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Time to assess the damage done to the plants in the greenhouse by the week of ice and snow.

Just because it's December, it does mean you don't need to worry about snakes.

Azie doing the Baby Shark dance.

Is it too early from a Christmas song?

Had another unexpected guest today at Goose Poop Acres.


This is what we did with the part of our garden that grows on vines.

Trying an experiment to see if food will grow in the shade.

For all the Karen's out there: Don't worry, we paid the government their extortion money.

Setting the bait. We'll check it out tomorrow.

We caught a Bobcat on video.

Acoustic version of the Rise Against song Hero of War

Last year our garden was decimated by weeds. We weren't going to let that happen again this year.

Rocked up version of Folsom Prison Blues.

Tons of blackberries this year.


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