is Major Farley of the British Army passing on the message from the Head of the Army. All this to appease Islam! Political correctness is even destroying our Armed forces.

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I am rehosting this as encouraged by the creator Vegan Gains. Original description (as originally seen on: follows:

Published on 9 Oct 2018
Phil Heath recently suggested that he is perusing legal action against Nick's Strength and Power for reporting on an incident where Phil was accused of stealing a $100,000 bracelet.

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Dangerous people.

Here’s what they were saying before the referendum

Brexit caused by low levels of education.

Monnet professors are academics paid by the EU to promote the EU.

UK universities are hotbeds of EU propaganda

Brendan O’Neill on the nasty elitism of the anti-Brexit crowd

AC Grayling wants the EU to make it tough on Britain

Matthew Parris is ashamed to be British.

Tory MEP ‚Äúashamed to be British‚ÄĚ. Gets an Irish passport.

Richard Dawkins says England is becoming a nasty little backwater.

Richard Dawkins says Brexit is squalid, ignoble, nasty, jingoistic, xenophobic, Farageist little Englandism.

Nobody’s feelings were consulted during the making of this video. Anyone who has a problem with that can drop dead.

Everyone is free to download this video and post it to their own account if they wish, as long as it is not edited in any way (including the title) and not monetised.

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I downloaded this video from YouTube 56 minutes after it had been uploaded by Pat Condell. Already by that time, comments had been disabled by YouTube, and the following (bullshit) message appeared beneath the video:

"Certain features have been disabled for this video
In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences."

Re-host of Paul Weston - The Orwellian Jailing of Tommy Robinson

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