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Lazarus will always be Dale's Top Lap Dog. (Reupload) (Stuff added)

#LTG #Lazarus #BF

Did this maniac just admit his real name? find out in this video (reupload)

Dale's #1 mod opens up a couple of Pokemon cards (Reupload)

Dale has a hissy fit and throws his controller (Reupload)

Here is where i expose Dale Wilson's crappy merchandise. (reupload)

Here is a video that was originally made by Anna Doyle showing a group of losers who e-beg over the internet. . . .but something was missing from this so i have added a certain someone to the mix. Also I made a few changes to keep it updated a little. Enjoy

Original video:

Here is a Series of Dale Wilsons horrible acting.

Lowtiergod Explodes on Christmas Day


Dale Wilson shares his low IQ Thoughts on the FGC and trying to Justify Narcissism thinking it's a good thing to have.

Dale Wilson (LTG) Explains why he ducked from DSP making Poor Excuses.

Lowtiergod, aka Dalauan Sparrow aka Dale Wilson gets roasted by It'sDragonSquadBitch.

Dale thinks he has connections in twitch so he can get back on twitch, well i don't think so...


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Hey there, Detractor Anonymous C here, I am here to expose the dumb bullshit that the mentally touchable idiot Dale Wilson spews....
If any video that gets taken down YouTube goes here.