There was a public nut between a lady and a bus driver arguing about the prohibited drinks which I don't have a video of it. Also, Long Beach Transit doesn't allow anyone to eat and/or drink in the bus. The passenger was involved with the crazy lady and they were arguing, even when the crazy lady gets off the bus. The incident happened on Friday, June 5, 2020 at 4:35PM at Pacific Coast Highway and Atlantic in Long Beach Transit Route 171.

Crazy lady of this video, if you're watching this, you're the one who's causing chaos to the bus driver and the other passenger for just a rule about the prohibited drinks. Also, the bus driver is right, you can't drink in the bus because you might spill to the ground and someone might slip and get hurt.

In this video, there’s an road rage between the bus driver and the car driver for saying that the bus driver was cutting the driver's way because since the bus was the Metro Green Line Shuttle 853 that the bus drivers was supposed to turn left at Lennox Road from Hawthorne Boulevard. The incident occurred at Saturday, Feburary 29, 2020 at around 10:30AM.
CA License Plate: 5VPT258
To the driver of the car, shame on you for not waiting for the bus driver to turn left.
Anyways, the "Public Nut" quote is used by TheMetropolitanNetwork for making Public Nut Videos where people is doing suspicious activities like Transportation Perverts for example. The "Public Nuts" is not my quote! Credit to TheMetropolitanNetwork for "Public Nuts" quote.


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Welcome to my new channel in this website! The rest why I created my Bitchute account because I was involved with multiple public nuts like a pedestrian was almost getting hit by multiple vehicles! Anyways, I will still be on YouTube. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 Pandemics, I will be temporarily restricted going outside until further notice unless for important reasons!