This is a fan made cut of the final episode in the House of Cards series. In it, there are a many creative changes to the official story, with appearances from old friends, and long lost favored villains. It's a much darker take on the House of Cards that is our world. I hope you enjoy. For best results, try suspending your disbelief. For the majority of the first 30 minutes of this episode, there are no changes. If you want to get to the meat of the Cuts, skip to the 30 minute mark...Also be sure to stick around until after the ending credits. Be warned, there is material used from other movies used in this fan cut to illustrate an alternative story line. If you have seen the external scenes before, try to imagine them in the context of the format presented in this House of Cards reality. This cut is not meant to answer all the glaring plot holes, but to fill it with a more entertaining ending.

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