This is just another indictment of multiracial societies.

HONK HONK!! Very progressive goy!

Black Pigeon Speaks has been reinstated to YouTube after being banned yesterday. Was that a test run for a larger wave of censorship to come or does it show that internet censorship is not as simple to explain as previously thought.

Organise, fight back, before it is too late.

Second instalment of my new series multicultural London. Enrichment continues as some of our vibrant neighbours kidnap a pregnant 17-year-old girl off the street and torture her to make her have a miscarriage so the man didn't have to raise the child. How tolerant.

In my new series multicultural London, I am going to provide a thorough document of how diversity continues to enrich our lives, starting with the stabbing of Christel Stanfield-Bruce in North London while pushing her baby in a buggy.

The article written on Milo's website about some of the sordid activities of certain alt-lite figures is more of an indictment of the ideology they espouse rather than the individual's themselves.

While we still rely on these Silicon Valley platforms, they ultimately wield power over our voices.

Don't believe me, just take their word for it, read the article in the description and tell me what you think. But deeper than this, I think the way in which we have allowed degeneracy to become so rampant speaks to the vapidness of what remains of our once great civilisation. We need to rebuild, first and foremost ideologically so we can combat this filth.

All my sources:–present),_Baron_Bernstein,_Zionism_and_antisemitism

Some victims are not worthy of a victims status, especially if it goes against the narrative.

I had a home.

Nazi's everywhere! Quick call the SPLC goyim!


Do you really want to send the establishment a message? Vote for Tommy Robinson to become an MEP on the 23rd of May.

The world seems to be at a crossroads; the elites have decided that the nations of the west should be no more. We are faced with a stark choice; one world governance which is dominated by a small global cartel or the sovereignty and freedom of nationhood. We are going to have to decide sometime in the near future.

America looks set for all intents and purposes to be heading for a civil war type scenario, one that will be fought predominantly along racial/identitarian & ideological lines. Is there any way to avert this catastrophe?

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death amongst younger to middle aged men, especially white men. In this short documentary I explore some of the societal factors that causing this suicide epidemic and how those of us at the end of history are delving ever deeper into a pit of despair.

There have been many theories about who or what force was responsible for JFK's death. One largely overlooked theory is the involvement of Zionists in the shooting. In this short documentary I will lay out a compelling case for Zionist involvement.

Once again my eyes must be deceiving me. The media tells me there is no white genocide in South Africa. Just keep honking Frens!

There is a curious blindspot that has developed among Conservative Inc types such as Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk. They claim to be for free speech, but sit idly by and actively assist the radicals on the left from censoring dissident voices due to their sycophantic reverence of muh free market.


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Seeking truth in a world of lies. There is no topic too taboo for me to cross. I am a nationalist and unabashedly pro-White. That doesn't mean I am anti anyone else. If your pro-white you're alright in my books. The biggest unanswered question in our day and age is what will it mean for us here in the west whose political elites and other forces have decided that we are to be socially engineered out of existence. That is the biggest question I will aim to answer during my time on this planet.