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BANNED ON YOUTUBE from Antifa members needing a Safe Space because Jake "Lithium" Laskey, the Anti-Antifa Supremacist, would punk them out by name! These are some of the videos that were deleted by the Thought Police being preserved where Freedom of Speech is still free. Facts, Unknown History, Conspiracy, Mandela Effect, 9/11, Flat Earth, Reality is a Simulation, UFOs, Anunnaki, Fake Moon Landing, New World Order, Illuminati, and even the CONTROVERSIAL topic of the Holocaust "gas chambers" and talking smack to Antifa like no one else ever has done is here! The original channel was Wolfclan Armory on YouTube which is his family's CONTROVERSIAL and Anti-Antifa store located at 287 S Front St PO Box 870 Creswell, OR 97426 Open Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 6pm with the motto, "WILL YOU BE A VICTIM, OR A SURVIVOR?" Some of the first videos that began the satirical "schizophrenic" character Jake "Lithium" Laskey created with himself have been lost, like the first video where he gives the historical lesson of the Confederate Rebel Flag and the video on who the first Slave Master was in the USA, unless there is a die-hard fan who had downloaded it on YouTube before the channel was BANNED? Here are most of the BANNED videos for your enjoyment, and the new, evolved fact giving and Anti-Antifa News that is now what Anti-Antifa Supremacist is supposed to be! See also the new Anti-Antifa Supremacist YouTube channel that Antifa can't get banned because Jake "Lithium" Laskey is abiding to a T on the YouTube Community Guidelines which will make them especially needing to go back to their Safe Space. Contact the Anti-Antifa Supremacist and let's build the Anti-Antifa Supremacist Nation!

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @SupremacistAnti

Contact the Anti-Antifa Supremacist's family business, the CONTROVERSIAL store:
[email protected]

287 S Front St
PO Box 870
Creswell, OR

@laskeyenterpris on Twitter
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