Nuclear Hurricane Of Ardas Army

Stop committing fraud on my bank account or else I'm gonna post about you Nazi Freemason retards on the doxbin you narcissistic mentally unstable rats I know you all are making phone calls with her and operating for her outside of her jail.

These people hate queen aurora and trans people and Jews yet they are harassing me and trying to exploit me while being racist. I've been added to a group chat and harassed by them where they threaten people and send nasty illegal child porn related things.
Clay party lied about being disbanded as well lol.

Don't ever cross me again you Joseph sneep simp take your nasty child porn lover and go jump off the Brooklyn bridge. I wonder what information I'll be able to get out of your email.

This is what they get for sending me and other people zoosadist nasty shit. This is what they get for sending people child porn and harassing people and attempting to traumatize me with nasty shit.
Y'all should have not fucked with me and sent me disgusting content.

Elmo say you go in gas chamber now

Both of them have abused me since I was a toddler. I hate people who abuse children. Pedos and other kinds of child abusers deserve harassment and hate.
Like this video to see my grandparents dox
Dislike if you vote no.

Gonna doxx this bitch soon for all she's done to me.
I call her retarded fatty because she is a retarded fatass who sits in her rocking chair malding and seething about how she is a failure of a human life and is jealous of me getting into college oh and she will hold you at gunpoint for disagreeing with her.

Not only does she like to accuse people of raping me like the shitty ass alcoholic she is she knows what she says about people are lies and she doesn't care about the consequences of her actions.

K davis also likes to use bot accounts such as verbal assassin, officer daffy and fucktard Shiitersex Accounts
to try and start witch hunts against me because I caught her doing what she is accusing me of. Why don't you go team up with my enemies Joseph sneep and that retarded janitor fucker who harassed me like you said you were going to do it will be the end of you Kyla retard Davis.

Reaction abuse is fucking retarded.

Your own husband turned on you for attempting to use me as a sacrifice for your satanic cult you nasty bitch that's what you fucking get.

Go fuck yourself old granny with jagged teeth

Go date amber heard turd you fucking 200 lbs old hag who sits on her bed all day and attacks people like rabid animals for going to school and choosing god over you.

Attempts to commit medication fraud against someone I go to church with that has back problems and cancer.
Your fucking god dam evil your the fucking antichrist bitch!

You know bitch Chris Chan the grandma fucker tried using is Asperger's and non binary pronouns as a excuse to get out of a jail sentence and it didn't work. Your shitty ass who's abusive towards me and my cats won't last a day in prison and for stealing my identity and threatening me with a gun if I ever gained independence from you.
Your disabilities won't excuse you or protect you against the karma and hell Im going to unleash apon you in court. Your life is god dam fucked with the evidence I have against you you shouldn't have fucking messed with me in the way you did fucking harlot.

Do you hear me Kyla retard Davis your reputation is fucked with the truth I might just doxx you and George once I have you thrown in jail for identity theft and domestic abuse ykw I'm gonna do that right after I win my court case against you bitches y'all fucking deserve it and I'm gonna expose your crimes.
You fucked up pissed me off and tried lying about me to my irl friends your gonna pay whore!
Justice and karma is gonna catch up with you and punch your lying face until it's nothing but bloody pink paste then it's gonna smash your teeth down your lying throat so you can shit it out then it's gonna force you to root through your feces and put the teeth back on so everyone can call you lying crap tooth!

Your fucking evil spreading misinformation about me and the church I attend will come to a stop you've stolen my identity bitch and you'll be in prison for federal crimes.
Take your dam lying buddies verbal assassin and Joe Biden with you fucker

Attempts to put fraud on my bank account why don't you drop 6 feet under 60 year old fatty and have a heart attack you monster.

Your fucking disgusting for sexualizing me I'll be sure to cancel your fucking reputation out k davis nasty fatty

99% of suicide attempts fail and she’s doing this because I showed a lot of people what she did

To the retards who where making fun of me for being abused I hope you suffer the same future and see how it felt to be in my shoes

Someone showed me screenshots of his getter profile

Sicko tries to lie to defend himself after saying he didn’t publish it

if anyones interested in his info comment down below

Thanks for the clown show clown also I have your ip with an ip grabber I used Mabye I will leak your stuff 🤓


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