Exposing the truth about pedos

this is what he gets for being a foodist and copyright abuser

[email protected]
717open.spotify.com/track/0lHDHslw…Born September 24, 1995
House address 2127 South Corinth Street Rd, Dallas
Lives in Dallas, Texas
phone number (214) 371-2421
From Houston, Texas

Lighthouse Church Of God In Christ, Dallas
New Hope Baptist Church
Baptist Church

This is proof of someone being a pedo and proof they added me to a group chat with the foodists to harass me.

Come at my house then you dumb bitch the cops will be waiting for you. You ain't gonna do shit because your a little pussy.

credits to zexyo

I have entire printed on paper back ups of the evidence so you ain't gonna be able to delete it

for those who side with queen aurora you are openly defending a internet pedophile, this evidence is presented in chronological order.
As for raven queen
shut the fuck up with your lies

The accounts match your insults and grammar skills don't lie you Keyboard warrior Nazi

Credits to Fleeglethebeagle and ananymous for the screenshots this is a archive in case she tries to lie to defend herself.

I suggest you keep my name out of your mouth if you know what's good for you pedophile queen

Credits to Vince Marcus and Manon

Credits to ig3vids

Shout out to ramon_noodles69

Him and raven queen and drako should be put in jail.

Now I don't have the screenshots of her supporting pedophilia but lots of people witnessed her threatening to have minors raped.

You better hope I don't see you in real life you child molester because if I do I will chop your head off with a hatchet and torture you in front of your family and I am capable of very sadistic things with a knife and a cattle prod that you should be afraid of.

When I blocked this account it was created recently.


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